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Let me start with that this was supposed to be a "Top 5 Characters (including Japanese, Chinese, and so on)". It was the hardest task I ever had to do. I ended up splitting it up. We can all agree that it is impossible to choose just 5 favorite characters from all the dramas that you have ever seen/currently watching. Be aware that I changed the list several times because I could not really make up my mind (still on the edge of changing it every minute).

I ended up taking the ones I remembered the names of... I am not Korean and I always find it hard to remember some of the names (I'm getting a lot better now!). No, not really. I partly thought of the names, but also how great the character was and why I thought that character in particular. So, the list below will change for me a few times throughout my life (which didn't end on the 21st of December! Yay!). I had a huge dilemma choosing.

Kim Sam Soon

[Played by Kim Sun Ah in the drama, My Name is Kim Sam Soon]


Why? Easy, I fell in love with that character, because it was so different from your typical lead girl in Korean dramas. Kim Sam Soon is this "fat," strong, outgoing and cocky character. I loved every moment with her! You know how you usually get annoyed by main characters sometimes? I was not annoyed once! Instead, I was clapping and cheering! "Oh, this other girl wants me to let go of my man?" You think Sam Soon lets go? Hello no! That is why I loved her so much! Her backbone! That character is seriously one of a kind!

Cha Seung Jo

[Played by Park Shi Hoo in the new drama, Cheongdamdong Alice]

Let me introduce him with this video clip:

Why? Do I really need to say more? That character lightens up my whole day! It's so... unique!! We can all agree on the fact that he is a once in a lifetime character!

Jin Pal Kang

[Played by Choi Jung Won in the drama, Starts Falling From the Sky]


Why? I was seriously annoyed by that character in the first episode that I even...dropped it...Yes, I did, but I gave it another chance! This character grew throughout the drama. A strong character that works hard to at becoming her best for her family. I love that she made so many mistakes but then tried to avoid them by doing better.


Kang Ma Roo

[Played by Song Joong Ki in the drama, Innocent Man]


Why? I am not the only one that fell for this mysterious man. I like how honest and caring he is. He made it onto this favorite character list because his character was different from the usual hot, rich and rude lead character. He was quite the opposite in some parts. I am hoping for a reason 2 just to see more of Kang Maru!

Choi Won Yi

[Played by Oh Yi Na in the drama, Panda and Hedgehog]


Why? Hahaha. this character called her oppa "Hyeong"!! Every time she was on, I just loved it! I need a drama with her as the lead. Unfortunately, this character was the supporting role, but the most memorable one for me. Just adore her personality!

So this is currently my top 5 Korean characters! Any of them your favorite characters too? If not, comment your favorite below.

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    mafiae87 Sep 12, 2014

    cha seung jo

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    mafiae87 Sep 12, 2014

    park shi hoo for me was so cool

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    godiva18 Sep 14, 2013

    absolutely agree with Cheongdamdong Alice! such a well-written character and played perfectly by Park Shi Hoo :D

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    Dudalc Sep 6, 2013

    (>*-*)> Choi Won Yi. THE MOST PERFECT CHARACTER EVER. Panda and the Hedgehog should be focused on her, she's just perfect. ? ;; I loved her so much that I want to watch everything that the actress participated. She's just the sun of the drama. Loving your favorite characters. <3

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    StephStephieTeff Jan 11, 2013

    Yes these characters are all great! I'm currently watching Cheongdamdong Alice and Park Shi Hoo's character is so insanely funny, I love it.
    I really want to watch more dramas with Oh Yi Na in them, and with her as the main character. I found her to be a great actor.
    Stars Falling From the Sky turned out to be such a great drama, I'm glad I got through the first couple of episodes where Choi Jung Won's character was super annoying. I love how her character matured throughout.

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    tlkdrama2me Jan 2, 2013

    Choi Won Yi was the main reason I didn't drop Panda and Hedgehog :)

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    kitsilver Jan 1, 2013

    I agree with the first 2. Haven't seen the rest of them though.

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    neaa Jan 1, 2013

    except for jin pal gang.. i love them all!! kim sam soon reminds me so much of me.. i'm such a foody and barely care if i get fat (i said "barely".. being a gal, i do happen to fret at times but i can't cut on food).. cha seung go..oh man! that guy's downright funny..makes me literally roll with laughter.. hats off PSH!! Jin pal gang was a nice character but not one of my faves.. Maru made me fall in love with Joong ki oppa! (or was it otherwise??) haha.. i love him and his role was intense yet sensitive!! and as for Won Yi.. that girl held the show together!
    twofave characters of mine that are memorable are:
    1) Go Mi Nam played by Park Shin Hye (You're Beautiful).. she was so cute and innocent that had i been a guy..i would have been smitten by her innocence!
    2)Shi won played by Eungi (Reply 1997) ..omo.. that gal was kickass!!

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    SeRose Jan 1, 2013

    I never really thought Cha Seung Jo could be so fascinating a character! Now even my husband is addicted to the drama, because of how crazy that guy is :D Thank you, Drama Overlords for continuing to surprise me in more ways than one.

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    myt124 Jan 1, 2013

    couldn't agree more on your list!

    love love choi won yi in panda! she's so cool! my first time to see her in a drama. =)

    kang ma roo's (song joong ki) role in innocent man is so unforgettable that im still looking forward to watching it again when it will be shown here in the phils. =)

    kim sam soon made me love korean dramas to the max!

    cha seung jo is simply crazy! i so love him! so different in his character in princess' man! made me excited for weekends to see him in cheongdamdong alice

    still have not watched jin pal kang....

    happy new year!!! =)

  • Reply
    Sora Jan 1, 2013

    Ma Roo :)

  • Reply
    jkdramaniac Dec 31, 2012

    Choi Won Yi!!! <3
    Yes, I totally agree!

  • Reply
    MinamiNiji Dec 31, 2012

    Cha Seung Jo.

    The kind of person I would like to become.

  • Reply
    purplebichonhorse Dec 31, 2012

    I liked all the characters except for Kim Sam Soon and I can't give an opinion on Cha Seung Jo since I haven't seen that drama yet.

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    NewKDramaAddict Dec 31, 2012

    I loved, LOVED Choi Won Yi!! I just loved Panda! So cutesy! Great bromance! Who cared if Panda and Hedgehog got together!!! HAHA!!

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