Year 2012 in Review: Biggest Disappointments

Editor's Warning: THERE WILL BE SPOILERS! Proceed at your own risk, or wear half a blindfold. ;)

It's the end, and we're all saying, "Ohh... I loved this... Oh, I loved that." Well, while I was thinking of all that... what popped into my mind was, "Ohh... that was SO BAD... close enough to drive me insane!"

We have some of these every year. Dramas that have a promising cast, an interesting plot, eye-catching promos, and you have high hopes for them, only to have them come rolling down the hill once they air. And somehow, you watch the first few episodes hoping they'll get better. And the next few, because you're a K-drama addict who believes that no matter what happens, you have to finish a drama once you've started. Finally, you crawl and creep and kneel and beg as the drama comes to its finale, hoping it might surprise you. And then you find yourself beating your head against the wall for the next few days, asking what on earth was wrong with you that made you pick that drama up. The problem is they are wrapped so well that you won't ever know that it's a smelly sock inside or like I read somewhere else: it's like eating a delicious bowl of soup only to find a worm at the bottom of the bowl! Did I go extreme?

I've tried to compile a few of the dramas that made ME feel drugged or poisoned by an alien as I suffered through them. Please don't pelt me with stones or throw me out of MDL after reading this. I have even made a CPR feature that is the only life-saving thing about the drama!


1. BIG

Regret big time? What else than BIG?!

It made me lose all hope in Korean dramas, and I sulked for days for actually watching it. I still want to believe that it was only a nightmare or else the world might lose faith in Korean dramas!

Ahh... you guys know how to act even without a story!!

Gong Yoo, Lee Min Jung and Suzy dazzled in the promos. Do you think anyone would ever have second thoughts over a cast like this? Shin Won Ho, OH MY GOD!! That boy is a cutie! And after watching Secret Garden, soul swapping was an exiting plot. The drama started and I was rolling on the floor laughing at all the "Poing Poing" and "Kam-sa-hamnida". It slowly advanced and got interesting. You have to admit, Min Jung and Gong Yoo had brilliant chemistry and had me hooked to this drama. And then came the drama finale. What is going to happen? Will Seo Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon return to their bodies? What will happen to Da Ran and Kyung Joon? Will Yoon Jae forgive them? Will they remember what happened in the swapped periods? Why? What? Waasshhhaaaaa?

And if not for such good chemistry...

But alas! These questions remained in the minds of the viewers while the ending seemed like the scriptwriter had an amnesia stroke or made his/her 2-year-old daughter write the ending because what was before us was a hodgepodge. The drama ended without summing the key notes that it started with, and the questions will hang in the air forever. It seemed like the writers at the very end of the drama drew a doodle and left it for the actors and viewers to interpret!

And if not for this cuteness... I might have hung myself!!

From what I read, the possible conclusion was that they couldn't show a student-teacher affair, because of the vast age difference, so they showed someone with Gong Yoo's physique as opposed to Shin Won Ho. Does that change the fact that he was still younger?? And wasn't that the whole concept of the love story between Kyung Joon and Da Ran? A teacher falling in love with her her fiance's body? DUH UH! Have they not shown people with an age gap in love before? Guys, remember I Do, I Do? And if that was the concern, you should have thought about it before starting the drama? That was the love-line of the drama. This show had no direction. Ahh... just talking about it makes me fume!

For me, BIG was the biggest disappointment of the year 2012. A total waste of talent and screen time!

CPR Feature: Unless you've read reviews, till episode 15, you will never anticipate something this bad. Both Park Min Jung and Gong Yoo had hot chemistry, Shin Won Ho was pretty cute for a newbie, and Suzy was full of life. Perfect casting's wasted effort!

2. Dr. Jin

Song Seung Hoon, Park Min Young and Jaejoong - we're talking big names here! And BIG disappointments. I won't be as harsh as I was with Big, because many people like it (to my utter horror!), but halfway through the show, I felt I would have to refer to medical journals to understand the show.

After a show like this... hiding your face is a good move!

Let me hit the two lows, "Time Travel" and "Crammed-up ending". Talking about time travel, knowing that it's a fictional concept doesn't mean you'll give anything to the viewers. You need to be particular with the details to make time travel believable and not forget what you started with. The drama is already hazy in my memories, but what was that fetus kind of thing doing in the bottle? What was happening?! Forgive me, I still don't know! And then, the ending. It was all crammed up and all that escaped my lips was, "Who's Dr. Jin again?"

Trust me, girl, I was more shocked!

The only plus point of this drama was probably Jaejoong, because his character had soul. He had something going on and he knew about it. As for Dr. Jin, poor soul did not know till the very end what was going on around him. Actually, I bet he still doesn't know. And Park Min Young deserves applause. She played two roles in the show with one single expression. She can give Kristen Stuart pretty tough competition.

The one reason why this show scraped through.

CPR Feature: It did cover some intricate medical procedures that were good to know of, and for a medical drama it was pretty well done. Jaejoong's character was pretty interesting and intriguing at the same time and more that the OTP, he held the drama together.

3. Dream High 2

I wouldn't have known it actually came and went if not for having the same name of its predecessor. Frankly, I wasn't much of a fan of Dream High, but now that I think about it, that show was way better than this one. In this one, the highly revered Kirin High becomes a sloppy dump and the main characters are rivals who ultimately turn out to be friends...and that was it. It never went ahead of that.
Say "cheese" for cheesy!!

I dropped this drama mid-way and you can't blame me for that, so I don't have much to say. At times, the show was utter chaos and confusing. The greatest disadvantage that this drama had, was the fact that it was compared to Dream High at EVERY step. And when we make comparisons, one fails. Sadly for season 2, it did!

And that, my friend, is the "I'll eat you raw" and the "puppy" look.

CPR Feature: It was overall a cute drama with good moments of its own. If it did not have a great name to match, maybe it would have been looked upon with less criticizing eyes. It had a fresh cast, but sometimes you needed to put in a little more to stand out in this world!



1. To the Beautiful You

For this show, I don't know if it was the bad timing (it aired during the Reply 1997, Faith, and Arang and the Magistrate days), or that it had the Japanese and Taiwanese versions to match, but this show could have been so much better. I swayed from the manga version at times. It was overall cute and funny, but it wasn't totally grasping. There were loose ends, and the characters did not really bind you. The rivals and villains did not do anything to draw interest, and the dorm leaders weren't particularly needed. The whole concept of, "there's a girl living with the guys, for Christ sake!!" was not handled with as much zeal and fun as it could have - and has been in the other versions. And why did Jaehee enter the boys' dorm? She could have boosted his morale as a girl too, no? The story was a mess, actually, the story was missing, and it was just another bunch of teenagers hopping around. There was a lot of scope, but it wasn't a total blooper either.

Don't give me that look!!

2. I Do, I Do

I never intended to put this drama on this list, but despite the fact that this drama wasn't as bad as the others, it was surely a disappointment. Starting with Kim Sun Ah, I really don't know what kind of worm got into her head that she chose this drama. The lead couple had no chemistry. It wasn't even zero, it was a negative infinity chemistry. They touched topics, dropped them, picked them became a mess. In short, the biggest drawback has to be the chemistry. Come on! How do you plan a romantic drama to work wonders with no chemistry between the leads?

I would have regretted it too Sun Ah!

3. Rooftop Prince

What the drama world needs to learn from the year 2012 is that Time Travel is not child's play. Before planning a time travel drama, decide on the story--and for God's sake--on the ending. This show was one of the funniest shows of the year--no doubt--but in terms of story, it was completely lacking. Just loose ends everywhere! The drama elements were scattered all over the place and were picked up and dropped again and again. In my opinion (avoids rocks shot by fangirls!!), this show lacked in story, but the laughter it gave made up for it.

If not for moments like this..hahaha!!!! :D

So that's it. I've spewed a lot of criticism for the day.
This was just my opinion, you're free to tell me if you agree (^_^) or beg to differ (*sob sob*). I loved the year of 2012, despite some disappointments. Like I said, what is to be learned from this year, DON'T mess with "time travel" unless you have a pen and pencil to note down how and where you started.

This is neaa signing off! ☺

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  • Reply
    Princess_Saber Apr 23, 2013

    I agree with your opinion , especially dream high 2. The fact that it was a sequel to the series dream high, it should be expected to be somehow connected to it. You know, like series that has many seasons, they ALWAYS, put some connections between the seasons (GOKUSEN/LIAR GAME). The connections will what make a season 2 get a bigger impact in the story. I watched dream high 2 as soon as I finished dream high, and I was expecting to have the same teacher nourishing and polishing his students to become idols, and yet the story was totally different. It is more focused on friendship. This just frustrates me, Having a drama bearing the same title to its predecessor and turns out totally unrelated to it, it just doesn't make sense. (well, in my opinion.)

  • Reply
    TaraVIP Mar 24, 2013

    agree with u ;)

  • Reply
    lexies Jan 24, 2013

    I agree with you in almost all points.

    For the Big I didn't have any expectations so I wasn't very disappointed. I think they just didn't want to find a new actor to play Kyung Joon. And they didn't want to use Shin Won Ho because they wanted to show that he grew up. Though even with that they could have made a better ending.

  • Reply
    Dara_lovely Jan 8, 2013

    Well done!!!
    OMG i totally agree 100%
    and here i was thinking i'm the only one!
    all those dramas were so disappointing!!

  • Reply
    whatteverr Jan 7, 2013

    Exactly my thoughts! I love you so much atm...You are objective! :D

  • Reply
    Ezmeralde Jan 7, 2013

    Big and Dream High 2 weren't that bad, I think that 2012 just had some really great dramas that overshadowed them. I think any other year they would have been less critised.

  • Reply
    charyto Jan 6, 2013

    Hi dear friends...
    I enjoyed very much I Do, I Do...I thought they were cute as a couple. I liked the story and the actors.Kim Sun Ah is a great actress, I love her work! The part of the tiny shoes for the baby was endearing and tender! Her shoe room was quite impressive! She played a mature shoe designer in danger of being ousted if she made the wrong decisions and competing with younger designers. She had to make tough decisions that could ruin her career. Had a beautiful kiss scene! Loved it!
    Give it a 10!

    I also enjoyed Big...liked the story and the actors...the couple was cute also...
    They had beautiful scenes together! Also a beautiful kiss scene!
    Give it a 10!

    To The Beautiful You...I also enjoyed it...the young couple was cute and all the funny situations they had to go through hiding the girls gender etc. The love triangle, the struggle to make him jump again was sweet.
    Give it a 9!

    I also liked Dr.Jin and Rooftop fiction, romantic...Give it a 9!

    I know what you mean...there are dramas that really rock you and become a classic for you. That you can watch over and over! I'm always looking for that type of drama...that will stay with me forever!

  • Reply
    honesu Jan 4, 2013

    I agree with all of them especially big and to the beautiful you but I do,I do was amazing for me and it aired with Big and I love Lee tae ri and out of all of them I do,I do was the best

  • Reply
    AutomnConcerto Jan 4, 2013

    I agree with you for all these dramas that I watched except for Dr.Jin that I didn't watch, so I can't judge for this one.
    Big was potential : good cast, good story at the beginning, good feeling too but ending sucks.
    For me, Dream High 2 was truely a disappointment too : the cast was boring, the story unbelievable, the ending was WTF?... It can't compare to Dream High !
    To the beautiful you was fine but like you said, after 2 good versions : To the beautiful you had to be perfect but it wasn't. There were many imperfections.

  • Reply
    fieryheart Jan 3, 2013

    I was disappointed with Big's ending. I hoped they would have shown Shin Won-ho and Lee Min-jung together instead of using Gong Yoo as the older version. Shin Won-ho and Lee Min-jung actually have chemistry and looked good together.

  • Reply
    Enigma_J_S Jan 3, 2013

    agreed with everything

  • Reply
    ilovemassu Jan 2, 2013

    i have a total faith in the Hong sisters so i was devastated with Big. like seriously..
    To the beautiful You is deemed to be horrible as it's a SM's production which they put the whole lot of thinking to where to put their idols rather than having a good end product. waste of talent on the real actors part. they're good but they're just supporting..
    Dream High 2 is a disappointment, yes i agree. It have a story but not a strong one & it repeat, going in loops & making me confused. And rather than having it as a sequal of the story of students of the school, it seems like in another universe, where the character from the 1st season do not fit their ending. Oh, if only people understand what i'm saying...

  • Reply
    HAVA-RAVA Jan 2, 2013

    I liked Dream High 2 ! Especially the 1st half was great ~~

    I LOVED I Do, I Do ! I think it was one of the best dramas from 2012 ! I absolutely loved the story and cast ^^

    To The Beautiful You was a disappointment considering it as a remake/version of Hana Kimi but it was really good as a general korean drama. Thus I don't think it as a Hana Kimi version at all.

    Rooftop Prince was pretty good but it could've been better. I loved the evil sister :'DDD

    Can't say anything about BIG or Dr. Jin since I haven't watched either of those.

  • Reply
    notsolittlej Jan 2, 2013

    I know this is an unpopular opinion but I actually loved Big. The acting was amazing, the characters were fun and the chemistry between the main couple undeniable. And I didn't really think the ending was that bad. Kind of confusing? Yes. Could have been better? Sure. But was it really that bad? No. All in all it was a pretty enjoyable drama.

  • Reply
    NinaCBrandon Jan 2, 2013

    You did well, I completely agree though I wasn't thinking of even watching some of them =) You saved my not so much free time! =D

    • Reply
      neaa Jan 3, 2013

      haha! thanks!!

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