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Rain and Kim Tae Hee 

New Year's Day, the news hit the front pages of online portal websites after a news outlet posted several photos of the two getting into a car.

Ok, so the story is that Rain (Fullhouse, R2B: Return to Base) and Kim Tae Hee (Stairway to Heaven, Iris) met during a commercial shoot in November 2011 and have developed feelings for each other.  The have seen each other off and on and just started really dating recently.

Kim Tae Hee’s agency made a statement a few hours after the story hit online news. 

"It has been a bit over a month since they started seeing each other. Since the two are well-known celebrities, they don’t have enough time to meet and have limited places to go. Though their relationship is developing, it is still in its early stages." 

The Ministry of Defense has confirmed three days:November 23rd, December 2nd and December 29th, 2012 between 9 and 10 pm days that Kim Tae Hee picked him up from editing work in his private studio in Seoul and dropped him off at the front gate.

With all of that being said, Rain is now under scrutiny for receiving too many vacation day’s from the military.  From what I understand a regular enlisted soldier receives 28 days of time off to a maximum of 60 days during military duty.  Rain allegedly has received 62 days of time off in 10 months from January to October 2012.

Wow, she picked him up and drove him back to barracks.  I bet that has never happened in the history of military service (sarcasm intended).  They can’t tell me that no other soldier ever that has been working outside for the military hasn't had a friend/girlfriend or family member pick him up and take him back to barracks.  Is it because he is an idol?  I don’t get it.  What is the big deal?  The report isn't that Rain was AWOL and she secretly picked him up and took him away.  

Also, they aren't saying that he took unsanctioned leave.  They obviously gave him the leave so why is it all of a sudden a problem?  I swear jealous people will always try to find a way to steal a person’s happiness. 

Honestly, being from the Unites States, I find mandatory military service unbelievable. If it were up to me, then no idol or actor would serve so that I can get my entertainment.  I’m selfish like that.

There is also a rumor that the relationship could be a publicity stunt for Toyota Korea.  Rain and Kim Tae Hee have been seen in two Toyota rental cars (Camry and Venza).  Kim Tae Hee was signed to model for the car company in December 2012. 

If that is true, then I think Rain is getting the short end of this deal.

Uhm Tae Woong and Yoo HyeJin

Uhm Tae Woong (The Devil, An Introduction to Architecturemade the announcement official on November 4 that he would soon be husband and father.  He will marry Yoon Hye Jin who is a professional ballerina and member of the Korean National Ballet.  She is also the daughter of veteran actor Yoon Il Bong.

On 1N2D Uhm Tae Woong said, “I thought about marriage only two days after meeting her. I think I met my lifelong companion.”

Sim Entertainment madea statement “Uhm Tae Woong fell for Yoon Hye Jin’s elegant and intellectual looks as well as her kind heart. Yoon Hye Jin was said to be very attracted to Uhm Tae Woong’s honest and diligent image.”

Apparently Uhm Tae Woong’s sister, Uhm Jung Hwa introduced them at the beginning of 2012.  The relationship has matured since then and Yoon Hye Jin is now approximately 5 weeks pregnant. Their marriage date is set for January 9, 2013.

Uhm Tae Woong is getting MARRIED!!!  Now, any of you that watch 1N2D variety show will understand how shocked I was when he broke the news.  He was constantly saying that he felt lonely and wanted to get married.  They are beautiful together.  Congratulations!!!

Lee Joon/Oh Yeon Seo/Lee Jang Woo

Love Triangle

If you are watching the Oh Yeon Seo  and Lee Joon couple on We Got Married variety show, then this will probably interest you. 

Oh Yeon Seo (Unexpected You, Just Friends) and Lee Jang Woo (Smile, Dong Hae, I Do I Do) are in the drama Oh Ja Ryong is Coming together which is airing right now on MBC.  She is also known for starring as wife of MBLAQ member Lee Joon (I Need a Fairy, upcoming Iris 2) in the variety show We Got Married. 

Oh Yeon Seo’s agency apparently has no clue as to who Oh Yeon Seo is dating or not, because they released two different statements.

On a January 4 broadcast of MBC’s Section TV Entertainment Relay the agency stated through a phone call, “The two are not dating. They’re a sunbae and hoobae of the same university, and they became close while filming the drama. We believe that there is no possibility that the relationship will develop into something more than a friendship in the future.”

It is kind of weird considering they had released a different statement earlier saying “Oh Yeon Seo is still just getting to know Lee Jang Woo,” and “They have been meeting each other with interest for about 1-2 weeks.”

On stage at the 2012 MBC Drama Awards, Lee Jang Woo and Lee Joon presented an award.  While onstage, Lee Jang Woo said to Lee Joon, “I marry Oh Yeon Seo in the drama too. I don’t think you should be jealous.” Then, Lee Joon turned to Oh Yeon Seo in the seats and asked, “Who do you like more from the two of us. Pick.”  Oh Yeon Seo didn't hesitate for even a second before she answered,”I like Joon more…” and smiled brightly. Lee Joon also smiled as he said, “I feel like I won an award.” --- all kpop

So who’s dating who? 

The We Got Married staff apparently aren't sure what to do either. The production is meeting, but one staff member stated, "This is the first time while filming 'We Got Married' that a relationship scandal has been reported."  There is uncertainty to the couple filming for next week. There are rumors that the couple will either be over or that Oh Yeon Seo will be removed from the show and Lee Joon will receive a new wife.

Personally I could care less who OhYeon Seo is dating as long as she acts like she is dating Lee Joon on We Got Married, because I totally love that show and they are too cute together. It would be too weird if Lee Joon gets another wife.  I would also find this vastly more fascinating if the scandal was Lee Joon and Lee Jang Woo dating.

Kim Nam Gil and Jang Nara

There is a rumor that Kim Nam Gil (Queen Seon Duk, Bad Guy) and Jang Nara (Good Morning Shanghai, Baby-faced Beauty) are dating, but they have both denied it.  

The rumor started because Kim Young Chun who also appears in KBS2’s drama School 2013 with Jang Nara, wrote on his me2day on January 1 that Kim Nam Gil visited the set and paid for a food truck in celebration of Jang Nara’s Excellence Award that she won at the 2012 KBS Drama Awards.

Jang Nara’s agency told enews on January 2, "We know that the two are close friends. They′re simply close as seniors and juniors; they′re not lovers, like most seem to think. They′re actually pretty awkward around each other because they′re so polite."

While Kim Nam Gil said “It’s ridiculous,” he did pay for a snack van to visit the set. However, it was intended for Choi Daniel, with whom he plays soccer and is friends.

Kim Nam Gil’s agency also said "Although Kim and Jang are friends, there's nothing more to it.”

Kim Young Chun deleted the controversial post when it continued to rank in the keyword search charts of portals.

Wow, try to be nice to a person and see what happens. 

These are stories that I find interesting.  I thought that some of you may be interested also.  Please leave comments below about your opinion on any of these stories.  I would love to read what you think.  I would also like to know if you are interested in these kinds of stories since they aren't directly related to a drama.

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  • Reply
    LittleBozSheep Mar 10, 2013

    Haha I love how the Rain & Kim Tae Hee scandal is/was Rumoured to be a publicity stunt for Toyota Korea purely because two of the cars they got into where Toyota Rentals XD

  • Reply
    sakurasomething Jan 6, 2013

    "I would also find this vastly more fascinating if the scandal was Lee Joon and Lee Jang Woo dating." AHAHAHAHAHA
    Great Article Purplenette! This made my day! Hilarious! that would be so funny... kinda reminds me of that one ep in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho when they were fantasizing about dong joo and dae woong getting married..

    • Reply
      purplenette Jan 6, 2013

      Right! LOL. Thank you for the compliment. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  • Reply
    purplenette Jan 5, 2013


    According to, Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Joon will continue to film for We Got Married.

  • Reply
    steciLovesDramas Jan 5, 2013

    i'm really happy that Uhm Tae Woong is getting married in addition on my birthday ^^

    woah about oh yeon seo and lee joon... it would be actually funny if lee joon got a new wife and he would be always saying 'i just got divorced and remarried'
    but i don't want the couple to end... so cute together ^^

  • Reply
    zephyrbliss Jan 5, 2013

    Aww it must be hard to be able to date fellow celebrities. I feel bad for these guys. Let them love!

  • Reply
    MeiLi Jan 5, 2013

    I love these kind of good news! Two big stars together, that's gonna be explosive^^
    Uhm Tae Woong is charming, I'm happy for him! I've always imagined him with an elegant and refined woman so I think he really found his match!

  • Reply
    mutya Jan 5, 2013

    Kim Nam Gil and Jang Nara.. Why not?!

    • Reply
      purplenette Jan 5, 2013

      That is what I thought. They look cute together.

    • Reply
      mutya Jan 5, 2013

      Yes, I agree.. The Baby-Faced Beauty and the Bad Guy. Nice.. They would surely look good in a drama.

  • Reply
    mutya Jan 5, 2013

    I like Rain. I hope he takes his military service seriously, like most of the other celebrity...

    Hope he makes a comeback drama with Song Hye Kyo once more..

  • Reply
    KamZ Jan 5, 2013

    "Personally I could care less who OhYeon Seo is dating as long as she acts like she is dating Lee Joon on We Got Married, because I totally love that show and they are too cute together. It would be too weird if Lee Joon gets another wife."

    MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!!!! They are my favourite couple and I would really like to continue seeing them together. ^_^

  • Reply
    catnip Jan 5, 2013

    "I would also like to know if you are interested in these kinds of stories since they aren't directly related to a drama." -> yes, I am, but I think it shouldn't be more often than each 3rd or each 4th of "in the know" article. And I'd prefer them being somehow themed, like this one. I really like your emotion and style of this article - sort of, a critical and not too spazzing fangirl :D

    And what what what about Kim Nam Gil? I thought he was dating SNSD's Tiffany?

    • Reply
      purplenette Jan 5, 2013

      Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. I plan to concentrate mostly on new dramas and movies. Oh, and Kim Nam Gil says that he has a big brother/little sister relationship with several of the girls from SNSD and isn't sure why there is a rumor about him and Tiffany. He ate out with several of the girls, but never with just Tiffany. He also says he likes older women.

  • Reply
    Ginger Jan 5, 2013

    I'm so freaking happy for Uhm Tae Woong...wish him happiness <3

  • Reply
    4winkay Jan 5, 2013

    WOW! Uhm Tae Woong is getting married. I?m just happy for him finally getting to join the married team on 1N2D, because he just seemed to want it badly. Chukha hamnida, Mr. and Mrs. Uhm Force!

  • Reply
    NanaChin Jan 5, 2013

    "Honestly, being from the Unites States, I find mandatory military service unbelievable. If it were up to me, then no idol or actor would serve so that I can get my entertainment. I?m selfish like that."
    Yeah, that's just selfish. :D
    Honestly, with North and South Korea being on the verge of war all the time, it makes perfect sense that every man needs to go to the military. And if celebrities got special treatment, that would be plain unfair. Ignoring the fact that they usually get special treatment during their time in the army anyways. Unless they refuse to accept it, like Hyun Bin did.

    • Reply
      purplenette Jan 5, 2013

      Now, now. There is no reason to make since of it all. LOL I understand. I know you are right, but I still hate it. :-)

    • Reply
      NanaChin Jan 5, 2013

      Yeah I know, I hate it too. :D

  • Reply
    akai-kitsune Jan 5, 2013

    Funny, how fast agencies try to cover up. Actors and actresses are also human beings. Let them love and be loved so that they can show that feelings better in dramas and movies.

  • Reply
    AutomnConcerto Jan 5, 2013

    I think that the problem isn't in the couple Rain and Tae Hee or about jaelousy. I think the problem is that Rain granted special privileges in the army. Since when the army is so flexible with his soldiers ?? I mean Rain isn't the only one that left lovers, he is like everyone : a korean citizen, so why did he have a special treatment ?
    It's just my opinion but I think it's unfair...

    • Reply
      Melwill28 Jan 6, 2013

      I'm not saying he is a regular soldier, but he is doing the job that they gave him. So, y the big issue? He is good @ his job...the job that the army gave him to do!

    • Reply
      mutya Jan 7, 2013

      I would really love to read the article or to know on what department is he in the army, how he got his title as a Corporal. Basically, how he is in the army right now.. I mean, i like Rain and would still love to gossip stuffs about him. lol...

    • Reply
      purplenette Jan 7, 2013

      Rain has been serving as an "entertainment soldier" who appears in military-run TV and radio programs aimed at boosting morale. As for me...I don't want him on the front lines where he could get hurt. Of course, I really would prefer no one be in that position.

      I still don't see how it is his fault when he is doing the job they gave him and taking the leave they give him.

    • Reply
      mutya Jan 7, 2013

      that's why they have court marshals, it'll be investigated as the article said... good luck to Bi Rain for the remaining months left in service and same with he's entertainment comeback..

    • Reply
      Melwill28 Jan 7, 2013

      If u ask me the person wo approved his extra leave should be the person responsible. He/she/they were the ppl/person who gave it 2 him. & u can't tell me that the army is so disorganized that they wouldn't know how much time off a person is getting b-4 giving them more. Sry 2 say but that would be just stupid. They have 2 have a system 4 checking these things. I mean they have a system 2 make sure regular ppl don't take more sick or vacation days than r allowed. So y wouldn't the governmet have a system like that? This seems 2 be treated like it's some big deal b/c he is an idol. I call bullshit!

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