Mirichan's Weekend Movie Picks

Miri's Weekend Movie Picks

Hello everyone! I want to introduce to all of you my top three movies.
In my opinion, there is nothing better than relaxing with your eyes glued closely to a screen with a great movie/drama during the weekends ;D. I usually prefer dramas, but sadly, I don't have much time nowadays for them.

As a general rule of thumb, I picked movies which moved me deeply and personally. It was very difficult for me to pick out my absolute favorites; I couldn't decide for the longest time, but I was finally able to narrow it down to 6, from which I selected 3. I am usually a person who depends greatly on my mood to select what to watch. Surprisingly, so many of the movies were exceptional in their own right regardless of my mood, and as I watched each one, I grew to love them dearly. Even more surprising, it wasn't because I was addicted. (Something which EVERYONE here should understand, right?) No, I just enjoyed the movies a lot and I re-watched them over and over.

The movies I selected cover these three different types of genres. Maybe depending on your mood, you can select the one which suits you best :).

Okay! Here they are: 

Country: Japan

Year: 2006

Genre: School/romance-comedy

Risa (Ema Fujisawa), a tall Japanese girl, gets rejected by a boy because she is taller than him. Otani (Teppei Koike), a short Japanese guy, gets rejected by a girl because he is shorter than her. Obviously these two would make the oddest of couples and would never be a good match for each other right? Well love doesn't always follow such logic, as Love Complex shows.

***Warning: video may contain minor spoilers***

Why is this movie one of my favorites? I admit I have a bit of a bias for this movie because it is one of my first J-movies, but it is still good enough for me to have re-watched it twice already. It has a light plot and from just watching a small bit of a scene, you already know it will be a hilarious film. The idea of a tall girl partnering up with a small boy is also refreshing. It may not be perfectly well-done, but the acting is really good and the music used is enjoyable as well. There aren't a lot of heavy moments which make you think a whole lot, but there are a few intense moments here and there. The two characters' progression from shouting to mutual attraction as the movie develops grew on me.
http://i.dramacrazy.net/Lovely_Complex_Movie_-_Frame_4504.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-mDvqlr_o60U/TuUaeg0PgNI/AAAAAAAABCs/ebAy1tTtGBA/s1600/Lovely+Complex.jpg

Country: Korea

Year: 2009

Genre: Thriller

Eight contestants are chosen to compete for 10 billion won on a survival reality show. The contestants are taken to the Australian desert, miles away from anyone, and begin the challenges. On the second day of the competition, the loser from the previous day is found dead and the remaining competitors find out they're not just competing for money, but for their lives as well.
Just by watching the trailer again, I got excited!

For me, this is one of the best thrillers I have ever watched. Although, I must admit I don't usually watch that many thrillers. Since I prefer romance related plots, a film of this genre must be really good in order for it to be considered a top movie for me. That's why I am so glad I found this movie!
Even when you are NOT bored, I highly recommend watching this :D. The whole plot is really intriguing and will shock you many times. Many underlying events occur in the film with a twist which will certainly surprise you. The movie is directed in such a fashion you will drop your guard, and you'll only realize you have been deceived by the writer at the very end.

I really do wish this movie gains more attention since it is only 2 hours, and that is nothing compared to what we, drama-addicts, are usually watching, right?   ^____^ 

http://asiabeam.com/v/var/resizes/movies/Midnight Sun/Taiyou no uta photo 08.jpg
Country: Japan

Year: 2006

Genre: Drama/romance

Kaoru dreamily gazes from her bedroom window each morning just before dawn. She can see a stretch of the beach in front of her parents' house on a hill in Kamakura, but focuses upon the activity at the bus stop where Koji and his two best friends meet before going surfing. The appearance of the sun causes her to lower the blinds and go to sleep because she suffers from Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) and exposure to the sun's rays has had the potential to kill her. At night she walks to the train station, plays her guitar and sings songs she has written, commonly returning home just a few minutes before it starts getting light. One morning she is at the bus stop singing when Koji arrives...

So many thing drew me into this movie. Yui, the lead actress's beautiful voice and acting are two factors. She is the main reason why I gave this film 10 well-deserved points. Although the movie is a bit sad, as you would expect from the synopsis, it still leaves you happy with all the heart-touching scenes in the movie.
The male lead, Tsukamoto Takashi, is by no means nothing to scoff at either. He is highly capable of showing emotions comparable, if not equivalent, to that of the girl. Although his acting starts out a bit slow, he quickly becomes a deep character as he tries to bond with Kaoru and share her problems. It felt like I was watching a story... in real life.

http://asiabeam.com/v/var/resizes/movies/Midnight Sun/Taiyou no uta photo 01.jpghttp://asiabeam.com/v/var/resizes/movies/Midnight Sun/Taiyou no uta photo 02.jpg
In the beginning, the whole situation seems weird and a bit awkward, but as the movie progresses, you begin to see the  bond develop between the two of them.

http://asiabeam.com/v/var/resizes/movies/Midnight Sun/Taiyou no uta photo 07.jpg

Okay that was it :) I hope all of you enjoyed the very first article I have ever written!

Have a relaxing and great weekend everyone!

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  • Reply
    rogue88nami Jan 20, 2013

    hey , is this yui the same yui who sang those fullmetal alchemist brotherhood songs?

  • Reply
    Hitokiri Jan 20, 2013

    I realy love it because Yui :)

    • Reply
      raionsama Jan 21, 2013

      Yah I know how you feel, I watched it coz she's the protagonist. <3

  • Reply
    NatsuJun Jan 20, 2013

    +1 Taiyou no Uta,Yui as awesome as ever,nice choices,are you an admin or sth like that?

    • Reply
      Mirichan Jan 20, 2013

      No, I am not ;)
      I love her voice^^
      It was perfect for the Movie.

  • Reply
    TheTranquilKnight Jan 20, 2013

    Taiyo No Uta looks great! I'll watch it first after exams :)
    Thanks for recommendations Mirichan!!

  • Reply
    nielyngrace Jan 20, 2013

    Yui!! taiyu no uta is still one of my fave movies. yey!!

    • Reply
      Mirichan Jan 20, 2013

      I think I became a fan of her after watching that movie :)

  • Reply
    Frosty Jan 20, 2013

    Already watched 1st two will give a try for last 1

  • Reply
    shaz22 Jan 20, 2013

    I have seen the last one, def will add the rest!
    Nice list, Miri!

    • Reply
      Mirichan Jan 20, 2013

      Thank You! :)
      I am glad you like my choices...
      A Million is definetely worth watching too ~~~

  • Reply
    nat-chii Jan 20, 2013

    I've seen one and three and loved them both, but this is the first time I heard about A Million - it sounds really interesting. And Lee Min Ki is in it?! I'm definitely going to watch it! thanks

    • Reply
      Mirichan Jan 20, 2013

      You are welcome!
      Lee Min Ki is always a good enough reason to watch something, right?
      Though I didn't know he was starring in there when I was watching it :)

  • Reply
    Nana87 Jan 20, 2013

    Thank you Mirichan ^^

    • Reply
      Mirichan Jan 20, 2013

      Thank You for what? ~
      I really didn't do much (=:

    • Reply
      Nana87 Jan 20, 2013

      lol for the recommendations of course :D I'll definitely check them out.

    • Reply
      Mirichan Jan 20, 2013

      Oh I should have got that :D
      I thought you maybe meant something else...

  • Reply
    mszither Jan 19, 2013

    I've finished A Million and I must agree that it is one of the best thriller I've watched so far! Recommended.

    Love Complex sounds good, gonna give it a try! ;)

    • Reply
      Mirichan Jan 20, 2013

      I am sure you will like it too!
      Even though the genre is the total opposite :D

  • Reply
    dapinaymrs Jan 19, 2013

    Mirichan, omedetou. :)

    You have interesting picks! That acoustic guitar is pulling me to Taiyo no Uta!

    • Reply
      Mirichan Jan 20, 2013

      Awww Thank You~~~
      I picked that video on purpose... It was one of my absolute favorite scenes in the movie :)
      Especially her voice is stunning!

      Btw I hope you didn't have too much work with correcting my grammer... since I noticed there were made some slightly changes sometimes :)

    • Reply
      dapinaymrs Jan 20, 2013

      surely not by me. Those were by our dear MDL editors. :)

  • Reply
    sanja Jan 19, 2013

    Thanks for suggestions Miri :D I have already planned on watching Lovely Complex. Well the other two are really compelling too, might as well ad them on my PTW.

    • Reply
      Mirichan Jan 20, 2013

      You are welcome!!!! (=:
      I can guarantee you that you won't regret watching it :)
      I am sure you will like the other ones too ~

  • Reply
    _VIP_ Jan 19, 2013

    Just watched Taiyo no Uta because of this article. And it truly is a great movie. Give it a try if you have time :D

    • Reply
      Mirichan Jan 19, 2013

      Yes everyone!!!!!!!
      Please give it a try! :D

      Wow...so you watched it because of my article *~*
      A great movie and touching ;)
      I am happy I convinced somebody to watch it already! ;*

  • Reply
    Muhani Jan 19, 2013

    I loved A Million, great movie and Lee Min Ki is in it! ^^

    • Reply
      Mirichan Jan 19, 2013

      Seems like a big bonus to have Lee Min Ki in it :D
      well he played great in his role^^

  • Reply
    akai-kitsune Jan 19, 2013

    Danke, for he article.

    Lovely Complex is a great movie, but I still don`t get why the girl is always wearing heels?

    • Reply
      Mirichan Jan 19, 2013

      Wow you wrote German to me!:D

      She is wearing themin order to appear taller...since she is supposed to be at 1.70m ;)

    • Reply
      akai-kitsune Jan 19, 2013

      Yeah, sure. I know she has to be taller, but they shouldn`t have made it that obvious to us.

      Oh und ich weiss das du Deutsche bist.

    • Reply
      Mirichan Jan 19, 2013

      You may be right :D
      But I guess they couldn´t think of any other ways^^
      It´s one of the flaws in the movie ^^

      Hmmmm...right....we talked about it before,I think...

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