Horrible Ways to End the Drama You Love

Cuzie's 3 Types of Horrible Kdrama Endings

SPOILER ALERT! Includes the following:
     • City Hunter                          • Fashion King
     • Faith                                   • Bad Guy
     • Rooftop Prince                     • 49 Days
     • IRIS/Athena                         • High Kick Through the Roof

Have you ever wondered how a drama will end? Will it be a happy or a sad ending?  You are so curious that you can’t even sleep at night. You always imagine every single possibility every minute, every hour, every day. Will it end like this? Will it end like that? Waiting for another week is killing you.

Then, when it comes to an end, you feel like the world is crumbling around you. You wonder if the writer has brain damage to come up with such a horrible ending. Or maybe she was possessed by the stupidest ghost in the world to just imagine that kind of ending. Maybe you just stand speechless right in front of your computer wondering what the hell is happening! IS THIS THE END?

The "Telepathic" Ending
A lot of our beloved K-Drama Endings are filled with telepathy (they just stand there staring at each other, and then they will give each other one little smile that, of course, it’s just them who knows the meaning behind it) and BANG! THE END! That’s why I called it telepathic. I mean, c’mon, a little hug won’t hurt. A passionate kiss would be so much better (talk about Queen In Hyun’s Man), I’ll even welcome holding hands. Just please do something besides a SMILE. You can even end it like Nice Guy, it’s the same ending, but with a little thought of Maru that said ‘I’m happy’ reverse all, I know what he’s thinking, and that’s enough, sweet even.

                    City Hunter                                                Faith
I don’t know why Lee Min Ho is always stuck in this kind of ending. Both City Hunter and Faith are great dramas that I love so much. Faith is well written, has a romantic love story, and has a good fight. I hated waiting for another week just to watch another episode. I even felt sad when it came to an end, but the ending was, without a doubt, disappointing. In City Hunter, I don’t even understand what’s happening, where is Nana going with that bag? There’s no explanation. And that smile? It’s definitely not helping. Then suddenly he’s driving a car and, yes, this is the end baby. People assume that maybe, just maybe, there will be City Hunter season 2. Faith is just the same. Is that what you do when you haven’t seen each other for a few years? If it was me, I would run and hug him tightly. It would be good to be in his arms, stare at each other, and smile. Hehe. That’s the ending I want. Not the writer I guess. LOL

Two others: RooftopPrince (at least, they’re holding hands, haha, but I don’t know who he is.  Is he Lee Gak, Tae Yong, or Tae Yong who has Lee Gak’s memory? I’m still wondering) and Athena.

The "Unknown Death" Ending
You watch a drama. Maybe it’s good, maybe it’s not. Then you get the feeling that it will have a sad ending. Either a lead may die, or the leads won’t be together. You find it okay actually, but some absurd character killing is definitely NOT an option.

The first few episodes are worth watching, and then it gets boring. Still, I endured it, because I told myself, "Maybe it will get better." When it’s still boring, I told myself, “finish it ‘cause you’ve already started it”, and I regret having done that. I should have dropped it at the fifth episode. This drama is definitely a bad one. It’s a mess right from the start. Come on, the title is Fashion King and the story is supposed to be about a bunch of youngsters who dream to get to the top with a 4 square love line. However, no one has succeeded by the end, and the love story is the worst part. Ga Young never found Young Gul’s letter, and Young Gul never heard Ga Young’s confession. Why? Because he’s already dead - shot by a mysterious guy. Ga Young had no idea that Young Gul was already in the other world. Bleh..

This drama started as a promising one. If you’re looking for a revenge drama, this is it. The story is full of intrigue and deceit, and the way he manipulates his enemies’ minds is thrilling. Then when the producer needs to cut the episodes down because the main lead must go to military service, it ends up really bad. From the very first episode, you must realize that there’s not even the slightest possible way for it to have a happy end. Being shot by his sibling is fine, but to have just one paper announcing his death behind the female lead’s back without her realizing, it is definitely the worst way to end this story.

Another one: Iris (being shot by mysterious guy, again, and the main lead didn’t notice it, again and again)

The "Dementor Kiss" Ending
This is the most horrible kind of ending. You watch a drama and love it. You’re even crazy for it, but when it ends you want to throw your computer out of the window. Oh, and hey! Look beside you! There’s a dementor that sucks up all your happiness and leaves you in your room soulless. It’s unbelievable that it would end that way. You never imagine in your wildest dreams that this great drama must sink to the bottom of the sea when it reaches the end. Your fingers automatically press shift+delete+enter.

I feel so sad for our female lead character. She’s been betrayed and must work really hard to find 3 tears, and she did it. She lives! Just to die again in 6 days. Everyone must scream, “It’s not fair! I really thought it’s going to have a happy ending. Han Kang will finally have the love of his life, Ji Hyun.  Ji Hyun will finally find the man who loves her unconditionally”. The writer finds it uninteresting to have it end that way. So there you have it: a disappointing ending. It was a masterpiece until it reached the end.

No drama will beat High Kick Through the Roof as the worst ending ever. It started well, and it got better and better with every episode. I especially loved Jeung Eum and Daniel’s love story. It’s funny, cute, and romantic all at the same time. Each character had good development. I laughed and cried throughout the story.

But the last episode erases all those feelings. I even thought of bumping my head against the wall, wishing to have amnesia. If you want to watch this drama (or sitcom), avoid the last episode so you won’t waste 42 hours of your life for nothing. I mean it.

So what do you think? Horrible endings, right?
It's okay if you disagree; do express your opinions below.

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  • nuka Dec 11, 2013
    gonna watch high kick through the roof and ok I am not gonna watch the last episode seems a life ruiner everybody is complaining
  • Dudalc Sep 6, 2013
    Noooo. ;; I loved the end of Rooftop Prince and 49Days.
    Rooftop has my favorite ending in k-dramas, even though she doesn't end with Lee Gak, she has Tae Yong that liked her before Lee Gak even met her. And the play of words between Park Ha and Tae Young in the end was perfect. Tae Young saying "Why are you so late? I have been wating for a long time." and she responds "Where were you? I have always... been here." that could be related to both, Tae young - when she waited him in the beginning, but he never came, and Lee Gak - that he waited for her all this centuries until the present time to re-met her and that she was waiting him to came back and be with her. Just perfect. ;____;
    49 Days, didn't had an happy ending, but had and ending that were well resolved (?). No misunderstandings, resentments, no doubts can I ask something else for an decent ending?
  • solia Aug 31, 2013
    Agree, I feel real life has so much problems that when it comes to fiction I'd want to have a happy ending, or something decent.
    The ones that keep bothering me are roof top & faith. RTP, I can't get over it. I spent days analyzing the end "who was there?" it had to be both or it wouldn't be fair. not to mention poor Bo young who died in the past and don't get anything -the king liked the future Park Ha. So annoying and it stills annoys the heck out of me. As for Faith, it's like you said after 4 yrs you get to see her and you smile? what about her who didn't even say goodbye to her family to meet to him and no hug? please!
  • rose99 Feb 14, 2013
    Awesome article...
    While I have definitely not enjoyed the endings of many of my fav drama's like faith above... this article had be smiling throughout because i can totally relate:D
    1 ❤
  • serena2001 Feb 12, 2013
    urg i hate ending like dream high and dream high 2....you know the one...always has a love square or triangle and at the end everyone goes about thier merry little bussiness like they didnt just leave the love of thier life for a dream i hate those endings!
    1 ❤
  • Carolon Feb 12, 2013
    You're so right....rooftop prince, faith, 49 days...every drama was a masterpiece untill the end smashed it to the floor and jumped on it. I really couldn't watch another drama after 49 days for about 3 weeks. Writers why do you hate happy ends!!!????
    7 ❤
  • Smaggly Feb 12, 2013
    "The 3rd Hospital" Had the telepathic ending as well. OMG I wanted to punch my monitor haha. I'm also not too fond of flashback endings. Some work out well and are a nice recap, but the ones like "Miss No Good" that basically replay the whole drama for 5 minutes just to fill in time are D___D.
  • moonuri Feb 11, 2013
    Bad Guy and Iris are my favorite dramas and of course, if I could choose, maybe they wouldn't have died at the end, but that doesn't mean that ruined the whole drama. I think people expect too much for a happy ending, I was surprised at the end of these two dramas and it caught my attention. I don't even need to talk about Big, right? Definitely one of the worst endings.
    3 ❤
  • rebecca Feb 11, 2013
    Thank for the article, it's really good and I'm happy to see that I'm not alone ^^ I was so confused at the end of city hunter( even today, I haven't figured out what exactly is getting on at the end...Are they together or not...) And Rooftop Prince was the same...
    For Faith it's really not realistic, staring about each other after a long long time
    4 ❤
  • neaa Feb 11, 2013
    you can curse and kick at stupid endings..but i super hate telepathic endings!!! oh god..they are cruel..i somehow convinced myself with the ending of 49 days but i so hate telepathic endings!! and i have to add BIG there..because that's one big ending i can never comprehend
    2 ❤
    • xlovelight Feb 11, 2013
      big was a shame to kdrama. i mean just......wtf was that?!?!?!
      3 ❤
    • cuzie Feb 11, 2013
      a lot of people said that big has a bad ending, that's why i haven't finished it yet, and how come I add big when i just watched 5 ep of it and already get bored??? Kekeke
      i'm afraid it will end just like fashion king, i really wasted my time, or maybe i'll finish it in 1 or two hours?? (Skip every minute just to see how it goes and how it ends, LOL)
      1 ❤
    • neaa Feb 12, 2013
      @cuzie good luck on that... the ending was beyond human comprehension..trust me!
  • Finito Feb 11, 2013
    I agree, seems koreans have issues with endings in generals, they lack originality, too many series have that telepathic ending, was it too hard to come up with just a little something cute/funny/sad that wraps the relationship/situation up. They lack commitment, it seems like they just want to end it quick and get it over with when they reach the end, a lot of endings feel rushed. They lack explanation, an ending must be prepared, introduced, explained, especially the bad endings, unexplained main lead dying is ridiculously retarded, what kind of mentality must someone have to write that kind of ending, you just ruined all the build up till now, explain why.
    1 ❤
  • addylovesbwood Feb 11, 2013
    hey! i got tricked into reading this article. I thought I saw Joo Won on the cover...
    2 ❤
  • Grayarrow Feb 10, 2013
    Oh my God, I can't agree with you more...Especially 49 Days...Sometimes I wonder if people don't like happy endings or if life is too cruel for the writers/directors even to grant a happy ending in a fictitious movie...
    2 ❤
  • twistedangel1624 Feb 10, 2013
    Faith and Rooftop Prince had the worst endings .. I was like where's the hugging and kissing at the end of Faith .. and then when Rooftop Prince ended I was like, um so is he Lee Gak or Tae Yong .. I was so confused .. and then sad because I thought that if it was Tae Yong than that would mean that Lee Gak is back in his time .. all alone! .. made me cry when I thought of that .. they get separated but at least one of them is happy .. why?! not fair .. just made me cry through that whole ending O___o thanks for the article! I enjoyed reading it! :D
    2 ❤
  • sabrinafairchild Feb 10, 2013
    Oops, you forgot Thousand Kisses. Dropped this drama near the end. Watched the last scene and just like your other lists...ended up smiling with each other. Anyway, I love your article.
    1 ❤


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