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Drama Craze

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Drama Craze (DC) is an infectious disease in men and women caused by the virus of the family dramaaddictionviridae, more commonly known as Asian Drama viruses (ADVs). Although DC is often confused with other addiction-like-illnesses, especially the English drama addiction, DC is a more severe disease in which viruses are contracted through exposure to terra dramatis (Land of Drama a.k.a. Dramaland). DC may produce social awkwardness and withdrawal from reality, particularly in teenage girls.

Figure 1: Eating habit in severe cases

Drama Craze (DC) can occasionally lead to Otaku-ness, the obsessiveness for anything Asian, in the sense of being narrow and anti-social due to attachment to computer technology; similar characteristics of a stalker. The manifestation of Otaku-ness may cause persons to enact direct drama otaku or secondary personal otaku of a certain celeb. In extreme cases, the infected will show signs of both Otaku-ness characteristics. Otaku-ness even applies to persons who are usually much—MUCH—older than celeb on hand.

Figure 2: Pictured on the right is an Otaku

Signs and Symptoms

Approximately 90% of people with Drama Craze (DC) are initially asymptomatic. Symptoms of DC usually take time to manifest. It may take a few weeks, a few months or even a few years, depending on persons' immunity. Many people are so ill that they are confined in front of their PC for several days, with aches and pains throughout their bodies, which are worse in their backs and legs.

Physical Symptoms
     • Insomnia
     • Body aches (especially joints and back)
     • Headache (especially in the morning)
     • Irritated, watering eyes and prominent dark circles
Figure 3
Psychological Symptoms
Developing affection towards everything Asia which includes:
     • Rise in general knowledge about Asia
     • Change of preference in man/woman (preferring Asians)
     • Extreme development in Asian vocabulary (severely diseased might learn one or two Asian languages
        in the process)
     • Change in preference in food (preferring Asian dishes)
Figure 4: Love for Asia, Asia Daisuki Desu/Sarranghaeo Syndrome

Point to note: Russia, the largest country of Asia is surprisingly, NOT a part of this phenomenon as with most of the other Asian countries. This phenomenon is centered mainly around South Korea and Japan.

Cyber Symptoms
     • Startup page containing various online drama streaming sites, tumbler/twitter or Facebook page of
        biases, MDL, Fan Cafes, etc.
     • Extreme shortage in disk space
     • Introduction of Asian drama OST in music drive (in severe cases, Asian music might be the only folder
        in the drive)
Figure 5: Startup page of a self-entitled Drama Crazy who's currently enjoying term break

WARNING!!                WARNING!!                    WARNING!!                     WARNING!!
When a newbie (or presumably a veteran) seems to be recovering from Drama Craze by losing all signs of DC symptoms:
          • Loss of symptoms is NOT a definitive sign of a complete recovery. In fact, ADVs are viruses that
             remain in the body after an initial infection; thus, infection can return later. A sudden relapse will
             cause an increased susceptibility and indefinite contraction of Drama Craze. There is NO hope of
             recover at this point.


Types of Viruses
In virus classification, Asian Drama viruses (ADVs), are hypothetical viruses that make up a few of the unlimited genre of the family dramaaddictionviridae. ADVs of more than one type may be found in the infected:
     • Korean Drama virus
     • Japanese Drama virus
     • Mandarin Drama virus
     • Filipino, Thai Drama viruses can also be found in most severe cases

Korean Drama Virus (KDV)

This genus has one species, Korean Dramas (KD) . God like humans (most of the time surgically altered) are the natural hosts for a large variety of Korean Drama Virus. This virus is currently causing devastating outbreaks around the world, giving rise to human KD pandemics, commonly known as “Hallyu Wave.” The type of KDVs are the most virulent human pathogens among all the ADV types and cause the most severe disease. Almost 60% of the world's diseased persons were initially infected by this virus alone.
Figure 6

Japanese Drama Virus (JDV)

This genus has one species, Japanese Dramas (JD). JDV almost exclusively infects anime lovers, and is less common than the Korean Drama virus (KDV). The only other persons known to be susceptible to JDV infection are the already infected Kdrama and Tdrama addicts. This type of infection mutates at a rate 2–3 times slower than KDV and consequently is less diverse. However, JDV mutates to the point that a lasting immunity is not possible.  This reduced rate of diversity, combined with its limited host range, ensures that pandemics of Japanese Drama virus do not occur.
Figure 7
Mandarin Drama Virus (MDV)

This genus has two species, Taiwanese dramas (TD) and Chinese dramas (CD). With MDV, it is more common to be infected by both species, as opposed to just one. MDV sometimes causes both severe illness and local epidemics. However, MDV is the rarest genus among ADVs; thus, is less common and usually only causes an increase in addiction to the already infected patients  by other two types.
Figure 8


Except the obvious transmission from infected people around, there are a few general ways of transmission of ADVs:

     • Anime/Manga → → → → → Drama
Figure 9: Example using Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge

     • From Kpop/Jpop → → → → → Drama
Figure 10: Example using Hoya of Infinite and as a cast member of Reply 1997

     • Asian Movies → → → → → Drama
Figure 11

     • Bored with English Dramas → → → → → Bring it on Asian Dramas!
Figure 12


This topic is not a subject of discussion on this site; if you are cured you wouldn't be reading this in the first place. If you want to be cured, then look solace somewhere else! ;) As mentioned earlier, once you contract an  ADV, it stays with you forever! Drama Craze ftw!

Figure 13: Error message that should appear if you search for a cure of "Drama Craze" in MDL 

This article is heavily indebted to the “influenza” article on Wikipedia. (You will be surprised by the similarity!) The format is borrowed but the content is different. The data presented here are all collected while day dreaming; believe at your own risk! The author is also a patient of the same disease thereby subjected to zero responsibilities XD!

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  • Reply
    SHIRLEYMOLINA Mar 21, 2017

    Love this article you are spot on I own over 500 dramas mostly Korean but Chinese and Japanese as well. I started in 2004 at time here in the U.S we could only buy them and sometimes catch on KBS. So as I got hooked easy I bought from YesAsia who was really a great supplier for me. Thanks for letting me and others know we are not alone. I for one am grateful .

  • Reply
    aimsat Feb 24, 2016

    excellent article , eloquently written with creativity and hilarity ....OMMGGG!!!!!! I can relate it soooo much.....:D :D :D

  • Reply
    rainruma Aug 20, 2014 - edited

    P.S. I would add a Warning addendum to the MDV (Mandarin Drama) Section ....
    as I believe it will be spreading at a much faster rate and to larger # of hosts than ever before !!!
    ---->>> ...In the last couple of years , C-dramas have Improved Tremendously !! ... the most anticipated are for 2014-2015 ...and ..... although they are longer , ... they do have REFRESHING plots !!! ...
    ---->>> ...a Wonderful combination of Japanese Realism (w/out the pessimism) and Korean Romantic Idealization (w/out the cliches)
    ---->>>... story subjects are more daring than K or J dramas - (i.e. Le Jun Kai...Sealed w/ a Kiss...Summer's Desire...etc...)
    ---->>>... Much improved Dubbing ...
    ---->>>... some have beautiful edgy cinematography... (and Less or NO CGI in the newer ones)
    ---->>>... Better Kiss scenes than K or J dramas
    ---->>>... Great acting (forget the Taiwanese over acting from before)... i.e. Wallace Chung...Lau Hawick...etc....
    ---->>>... Eye-Candy : ...Peter Ho ....Chen Bo-Lin... Wallace Huo....Hu Ge....etc...
    ---->>>... some of the best Historical dramas and historic subjects w/ lots of high-cost productions ...

    **** after a few years of K-dramas , I have Growing IMMUNITY to the virus and bored w/ many of the new ones (same formula ... stale at this point) ....
    **** I avoided them for a long time : didn't know what I was missing ..... I suspect there will be others who also turn to J-dramas and C-dramas for the refreshing subject matter and the layered or deeper meanings (less shallow) ...... (nonetheless , to me, Korean humor is still the best)
    **** I have become Totally Hooked and Desperately search for them w/ Eng subs as they are difficult to find .... I have even resorted to watching one Raw and considered learning mandarin !....

  • Reply
    rainruma Aug 20, 2014 - edited

    BRILLIANT !!! ....BRILLIANT !!!....BRILLIANT !!! ....and...ROFL !!!.....LMAO !!! ....
    ... and so very True !!! ...

    Please write more articles !

    • Reply
      shaz22 Aug 26, 2014

      Thanks! I already promised a few that I would write one sooner, adding you in the list!

  • Reply
    Champion_of_Justice Aug 14, 2013

    Frighteningly accurate. And yay for no cure.

  • Reply
    ManaSura May 4, 2013

    WoW this article's got to be by far the funniest article I've read here.
    But it would be impossible to make it scientific rules to the addiction since each individual has his/her own background and occasion on which they started to watch a certain type.
    But as a long-time Japanese Drama watcher and current Korean drama addict trying to find a cure, I have to admit the fact that Korean dramas are easier to get addicted too, though they are longer (KDreamas: average of 16~20 episodes 50mins each/JDramas:9~12 episodes 45mins each) but it might be for that same reason that Korean dramas cause its watcher to suffer from over attachment to the characters to the extent of missing them badly after finishing the drama, meaning to say that we watch the characters for long enough and in a variety of situations that we start to feel them close and familiar.
    Again I congratulate you on this article

    • Reply
      shaz22 May 8, 2013

      First, Thanks a lot!
      I actually went through the whole introduction thread to understand how they got addicted and tried to generalize it from then on. Yes, a lot of stories were unique and I could not categorize them, but I just wanted the reader to have a general idea..........
      Since u were so kind to express ur idea and feeling, I felt I need to explain my thoughts too!
      Thanks again!

    • Reply
      ManaSura May 8, 2013

      When i said it was impossible imo to give it rules i didn't mean to be criticizing, no on the contrary I believe the real fun behind your article is that you're discussing the whole thing in a scientific way :D
      I agree with most of what you've written since i'm suffering from most of them to a certain extent ;-)
      Thank YOU :-)

    • Reply
      shaz22 May 8, 2013

      I didn't take it as criticism.....lol!
      I just love to discuss opinions and ideas.......since u displayed ur view so I was happy and shared my back story!

      Ah well, i guess I just talk too much.
      old habits die hard!

    • Reply
      ManaSura May 9, 2013

      No no let me assure you, by most people's standards you're by no means considered to talk a lot, i can tell so since i'm someone who's always told is a chatterbox ;-)
      Thanks for exchanging thoughts

  • Reply
    orangefizzfun May 4, 2013

    anime/manga to drama for me. funnily enough, the yamato nadeshiko shichi henge scenario was EXACTLY what happened to me! lol! very true. XD

  • Reply
    hallyuholicmom Apr 19, 2013

    the viral transmission is quite different for me... KDRAMA -- KPOP. :) i must admit, i've never been a fan of western drama or Filipino dramas. i went straight to asian dramas, in particular order: TW and kdrama--Jdorama and kdrama-Hindi and kdrama and finally-Kdrama. though the KDV's been dormant for almost 2 yrs, it eventually recurred and i've been *suffering* from it for more than a decade now!

  • Reply
    TaraVIP Mar 21, 2013

    amazing,funny,and so true about me,

  • Reply
    Heartstrings4LMH Feb 19, 2013

    LOL! I don't think I'm that far, but definitely getting there! :) its all because of financial constraints, that's why I'm not on a plane to Korea, stalking oppas! LOL

  • Reply
    sagwao_o Feb 18, 2013

    Finally someone has found my disease!!
    Thanks you Doctor shaz22... But I think the virus is too strong, can't be cured at all!!

  • Reply
    Kachiiing Feb 18, 2013

    That picture of "How I met your Mother" with the girl in sunglasses, "8 seasons passed. Still no sign of mother!" ROFL. So true! That alone, made my day :)

    • Reply
      shaz22 Feb 18, 2013

      Those of us who followed HIMYM from season 1 can feel the pain of each other. I'm glad we think alike. Thanks for reading!

  • Reply
    Weirdestone Feb 17, 2013

    LOL! OMG! I have KDC! :O Transmission of manga/anime to Asian drama is so true!! That's what happened to me. xD Love ur article! :D
    Neat discovery... xD

  • Reply
    heimei Feb 17, 2013

    BRILLIANT!! *jaw-dropped*

  • Reply
    blueaoichan Feb 17, 2013

    lol great articles xD

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