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Two Weeks

Lee Jun Ki (Arang and the Magistrate, Hero), Kim So Yeon (Iris, Prosecutor Princess), Park Ha Sun (Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek, Dong Yi), Ryu Soo Young (Rascal Sons, Ojakgyo Brothers), and Song Jae Rim (Nail Shop Paris, The Moon that Embraces the Sun) to star in MBC drama, Two Weeks following Queen of the Classroom in August. The writer is So Hyun Kyung who also wrote hit dramas like Shining Inheritance, 49 Days, My Daughter Soyoung and Prosecutor Princess.   The director is Son Hyun Suk.

Jang Tae San (Lee Jun Ki) is the hero who is falsely accused of murder and learns that his daughter has leukemia.  He then spends the next two week trying to save himself and his daughter.  Prosecutor Park Jae Kyung (Kim So Yeon) is trying to catch Tae San, but I believe ends up searching for the truth which helps him.  Seo In Hye (Park Ha Sun) is Tae San’s first love and raises his daughter alone for eight years while he knows nothing of his daughter’s existence.  She works with Tae San in a race against time to save their daughter’s life.  Detective Sang Goo (Ryu Soo Young) is leading the man hunt for Tae San and also in love with Ha Sun.   The killer (Song Jae Rim) is also chasing Tae San for reasons unknown at this time, but I suspect it is to tie up loose ends.

This sounds like an interesting  and fast paced drama.  The writer is covering two weeks in 20 episodes, kind of like 24 meets Mandate of Heaven (only not historical).  Lee Jun Ki and Kim So Yeon are two of my all time favorite actors.  This is definitely one of the must see dramas of the summer.
Good Doctor/Green Scalpel

Joo Won (7th Grade Civil Servant, The Bridal Mask), Moon Chae Won (Innocent Man, The Princess’ Man), Joo Sang Wook (Special Affairs Team Ten Season 1 and 2, Feast of the Gods), and Kim Min Seo (7th Grade Civil Servant, The Moon that Embraces the Sun) star in KBS2’s new drama, Good Doctor/ Green Scalpel airing August 5 after Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus.  The director is Ki Min Soo who directed Ojakgyo Brothers (also starring Joo Won).  The writer is Park Jae Bum who wrote God’s QuizKim Young Kwang (Birth Secret, Bachelor’s Vegetable Store) will also have a supporting role.

Park Shi On (Joo Won) is a man who has experienced domestic violence from his father at a young age which has caused him to have a developmental disorder that is a type of autism.  He also has savant syndrome making him a genius with an exceptional memory and a deep insight of space within the human body.  With the help of a guardian, he becomes a pediatric surgery resident while still having the social skills and personality of a 10 year old. Kim Do Han (Joo Sang Wook) is an assistant professor who mentors the residents with a tough and arrogant attitude. He is the number one skilled surgeon in the hospital and starts the drama engaged to Yoo Chae Kyung (Kim Min Seo) before falling in love with Cha Yoon Seo (Moon Chae Won).  Yoo Chae Kyung is a manager on the planning board for the university hospital and the only daughter to the foundation’s director.  Although people at first look down on her as someone that achieves her position through family influence, she proves herself to be capable and assertive.  Cha Yoon Seo is a second-year resident who is smart and ethical known for her honest, blunt way of speaking.  Han Jin Wook (Kim Young Kwang) is a fourth-year resident of pediatric surgery who is warm and friendly.  He is the first to bond with Shi Oh as hyung.

Oh, how I really don’t like medical dramas, but guess what, people?  I will be watching this.  LOL  First, I would watch Joo Won in pretty much anything (I watched his 7th Grade Civil Servant).  Plus, there are some other really good actors in this and the story seems really interesting. 
The Wang Family Man Suk (Wild Romance, What’s Up), Lee Yoon Ji (The Great Seer, King2Hearts), and Kim Hee Jung (A Hundred Year’s Inheritance, Live in Style) are in KBS2 new family weekend drama, The Wang Family which will air August 31 after The Best Lee Soon Shin.   It is a collaboration between director Jin Hyung Wook and writer Moon Yung Nam who also collaborated on Three Suspicious Brothers.  Jin Hung Wook also directed Just You.  Moon Yung Nam also wrote First Wives Club, and Terms of Endearment.  Other actors include Na Moon Hee (What is Mom, Rascal Sons), Jang Yong (My Love, Madame Butterfly, Unexpected You), Noh Joo Hyun (Potato Star, Suspicious Family), Kim Hae Sook (I Hear Your Voice, Childless Comfort), Oh Hyun Kyung (Shark, She is Wow), and Lee Tae Ran (Goddess of Marriage, My Precious You).

This drama is about the conflicts between parents and children.  This is the story of five children (four girls and one boy).  All the names have a pun.  The Wang Family pun name is the “royal family”.  Wang Soo Bak (Oh Hyun Kyung) is the first daughter who is successful but has to come back home after she fails enormously.  Her name pun is “king watermelon”.  Wang Ho Bak (Lee Tae Ran) is the second daughter who has a lazy husband Heo Se Dal (Oh Man Suk).  Her name pun is “king pumpkin”. Wang Gwang Bak (Lee Yoon Ji) is the third daughter of the Wang family.  She has a boy’s name because her parents wanted a son.  She is bold and smart and the problem solver of the family.  She dreams of becoming a writer and quits her teaching job which causes a stir in the Wang family.  
That is all the information I could find at this time.  I will update if I find more.

I’m not really that into weekend family dramas, but I have to say this has a great cast.  I might watch it.

Police Family

Seo In Guk (Rascal Sons, Reply 1997) will star in an upcoming movie called Police Family that will premier later this year.  It is directed by Kim Ji Young who also directed Tone-deaf Clinic and Baby and Me.  It is a romantic comedy about a daughter of a respected police family falling in love with the son of a gangster family.  I couldn’t find any information on who plays the female lead.

Seo In Guk is staying busy this year from Rascal Sons to this movie to Master’s Sun.  I’m not really into romantic comedy, but I may watch it since he’s in it.

Kwon Bob
Jo In Sung (A Frozen Flower, A Dirty Carnival) and Lee Yeon Hee (Gu Family Book, Ghost) to star in Sci-Fi movie, Kwon Bob that will release later this year.   The movie was one that was to be Jo In Sung’s comeback after he left the military, but production was put on hold.  Now, two years later, the production has been given the go ahead and has become a Chinese-Korean collaboration.  It will be directed by Park Kwang Hyun who also directed a 2005 hit movie, Welcome to Dongmakhol.

Kwon Bob is about a man who hates injustice and develops super powers to save the village of the woman he loves. 

I love sci-fi so this movies is right up my alley.  Plus, I would watch Jo In Sung recite the phone book and be happy.  I can’t wait for this to come out.   

Do any of these upcoming dramas/movies look interesting to you? 

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  • Reply
    moonlightmys2 Oct 1, 2013

    Two Weeks is my favorite, good doctor is also good, master's sun also fun to watch. All of these dramas are different genres so they are really good.

  • Reply
    ShinSungSung Aug 15, 2013

    twoo weeks is my fav of all ... it remainds me of the film The man from nowhere <3

  • Reply
    ShinSungSung Aug 15, 2013

    currently i am watching good doctor (it is a masterpiece amazing drama)

  • Reply
    MusicROSE Jul 29, 2013

    I can't wait for these dramas to release >.< so excited

  • Reply
    blackcatz9 Jul 20, 2013

    Two Weeks looks interesting and I can't wait to see Good Doctor, Joo Won is such an excellent actor.

  • Reply
    Smaggly Jul 20, 2013

    Good Doctor! I love the medical dramas ^^

  • Reply
    anusathiya Jul 20, 2013

    good doctor- though the story line is not my taste still i will watch it for joo won..."omo!!! he was like a child in the teaser-so adorable"^-^...he really pulls off every character so gracefully!! him<3<3

  • Reply
    Jastinnne Jul 20, 2013

    I'm waiting GD,Two weeks and Master's Sun

  • Reply
    ketibachan Jul 20, 2013

    Good Doctor sounds very very interesting. And with that amazing actress I have seen in Nice Guy will make it more exciting :D

  • Reply
    DontPanicToktok Jul 19, 2013

    some stuff sound pretty interesting :D looking forward to Green Scalpel most *.*

  • Reply
    mafalda Jul 19, 2013

    Looking forward for 'Two Weeks' and 'Green Scalpel'. Both have great casts and very interesting stories. Back to the weekly episodes after a 9-month hiatus! Couldn't have started it in a better way :)

  • Reply
    RodinJooWon Jul 19, 2013

    Good Doctor :"> I will definitely watch that drama on KBS! Go Joo Won. I'm so excited. Moon-Moon couple :)

  • Reply
    aizcold Jul 18, 2013


  • Reply
    dapinaymrs Jul 18, 2013

    Between a doctor with a savant syndrome and an alien living for 400 years on earth, I'd pick the first anytime. Good Doctor seems to have a powerhouse cast. Only wish Kim Min Seo wouldn't get so stuck with the second lead roles.

  • Reply
    Dramacity Jul 18, 2013

    Can't wait for Good Doctor/Green Scalpel, Police Family and Kwon Bob!!! Definitely going to watch those!

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