Seoul International Drama Awards 2013

Award season is upon us yet again, as the 2013 Seoul International Drama Awards (SDA) kicked off September 5th, at the National Theater of Korea. The SDA is considered to be a festival for production professionals and the general public, as nominees of the SDA were each submitted by entry.

Launched in 2006, this year marks the 8th annual SDA with an even larger international following than previous years. With a record breaking 225 entries submitted from 48 countries, the list was painstakingly cut down to 39 nominees. Below you'll find the ceremony's lucky winners.

Program Category

 Grand Prize 

One top-notch program among all nominees of TV Movie, Mini-series, Serial and Series is awarded
Prisoners of War: Season 2 (Israel)
[Award accepted by actor Assi Cohen and actress actress Adi Ezroni]

TV Movie
Stand-alone made-for-television film that has a distinct beginning, middle and end with between one (1) and two (2) episodes.
                            Golden Bird Prize                                                          Silver Bird Prize
                 The Jewish Cardinal (France)                              Welcome and...Our Condolences (Israel)
                [Award accepted by producer Joey Fare]                                    [Award accepted by Director/screenwriter Leon Prudovsky]

Drama that has a distinct beginning, middle and end with between three (3) and twelve (12) episodes.
                            Golden Bird Prize                                                         Silver Bird Prize
                   Generation War (Germany)                                          The Half Brother (Norway)
                  [Award accepted by Markus Halzelmann]                                            [Award accepted by director Per-Olav Soresen]

Drama that consists of more than twelve (12) episodes. It has an ongoing storyline which unfolds in a sequential episode-by-episode fashion. (e.g. telenovela and soap opera)
                             Golden Bird Prize                                                          Silver Bird Prize
                       Grand Hotel 2 (Spain)                                              The Chaser (South Korea)
                  [Award accepted by director Silvia Quer Sabate]                                          [Award accepted by actor Son Hyun Joo]

Special Prize
Based solely on the Organizing Committee’s choice, two (2) drama productions contributing most to cross-cultural exchange are awarded.
                Hello, New York (Kyrgyzstan)                                     The Perfect Day (South Korea)

Most Popular Foreign Drama of the Year
One (1) foreign drama that has been most viewed and talked about in Korea from January 2012 through the first half of 2013 is awarded.
Mistresses (USA)
[Award accepted by Kim Yun Jin]

Individual Category

    Best Director                                        Best Screenwriter 
        Philipp Kadelbach (Generation War/Germany)            Lars Lundstrom (Real Humans/Sweden)
          [Markus Halzelmann accepted the award on Kadelbach's behalf]

Best Actor                                                Best Actress 
             Lee Moon Shik (Sanggwon/South Korea)                           Lucy Liu (Elementary/USA)

People's Choice
By combination of online voting hosted by Soompi on July 4th-31st (70%) and SDA Organizing Committee's evaluation (30%), the top 4 individuals from Taiwan, Japan, China and South Korea respectively are awarded for their individual performances.
             Nicky Wu                         Ya Chi Hsu                       Ren Kiriyama                          Yunho
   (The Chinese Detective)       (Are You Christine?)                 (Switch Girl 2)                       (Yawang)
               China                                Taiwan                                Japan                             South Korea

Outstanding Korean Drama Prize Category
Outstanding Korean Drama
Korean dramas that have been exported to more than 15 countries or have made more than 3 million dollars of exports during the past year (Sept. 2012-Present). A total of 13 dramas competed for the category and the winner was selected by result of online voting through Soompi (70%) and SDA Organizing Committee's evaluation (30%). The nominees were:
-Big (KBS)                                          -Innocent Man (KBS2)                        -Fashion King (SBS)
-Gu Family Book (MBC)                       -Arang and the Magistrate (MBC)       -The Incarnation of Money (SBS)
-That Winter, The Wind Blows (SBS)    -Dream High 2 (KBS2)                       -Queen of Ambition (SBS)
-Seo Young, My Daughter (KBS)            -Horse Doctor (MBC)
-Dr. Jin (MBC)                                     -To the Beautiful You (SBS)
                                Golden Bird Prize                                                    Silver Bird Prize
                   Arang and the Magistrate                                                                Yawang
                    [Award accepted by director Kim Sang Ho]                                                     [Award accepted by director Cho Young Kwang]

Outstanding Korean Actor and Actress
The Process of selecting winners was done in the exact online voting and evaluation manner as the Outstanding Korean Drama and People's Choice categories. See Nominees here.
                            Lee Jun Ki                                                                        Bae Suzy
                (Arang and the Magistrate)                                                     (Gu Family Book)

Outstanding Korean Drama OST
The best theme song of Korean drama was selected through the results of online voting at Daum's music page. The most popular 26 songs from the 13 dramas nominated for the Outstanding Korean Drama Prize competed to be the winner. See the complete list of nominees here at Daum.
Kim Jae Joong "Living LIke a Dream"

Award descriptions from SDA official website.

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  • Reply
    ariahs_shaira Oct 16, 2013

    ..yaya..Kiriyama Renn!!! <3

  • Reply
    Nikuman Sep 8, 2013

    I loved to see how many rather unfamous countries for film productions are more and more introduced.
    You can see that Korea profits so much from the rather so called "dull" countries, while America is losing its power more and more... I'm glad to hear that -whatcha expect from a German xD-

  • Reply
    Meena_Drama_Fan Sep 8, 2013

    I dont get it , it says Seoul International awards but all the pictures talk about Germany, USA ..etc. what does it mean ??????

  • Reply
    khrui Sep 8, 2013

    go Israel ! :-)
    I didn't know that Israel's tv shows/movies had come all the way to korea, now i waiting to see the korean shows in the Israel tv-not only dramas.

  • Reply
    RainbowPower Sep 7, 2013

    first of all Sweden screen writter, super happy for a fellow swedish person lol
    secondly Ren Kiriyama and Jung Yunho for people's choice
    and lastly Kim Jae Joong with 'living like a dream' for Korean drama OST
    Im just so happy ahaha :3

  • Reply
    kdramalover Sep 7, 2013

    I don't get why people are saying that things to Suzy.Just because of the award? She deserves it!Not because she is nations first love but because she showed her acting skills in GFB. But no, people are just showing the negative coments about her, and i can't see the positive ones.Why? Because the respect is nowhere. Just because of her role in DH or age, doesn't mean she doesn't have talent or doesn't deserved the things that are happening to her right now.For some reasons, things happen.I'm not saying that for you to like her, i'm just saying that, if it's something negative about her, plz take it to yourself. Can't you do that? Like for example, i didn't liked IHYV and i'm not here saying bad things about the drama and still i'm taking my opinion to me.<br />Sometimes, i hate the world that i'm living, people don't have respect for the others.

    • Reply
      nytwp Sep 8, 2013

      Not judging Suzy's acting skills (I haven't seen Gu Family Book anyway), but I think people might be taking the award a bit too serious to begin with :|? That was basically a people's choice award (probably should've just called it that, instead of using the word "outstanding"), so idols are bound to win because their fanbase is more likely to vote for them. Seeing the other nominees, I would have been suprised if Suzy had NOT won haha.


    • Reply
      kdramalover Sep 10, 2013

      It's not that i dislike, is just the romance, i didn't feel the chemitry between them xD I usually do xD

  • Reply
    nuka Sep 7, 2013

    I am the only one happy to see Niky wu amoungh the winners?

  • Reply
    claudya87 Sep 6, 2013

    Am I the only one who still thinks that Suzy can't act and Gu Family Book was a bullshit idol drama?

    • Reply
      kdramalover Sep 7, 2013

      She is amazing in Gu Family Book, i think you didn't see her with the same eyes as me, but seeing her all because of her age, if you haven't watched her drama plz don't say anything. She deserved it YES!<br />And i'm not saying this because she is my fav actress, she still has a lot to learn and you have the right to criticize her role in DH, but i think you're mistaken.<br />People like you are just saying negative things and where are the positive ones? But, that's your opinion and i will respect that and plz take to yourself. THANK U <br />And if you don't know the reason that they choose her, it's because you don't know her skills. SHE WAS CHOOSED BECAUSE OF HER TALENT, if not, why would she be there? Because she's the nations first love? Oh plz. I just feel like the respect is nowhere, people saying this things to her isn't fair, words hurts

    • Reply
      claudya87 Sep 7, 2013

      I saw Gu Family Book and Dream High (I have to admit that she didn't bother me as much there, or maybe I was too mesmerized by Kim Soo Hyun's acting to notice it).

      I really don't care about her age. Hell, I know child actors/actresses that act 100 times better than her. I've seen some of them grow up. They're not idols but they put her to shame.

      SHE'S OVERRATED. I don't care that she's your favorite actress..the girl can't act and ur biased.

      Call me rude or what..but popularity can get you anywhere and she's riding the clouds right now. She's exacly how Sohee was back in the days..Didn't matter how good she was..people loved her.

      The fact is that she is an idol with a large fanbase, adding also Lee Seung, Gu Family Book is 100% an idol drama.

      P.S. If my words sting..maybe that's the cue for taking some acting lessons. A kick in the ass is one step forward.

    • Reply
      kdramalover Sep 8, 2013

      Well i guess, i will just ignore you. You won't ruin my day, because i won't let you u.u and i don't care if you TOOK acting lessons, when you just don't understand her effort when she was tired she continued shooting for the drama and people who see her as a idol, yeah she is. But she's still a human being like YOU. When it comes to acting, even if the actress was from a kgroup, i won't see her as a idol but as actress in the screen, why i'm saying this? You won't understand even if say. Lol,you compared her with child actresses, Hhahahhaha, you got be kidding me right, yet she still A-M-A-Z-I-N-G to me, la la la i don't care about your opinion, well i have to go, i'm so busy being here, take care,xd

    • Reply
      misa7 Sep 23, 2013

      Omo! She can't act and she won the Prize for her popularity not her acting skills & that's all! If U love her and adore what she does I don't care.

    • Reply
      kdramalover Sep 28, 2013

      You just can't accept the fact that she WON that prize because of her skills.
      Me too, i don't care about what u say, so , bye.

  • Reply
    Shinhyoseok Sep 6, 2013

    Well thank you very much for this article! I didn't know this existed! Interesting though ^^

  • Reply
    AnimeCraze78 Sep 6, 2013

    Wow didn't even know this existed o-o

  • Reply
    nytwp Sep 6, 2013

    I feel kind of bad because I've not seen any of the non-korean ones or generally not know many recent western dramas. Out of those listed, I only know "Generation War", but that's because I'm german and everyone at work was talking about it like "Did you watch Generation War last night" Nope, sorry, was busy my marathoning asian dramas haha ah well.

  • Reply
    Starlight Sep 6, 2013

    Really cool that swedish Lars Lundström won "best screenwriter" :D

    • Reply
      isawamei Sep 6, 2013

      Yeah, Real Humans is really good!

    • Reply
      Tichan86 Sep 7, 2013

      Totally agree with you !!! Real Humans is AWESOME !

  • Reply
    shaz22 Sep 6, 2013

    I wanted to be happy for Jun Ki and then Suzy happened.

  • Reply
    LMitsuki Sep 6, 2013

    The cameramen were so biased on the show. They were filming Jun Ki ALL THE TIME even when there were performances or other prizes ...

  • Reply
    kdramalover Sep 6, 2013

    Suzy deserved *-*

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