5 Korean Dramas To Be Excited About This Winter!

5 Korean Dramas To Be Excited About in the Final Quarter of 2016

2016 is such a wonderful year for Kdrama lovers, seriously! There are just too many dramas to watch, not that i'm complaining! Here are the 6 upcoming Korean dramas that I just cannot wait for!

1. Goblin


Main casts: Gong YooKim Go EunLee Dong WokYoo In Na.

Putting the plot aside, who the hell wouldn't be excited for this?! The casts' combination is so amazing that it feels unreal. And I am really glad to see that our GY is back on the small screen again! After the success of DOTS, writer Kim Eun Sook is once again working together with Director Lee Eung Bok. This will be a fantasy drama where a goblin is trying to end his immortal life by finding a human bride.

Airing: Dec 2 on tvN | Friday and Saturday at 20:00 (8pm Korean time)


2. Night LightV3WQpYw1_48efcb_f.jpg

Main casts: Lee Yo WonJin GooUee.

2016 is not only a great year for us drama fans, but it's also a great year for the lead casts in this drama too! This will be their second drama of the year! The story will focus on the power struggle of the rich. Hopefully, this won't turn into some kind of makjang drama.

Airing: Sometime this November on MBC | Mondays & Tuesdays at 22:00 (10 PM Korean Time)

3. Entourage


Main casts: Seo Kang JoonJo Jin WoongLee Kwang SooLee Dong HwiPark Jung Min.

I'm not sure how I should feel about this drama as it's an American drama remake. However, I do expect a lot from it as a comedy drama. This drama will have SKJ playing the role of an actor (actorception? xD) along with the story of his friends.

Airing: November 4 on TvN | Friday & Saturday at 23:00 (11 PM Korean Time)


4. This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair


Main Casts: Lee Sun GyunSong Ji Hyo.

Although it only has 12 episodes, this drama has still managed to attract me due the quirkiness shown in the teasers and posters. Following the original Japanese drama, this remake retains the same original story of a husband trying to find solutions online to his wife having an affair. I am quite excited to see how the writer will pull off the comedy side while still keeping the darkness of an affair. And not to mention, the cast all look great too!

Airing: October 28 on JTBC | Friday & Saturday at 20:30 (8:30 PM Korean Time)


5. The Sound of Your Heart


Main Casts: Lee Kwang SooJung Soo Min.

The Sound of Your Heart follows Cho Seok's ridiculous but hilarious adventures with his girlfriend-turned-wife Ae Bong, their dogs, older brother Jo Joon, and parents.

As a fellow The Sound of Your Heart manhwa lover, I am totally excited for this web drama to come out! On top of that, the cast is full of awesome actors! Do I have to say anything else? ;)

Airing: Around Nov on KBS2.

BONUS: Chinese drama

6. When a Snails Falls in Love


CastsWang Kai, Wang Zi Wen.

Just when I couldn't get enough of their scenes together in Ode to Joy, I find out that this drama is coming out starring the two, even sooner than the season 2 will be coming out. It's exactly what I need to satisfy my need for Wang Kai and Wang Zi Wen! It's a criminal drama packed with action and romance. WK's character is a cold, emotionally distant police officer, while WZW's character is an excellent criminal profiler who's lousy when it comes to love.

Airing: October 24 on Zhe Jiang TV | Monday 22:00 (10:00 PM). It will also be airing online on Teng Xun.

There are two types of trailer:

Serious Trailer:

Romantic Trailer:

Other upcoming Kdramas that you might be interested are: The Legend of Blue SeaHwarangThe Man Living in Our HouseWeightlifting Fairy Kim Bok JooMan to Man.

Share which dramas you are most excited about this year!

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  • Reply
    Solasta Nov 25, 2016

    Mr. Choi!

  • Reply
    GiKnoth Nov 24, 2016

    When a Snail Falls in Love: Intelligent and exciting story, great performances, interesting characters. Completely addicting. A MUST WATCH.

  • Reply
    ilovemassu Nov 19, 2016 - edited

    This Week, My Wife Will Have An Affair really exceed expectation! It's comedy+slice of life, all are on point.
    I'm disappointed with Entourage tho. it has the best of the best cast but the story line just getting nowhere(as far as now) but still hoping it gonna end OK.
    Looking forward to Man to Man and Solomon Perjury!

  • Reply
    MysteryMel-Bookish Nov 5, 2016

    WSFL - truly another DINGMO diamond, again! Since both leads were in O2Joy and were magical, new the chemistry was bang-on only thing was the story line. After reading the translations, yeah they cast these two correctly. Now waiting for all the eps...

  • Reply
    KwonRichan Nov 2, 2016 - edited


  • Reply
    Meeno Nov 1, 2016

    Am so enjoying When a Snail falls in love.. unexpected diamond..other than that..Goblin and Entourage only because i loved the US version..curious to see how it comes across as K-Drama

  • Reply
    Shima0810 Oct 29, 2016

    Goblin and legend of the blue sea are dramas that I'm waiting for

  • Reply
    Mio Oct 27, 2016

    I'm definitely gonna check out Goblin.
    When a Snail Falls in Love looks interesting.
    Night Lights and The Sound of Your Heart are here and there for me. Will see when premiere date gets closer!
    I don't see 'Legend of the Blue Sea'. That one is definitely a MUST-WATCH here! :P

  • Reply
    chillerbark Oct 26, 2016 - edited


    • Reply
      Sharn Oct 28, 2016

      Waahh got so much time

  • Reply
    ikki94 Oct 24, 2016

    I'll definitely watch When a Snails Falls in Love, Entourage and Weightlifting fairy

  • Reply
    YoongiBear Oct 22, 2016

    I will watch Goblin (the cast is amazing), The Legend of Blue Sea (More because of the hype), Weightlifting Fairy, Euntorage,and the sound of your heart , I love Lee Gwang Soo

  • Reply
    YanFaisal Oct 20, 2016

    I will watch Goblin (the cast is amazing), The Legend of Blue Sea (More because of the hype), Weightlifting Fairy and Hwarang.

  • Reply
    KPOPISLIFE Oct 20, 2016 - edited

    umm where is hwarang: the beginning??

  • Reply
    Aryael Oct 20, 2016

    Spot on! I am looking forward to When A Snail Falls in Love, Goblin and Entourage.

  • Reply
    SpicedSugah Oct 18, 2016 - edited

    Ummm....Lee Min Ho's drama? I thought it was the most anticipated drama of the year.

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