Drama Recap Recommendation: Joseon Gunman



The story begins with Yoon Kang’s Father, played by Choi Jae Sung, who's current mission is to capture the notorious ‘gunman’ who has been eluding him.


This dad is actually incredibly talented in combat but also in compassion.

When notable Scholars are being targeted and shot to death, things start to get intense. He moves his children to a good friend's home - which is where some light-hearted shenanigans begin between Yoon Kang (played by Lee Joon Gi) and female lead Soo In (played by Nam Sang Mi.)


But these sweet moments are short lived, as the action and drama begins to shake things up for our cast. Once he discovers her cross-dressing alter ego,  he ends up helping her with the delivery of an important and sought after book written by her teacher, who has since passed on.


While Yoon Kang might not be the So that you know and love from Scarlet Heart Ryeo, he's still great in this show as well. Here we get to see him dressed as a young nobleman who starts out charming, a little misguided, and innocent, yet his character is going to face tragic difficulties that push growth upon his character. 



Upon a twist and turn of events where his father is blamed by corrupt politicians for treason, his family is torn apart. Not to mention the ‘gunman’ is now out to kill him. With a parting gift from Soo In, Yoon Kang is shot by the gunman while trying to escape on a small boat. He luckily survives due to the bullet being blocked by the compass gift from Soo and is rescued by a group on their way to Japan.


And then the adventure really begins!

Insert a time jump here, along with a makeover, a hair cut to conceal his identity and some glasses.


Yoon Kang returns to Korea in order to search for his sister and take his revenge under the disguise of being the Japanese Merchant, Hasego Hanjo. He also has some new trusty sidekicks!


But he must deny his former name in order to protect those he loves and not be discovered by his enemies.


With twists and turns, the Joseon Gunman is definitely worth a ‘shot’



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    dayidream Nov 16, 2016

    I really love this drama Lee Jun Ki so hot here especially with that suit he is so handsome and attractive (:

  • Reply
    mejustcassie Nov 15, 2016

    I couldn't stand the female lead she's so dull

  • Reply
    WhiteGoldMVs1 Nov 14, 2016


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    shoetsukiyama Nov 14, 2016

    I honestly watched this drama only for Joongi, though when I read the plot, it was really interesting, especially since I love sageuk, but the thing is, it kinda dragged a little in the middle, around ep11 or 13 onwards, but I finished til the end because of Joongi hehe ;; Plus Yoon Kang's transition from a person from Joseon to a Japanese person shook me so much HAHAHA I love Joongi's Japanese accent here too! He trained how to get the pronunciation right with his Kanemaru's actor (Ryohei Otani) and it is just so on point! So if you guys think it's getting a little draggy, I suggest staring at Joongi and idk just observing his acting. He was the one who motivated me to finish til the end hehe. Please give Joongi all the historical drama roles, I need more! Hahahaha ;;

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    HappySqueak Nov 14, 2016 - edited

    hehe me as well a bit, I stared at the cover pic for a couple years because it didn't seem like a drama I would like, I liked it a lot more after the time jump when he returns. I found his sidekick friend who he reunited with, who was part of the royal police to be a real stand out character in this

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    kailin Nov 14, 2016

    lol looks like I'm not alone here. I'm stuck on episode 13 and can't seem to move on, although I think it has to do with the story rather than certain characters. personally I prefer Arang and the Magistrate and Iljimae, where you get action and the romance seperately :D

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    FILTU Nov 13, 2016

    twice tried to finish, but gave up.

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    chante Nov 13, 2016 - edited

    I couldn't finish this drama the female lead irritated me to much I could not believe in her character. I like the actress but felt she didn't fit the role.

    • Reply
      atslipinbag Nov 13, 2016

      same here.ive been trying to finish this for ever now ..a but everytime is a failed try

    • Reply
      shoetsukiyama Nov 14, 2016

      If you didn't like her acting here, I suggest watching her older drama with Joongi (Time Between Dog And Wolf), I personally liked their chemistry a lot there.

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