The 90th Television Drama Academy Awards Winners

The 90th Television Drama Academy Awards


The Television Drama Academy Awards is held quarterly every year by the popular Japanese magazine 'The Television'. The winners are decided by combining the votes of the magazine readers, special juries, and TV journalists. Let's take a look at them now!

Best Drama


Ie Uru Onna (Woman Who Sells a House) is a comedy about Sangenya Machi, an attractive real estate agent who has peculiar ways of making her clients buy houses - usually by getting involved with their private problems and solving them.

Readers Vote Results:

  1. 1. HOPE ~ Kitai zero no shinnyu shain ~
  2. 2. Soshite, Dare mo inakunatta 
  3. 3. Shihei
  4. 4. ON Ijou Hansai Sousakan Toudou Hinako
  5. 5. Toki wo kakeru shoujo

TV Reporters Vote Results:

  1. 1. Toto Nee-chan 
  2. 2. Ie uru onna
  3. 3. ON Ijou Hansai Sousakan Toudou Hinako
  4. 4. Soshite, Dare mo inakunatta / Aogeba Totoshi

Jury Vote Results:

  1. 1. Ie uru onna
  2. 2. Toto Nee-chan
  3. 3. Hajimemashite, Aishiteimasu
  4. 4. Soshite, Dare mo inakunatta
  5. 5. Otokomeshi



Fujiwara Tatsuya for his role in Soshite, Dare mo inakunatta

Famous for his portrayal of Death Note's main protagonist Yagami Light, this unique actor showed his great acting skills in this drama's main role as a man who must face the consequences of bad luck and society's judgement.



Kitagawa Keiko for her role in Ie uru onna

Known as a beautiful and down-to-earth person, Keiko won this award for portraying the independent and intelligent real estate agent who is able to sell almost any house by getting close to her clients.



Karasawa Toshiaki for his role in Toto Nee-chan

Even though he is mostly a theater actor, Toshiaki is still very talented when it comes to acting in dramas and films. He is awarded with the award for best performance as a supporting actor in this heart-warming drama.


Imoto Ayako for her role in Ie uru onna

Ayako is a famous comedian actress, known for funny facial expressions and gestures, who is awarded with the award for the best performance as a supporting actress.


Hanataba wo kimi ni (A Tear-Colored Bouquet) by Utada Hikaru 

for Toto Nee-chan

This beautiful theme song by the famous Jpop singer Utada Hikaru can be found on her newest album Fantome as well. It is a touching ballad that she has written in memory of her late mother, but the song perfectly fits the drama's atmosphere and setting.



Inomata Ryuichi, Sakuma Noriyoshi, and Nobuyuki Yamada 

for Ie Uru Onna



Nishida Masafumi for Toto Neechan

Sources: Official Site, AramaJapan

Have you watched any of these dramas and if so, what do you think about them? If not, do you plan to?
What are your thoughts on the winners? Share your opinions in the comments below! Thanks for reading and have a nice day! xxx

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  • Reply
    Erica Dec 27, 2016

    Can somebody fix the photographs? Kitagawa Keiko photo?

  • Reply
    Beautiful_Bloom Dec 9, 2016

    Everything revolves around Ie Uru Onna, Totto Neechan and Soshite Dare mo Inaku na Katta

  • Reply
    roseprincess Dec 8, 2016


  • Reply
    Selty Nov 29, 2016

    I watched 1 ep of Iru Onna, looks good but it's like doctor X for flats imo. still gonna watch since everybody seem to like it. I reallt liked ON Ijou Hanzai Sousakan Toudo Inako. It was special and interesting.v It could have been a 10/10 if just 1 or 2 eps would have been a bit stronger but definitely thought about Haru for best actress

  • Reply
    Sutera116 Nov 29, 2016 - edited

    Was I the only one who couldn't stand Ie uru onna???

  • Reply
    Erica Nov 28, 2016 - edited

    I really love her drama and movies. Ever since Buzzer Beat in 2009 and Paradise Kiss in 2011, inspired me to watch her shows. Keiko Kitawaga!!! And i wish that Tomohisa Yamashita got it too!!

  • Reply
    bannie Nov 27, 2016

    Ie Uru Onna was very good. The characters were very well thought out and the storyline was good. Soshite I just completed and was not very impressed. Im looking forward to more of these lists because MDL has a rudimentary statistic system built in and it is hit and miss when looking for good dramas. I really pick them up by word of mouth.

  • Reply
    KenWong Nov 27, 2016

    Love Keiko Kitawaga ever since Buzzer Beat in 2009- Extremely good. Also in Paradise Kiss in 2011. Congrats! Keiko Kitawaga !!!

  • Reply
    sagwao_o Nov 27, 2016

    I haven't watch Ie Uru Onna yet but I'm glad that my favorite Japanese actress Keito Kitagawa won the best leading actress prize. I'll definitively watch it!

  • Reply
    arbios Nov 27, 2016

    Ie Uru Onna made my summer,so glad it got recognition

  • Reply
    MareSoares Nov 26, 2016

    Ie uru onna is awersome! I dont know if is the best, but it is very interesting :)

  • Reply
    NewKDramaAddict Nov 26, 2016 - edited

    ON was FANTASTIC! I'm glad it made the list! Still have to watch Toto Nee Chan as subbing is slow. Soshite wasn't a strong drama to me so I'm kind of surprised at that pick! SOOOOO glad to see Shihei (Death Cash) on the list! What a FANTASTIC drama!!!! WOW! I've seen all but 2 of the dramas!!

  • Reply
    Mareina Nov 26, 2016

    These results puzzle me a bit. I watched Soshite, Dare mo inakunatta and I thought that neither the drama itself nor Fujiwara in that drama were particularly good so I wonder how they ended up on all of the lists O.o

  • Reply
    tropka Nov 26, 2016

    Shirasu Mika! GO! love that girl, although it took me several eps to do so. Very happy for the actress Imoto Ayako. and for Keiko as usuall

  • Reply
    sunflower63 Nov 26, 2016 - edited

    I will have to add another Asadora to my list as Toto Neechan sounds really good. And Utada's song is truly beautiful too.

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