5 Reasons To Watch: Goblin


                              #1: THE CAST

tvN has done a fantastic job of making Goblin a shiny attractive package for the audience in a variety of ways, including the amazing cast. This includes the incredibly talented Gong Yoo and the lovely Kim Go Eun. Here are the rest of the major cast: -

           Gong Yoo as Kim Shin [Goblin]                                        Kim Go Eun as Ji Eun Tak

goblin3-01858.jpg    goblin3-01069.jpg

             Yoo In Na as Kim Sun / Sunny                          Lee Dong Wook as Wang Yeo [Angel of Death]

goblin3-01459.jpg   goblin3-01150.jpg

                                                  Yook Sung Jae as Yoo Deok Hwa


                  #2: THE CINEMATOGRAPHY:

The visuals of this drama are colorful and beautiful. Each episode is done in a way that will give you movie vibes. It's quite a treat for the eyes.



                         #3: THE BROMANCE

Who doesn't love a good bromance in a drama? But here the bromance is not just good, it's great. Watching the love/hate relationship between Goblin & the Grim Reaper will make you forget about the main couple and have you cheering for them instead. Just kidding... maybe.

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                          #4: THE MYSTERY

Almost every character in the drama is shrouded with mystery, may it be the king, the queen or the old (/hot) lady. With their past a big question mark, it will have you coming up with your own theories about who the character actually is.

goblin1-00216.jpg    goblin1-00203.jpg


                          #5: THE ROMANCE

Saving the best for the last, we have the romance. Ah, the romance. Here, we have two major couples to satisfy our ever-so-love-hungry hearts. Sure, the Goblin's romance will be probably the main focus, but that doesn't make our secondary couple any less exciting. The interactions between the couples are cute and sweet. It will definitely have you hungering for more.



So hurry up and start watching, if you're not already!!

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    Silver_Sylphy Mar 3, 2017

    It was as near perfect as a drama could get.
    It was as near perfect as a romance story could get.
    It was near perfect as a bromance could get.
    It was near perfect as...
    O hell! It was perfect!

  • Reply
    prettytin Dec 31, 2016

    i love the bormance more than the main romance. and i like the second romance also. sunny and grim reaper are so cute :)

  • Reply
    ArumkR Dec 19, 2016

    ilovesomuch kim go eun!

  • Reply
    NIKEY Dec 18, 2016

    sigh.... i need something similar while i wait.

  • Reply
    Alessandra Dec 17, 2016

    I definitely love this drama: direction, plot, screenplay, acting, photography, special effects are amazing. The best that I have ever seen in a K drama.

  • Reply
    whatteverr Dec 16, 2016

    Great article! :)

  • Reply
    Kamii Dec 16, 2016

    if only they would Eun Tak an adult faster...I don't feel comfortable watching the "romance" between the high school girl and a grown up man ( and the age gap isn't helping either but I can surive that)..

  • Reply
    homaKP Dec 16, 2016

    Thank you for the very good article^^. But I'm just waiting for this to finish airing and then watch. please don't make it any more difficult than it already is T_T

  • Reply
    heavenlene Dec 16, 2016

    Cinematography, graphic effects and Gong Yoo... 3 reasons why i super like this kdrama :)

  • Reply
    Ella Dec 16, 2016

    those literally are the reasons why i started watching this drama although i prefer watching complete dramas, and when i recommend it to any of my friends i say exactly the same !

  • Reply
    Mighty_Brosia Dec 16, 2016

    Sooooo Im browsing drama and saw this... Definitely watch this one.... I hope I will not disappoint coz the cast was amazing... :)

  • Reply
    jamychan Dec 15, 2016 - edited

    Of course, I won't miss this! Goblin X Grim Reaper might receive the best couple of the year lol

    • Reply
      Rouzmary Dec 16, 2016

      i'm thinking there's no lol about it......lol XD

  • Reply
    SaimaTae Dec 15, 2016 - edited

    seriously dont watch this
    you won't be able to think about anything else

  • Reply
    Loy Dec 15, 2016

    This drama have a lot of charm, is refreshing and funny !!

  • Reply
    sunah Dec 15, 2016 - edited

    I am so glad everyone is as into and obsessed with this drama as I am and how everyone points out the same alluring qualities that make this drama such a masterpiece.

    This drama is perfection (not quite, but it surely is imperfectly perfect!), and I feel bad for anyone who could not get into it or did not feel the magical pull. Such a shame! You are really missing out on the most thrilling ride of the kdrama world (for this year at least hehe).

    PS: Anticipating the next epsiodes are part of the fun, so I feel bad for you marathoners too. You won't be getting the full magical effect. :P

    • Reply
      Anniee Dec 15, 2016

      I'm a marathoner, and I'm glad I gave in to the temptation that is Goblin.
      It is really fun speculating and sharing ideas with the rest of the equally obsessed fans.

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