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    usagi Dec 18, 2016 - edited

    FYI eds: There are a couple typos I see here that maybe you could correct...

    In case some people who haven't seen these and want to look them up (and then can't find them due to spelling):
    - Aogeba Toutoshi
    - Jimi ni Sugoi! (how fitting ^_^)

    And a few that might have already messed up the particular poll:
    - Nezumi, Edo wo Hashiru 2 is listed as 2 different historical dramas
    - Sanada-maru is on the line above it with Natsume Soseki no Tsuma instead of on its own line

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      louloudi Dec 18, 2016

      ty for giving the right spelling.

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    Erica Dec 17, 2016

    Again, Thank you for posting this exciting poll. It is too bad that I so much favourite drama, actor and actresses that I love! I really a huge fan of J-Drama.♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥

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    SumiTheCat Dec 17, 2016 - edited

    Thanks again for this poll, it's always entertaining to participate.
    I'm also surprised at the numerous votes for Suki na hito ga iru koto, as enjoyable as it was, it's far from being the best drama of the year. it was a nice watch for summer time, but you can't seriously call it (the drama) and its actors the best of this year. the favourite, maybe, the best, no!
    maybe the poll should be called "favourite of", instead of "best of"...

    i'm still sad Kiseki no Hito was not qualified for the best drama category. it was the most striking one imo.
    All in all, contrary to what most of people are saying, i found that 2016 was quite a good year (drama speaking only), with topics people from my age can relate a lot to. probably 2016 dramas are not strong plot and acting speaking, but some are definitely worth the watch.

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      kura2ninja Dec 18, 2016

      Yes, I second what you said about "Favorite" instead of "Best of" polls. I think someone had suggested that last year, but alas.

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    realdeal Dec 17, 2016 - edited

    Strong year for J-Movies. Hard to pick which movie is the best but I kinda agree with "when cats disappper in the world", though I prefer bride for riple winkle and the one that is not nominated "Sweet red bean paste". I also agree that chihayafuru is the best live action this year. Again strong movie year for japanese movies, I am very much happy about it especially thinking that we have lackluster j-dramas this year.

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    realdeal Dec 17, 2016

    kiritani > haru??????

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    Gee Dec 17, 2016


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    mamamIYA Dec 17, 2016 - edited

    Is Yamazaki kento an idol? :O

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      Tama Dec 17, 2016

      lol I thought the same, as far as I know, he's just an actor

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      Mirasama Dec 20, 2016

      He is idol for me lol

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      EmaChan Dec 27, 2016

      Of course he is an idol :)

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      EmaChan Dec 27, 2016

      an actor can be an idol as well as far as I know

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    0003423asfsas Dec 17, 2016 - edited

    Lol yay my idols Kiritani & Yamazaki are winning nearly everything in their drama XD

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    MonochromeHoshi Dec 17, 2016 - edited

    Koe koi is family drama??? Yamaneko is comedy???? Kiritani Mirei and Yamazaki Kento are the best actors of this year? Yamazaki Kento is IDOL?????
    I like Yamazaki Kento, but Suki no hito is the worst drama of 2016. I didn't write my variants, but I'm confused now.

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      naccu Dec 17, 2016 - edited

      I don't know about the rest but yep, yamaneko is definitely a comedy! Just because it belongs to other genres at the same time, doesn't make it any less of a comedy!!

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      MonochromeHoshi Dec 18, 2016 - edited

      I didn't find comedy in yamaneko. I might watch inattentively :)

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      EmaChan Dec 27, 2016

      Everyone has a point of view, for me kento is an idol and a perfect actor :) many others think the same for that reason he WON :)

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      MonochromeHoshi Dec 28, 2016 - edited

      I know Kento is good. Unfortunately I don't find it in the summer drama

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      karen Jan 2, 2017

      yamaneko was quite a comedy!! like minus the gun shots and core speeches usually the introductions to each episode are pre funny

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    Freyahime Dec 17, 2016 - edited

    Idk how to feel seeing a certain drama taking over most of the votes...like...really?

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      Trouble-chan Dec 17, 2016 - edited

      Which one; as there seems to be a fair spread from the results I'm looking at.....?

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      theairtwit Dec 17, 2016 - edited

      @TroubleMcTrouble suki na hito ga iru koto is currently winning in every category it's listed in, even best idol actor (which is very confusing to me). people are free to vote for whatever they want, but this does make me wonder how many 2016 jdramas most suki na hito ga iru koto voters have really seen.

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      tropka Dec 19, 2016

      it happens every year. the drama that most people saw wins all the awards

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    louloudi Dec 17, 2016 - edited

    chingus, I love J dramas but the problem is most of them is hard to find them with sub. In the best of situation you have to wait like ......foreeeeever for the next episode to be subbed . Main reason I dont follow many J dramas is that. Seeing this list with all the dramas makes me wondering if they are all translated and where did you watch it. As I said I love Jseries but when I have seen only 5-7 dramas of them I dont find it fair to vote.

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    Trouble-chan Dec 17, 2016

    I'll give the same advice here that I did on the Korean poll - You can seem to pick two - so be heartless and remember which ones you sobbed at (and how many boxes of tissues, bottles of water and blocks of chocolate were consumed), which ones you laughed until you cried at (and obviously ALL in the RIGHT places), remember which ones you've watched over and over and over........then....HAVE AT THOSE TICK BOXES!

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    irisixora Dec 17, 2016

    I was surprised to see 99 criminal lawyer was not in drama of the year category despite being highest rating of jdrama this year,,,,

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    Mei86 Dec 17, 2016

    Miracle Man is the English title for Kiseki no Hito.

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    theairtwit Dec 16, 2016 - edited

    hmmm, seirei no moribito is a historical? it's a fantasy counterpart culture, so much more of a fantasy action/adventure in a fictional universe/alternate east asia, for sure, but I wouldn't label it as historical.

    love this as a live-action adaptation, tho (even despite the emperor being a ridiculous pain)

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      kura2ninja Dec 16, 2016

      I loved his hissy fit (is it a weird thing to say?). Fujiwara Tatsuya nailed the role perfectly, IMHO.

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      theairtwit Dec 17, 2016

      he worked it perfectly for how his character is intended to be portrayed, but I am overall disappointed with how his character is written (esp compared to anime's & book's emperor). his actions in the drama are counterproductive, so I found it befuddling & don't understand why they opted to write the emperor this way. it might be the only major change in the live-action from uehashi's work that I don't agree with.

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