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These polls will be closed on January 5th, 2017!

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    Sara Jan 1, 2017

    I voted 2 times and when I return I see my votes are deleted ?????

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    aga Jan 1, 2017 - edited

    wow the votes here are such a joke why are dots and scarlet heart leading in so many categories..... you guys are making it all a popularity contest tbh

    • Reply
      Nikzy94 Jan 2, 2017

      True... I wondered the same thing!

    • Reply
      inactive Jan 2, 2017

      it IS a big popularity contest though. you can't possibly expect objectivity from fangirls. however, just because you didn't like a drama doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a nomination.

    • Reply
      BlueRose Jan 4, 2017


    • Reply
      Claudine Jan 4, 2017

      I voted for Six Flying Dragons, Signal, W-Two worlds... i guess, this poll is popularity contest.. oh well.

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    Jazzelm Dec 31, 2016

    can i vote for all the villains as best villain...they were all so good even if i hated their characters!

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    chovi crosszeria Dec 31, 2016 - edited

    Moon lovers was the best on this year...

    • Reply
      Halsyeon Jan 2, 2017

      Moon Lovers was good but personally I think W was better. Moon Lovers had the best cast however, they picked wonderful actors/actresses. But the plot in W was so intriguing compared to most!

    • Reply
      Sakura19 Jan 2, 2017

      Yes..Scarlet Heart Ryeo was amazing....so was W <3

    • Reply
      futaba Jan 2, 2017

      I loved both W and Moon Lovers, but I personally prefer the latter (even though I'm a huge LJS fan). I was more consistent and amazing until the end.

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    Dreamer Dec 31, 2016 - edited

    Never gonna understand how on earth is Descendants of the Sun this popular, leading in so many categories. It wasnt bad, but come on... Just be objective #sobiased

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    Senpai Dec 31, 2016

    Descendants of the Sun, a very very good drama.

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    maggiex Dec 31, 2016

    I wish that Cheese in the Trap got more recognition fro the suspense and deepness of characters and Marriage Contract for it's impactful simplicity. Uee did a great job here.
    After watching W-Two Worlds it comes as my number one romantic drama, but Cheese in the Trap goes on number one as a great content drama.

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    Meghan Dec 30, 2016

    i wish Age of Youth was getting more love ;-;
    I absolutely adore the show and I wish it would receive more recognition <3

  • Reply
    Reavel Dec 30, 2016

    Polls and Votes are very biased but oh well.

  • Reply
    Mitchinyeoja Dec 30, 2016

    Why is moorim and moon lovers kinda shouldn't be on the list

  • Reply
    MizTK Dec 30, 2016 - edited

    LOL, you can tell some people are only voting based on their bias. Moorim and Moon Lovers shouldn't have been anywhere near these lists.

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      CherryBunny Jan 1, 2017

      Just because you did not like something doesn't mean others feel the same way. I do feel the polls kind of seem off balance, but oh well. People have different tastes. I know I totally disagree with you, for instance, about Moon Lovers.

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    Sukkie Dec 30, 2016 - edited

    Best villain is totally Nam Gyu Man from Remember ohh this guy was just....! And Yoo Jin from the K2!

    I miss Remember and Entertainer on the list.. Remember is the best ones in my opinion. Entertainer should definetly be on the bromance list haha :D

  • Reply
    goldenseal50 Dec 30, 2016

    They really should sort these into categories before you vote on them...It is weird to have all the same shows in all of the categories.

  • Reply
    Andre Dec 30, 2016

    What about BL series ? Addicted Heroin was so popular earlier this year. More than 100 millions Chinese watched it. Aka the best bl so far.

  • Reply
    Camellia Dec 30, 2016 - edited

    LOL. If Goblin could be in the list. Gong Yoo & Lee Dong Wook for Best Bromance definitely! xD

    • Reply
      Kida8 Dec 31, 2016

      Yesss they are the Best Bromance \(^o^)/

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