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    ladytristeza Dec 18, 2016

    seriously this year it´s really hard to choose...Another miss oh, DOTS, W, Bring it on ghost, Love in moonlight...and the worst dilemma ever - park bo gum or ryu joon yeol??? it´s was seriously almost impossible for me to pick one of them....ufff hard decisions
    but one thing i can´t seriously understand...how it´s possible that shitty drama as scarlet heart have so many votes?? i mean except always awesome lee jun ki and few good actors it´s absolut shit...i mean writing is really terrible and don´t even mention IU´s dreadful acting combined with a really dumb character which did literally suck my lifeenergy on cursing every time what she did appear on my screen...so i´m really in a big shock this dreadful drama is so popular

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    foreverwitchy Dec 18, 2016 - edited

    dots is seriously beating signal for best drama? smh

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      silent_whispers Dec 18, 2016

      Yeah, I'm disappointed.

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      Millian Dec 20, 2016

      Signal might be one of the best tv shows out of Korea/Asia EVER. Everyone else must be voting for OTP or some nonsense.

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    Toradora2014 Dec 18, 2016 - edited

    Why is six flying dragons getting hardly any love?. It was epic

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      peacefulsoul Dec 19, 2016

      yeah it was totally epic !! but serious 50 ep historicals don't attract much interest.... its sad tho they're missing out on pure epicness

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      hongtaku Dec 20, 2016

      thinking the same

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    cvparadise Dec 18, 2016

    This will be so biased it even hurts.
    I mean... people... -_-
    There are many dramas this year that were BETTER than Scarlet Heart Ryeo, DOTS, W....


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    Kermit Dec 18, 2016 - edited

    How Six Flying Dragons ISN'T winning Best OST, I'll never know.......

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      whit3feather Dec 18, 2016

      maybe cause not every1 have seen that , im sure the majority looks the name scarlet moon / desendants of the sun and baaammmm pick them , they dont bother with other names . that;s the ugly truth ~_~

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      Kermit Jan 2, 2017

      it's so sad ;_;

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    Wafha_Kamenashi Dec 18, 2016

    ah!....... W Two world and Love in the Moonlight (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds).

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    Aryael Dec 18, 2016 - edited

    Definitely popularity vote! I think this should be re-named "Most Popular KDrama/Movie of 2016" instead of "Best of Korea 2016". Best indicates quality while popularity is not necessarily reflective of quality. Hence, the title of this post is misleading. There are a number of really good dramas and movies that are not in the list but because they are not popular, they didn't make it into this list. Personally, I think of dramas like Scarlet Heart Ryeo as total fluff. It is a drama made for fans, not for judgment of quality. Descendants of the Sun is okay but not THAT good to be taking top spot in most of the categories. W-Two Worlds started out promising but fell flat half-way through. We have Goblin that has just started in Dec this year and so far raking high ratings. It looks promising but I can already see signs of the story dragging out its storyline to make it into 16 episodes. I am crossing my fingers. Really hope Gong Yoo made a wise decision to act in Goblin. Let's hope it won't turn into another W-Two World case - great start but the writer ran out of good idea halfway through and the drama lost its initial impact towards the end. Takes a brilliant writer and exceptional storyline with great pacing, directing and acting to create the 'best' of dramas. In other words, all the elements MUST come together brilliantly for a quality product. Idol power can only do so much when the drama is placed under professional scrutiny! I suggest you re-name all the polling posts to better reflect what they are:- popularity votes.

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      louloudi Dec 18, 2016 - edited

      and that s why for me SIGNAL it's the best drama of Korea 2016. Has all the above you wrote.Was great from the first moment to the last. I do hope GOBLIN will be the same . Like you I have faith in Gong Yoo

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      funfan Dec 18, 2016

      Totally agree, it looks more like popularity poll rather best and dots:( dominating all category even action thriller lol. As you mentioned Goblin looks awesome I also hope it won't go downhill make me drop like I did W.

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    Jasuminia Dec 18, 2016

    trying not to choose descendants of the sun or moon lovers: scarlet heart. there are more drama that qualified to win the nomination.
    ps. this year, too much good dramas, can't choose between them

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    bokami Dec 17, 2016

    I notice that

    1. Dots will win the most categories
    2. Few movie nomination (I think some more deserves to be there)
    3. Almost no one saw "Memory"
    4. Winning a category is more likely just based on popularity
    5. i hope im not wrong :)

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    EunSoo Dec 17, 2016 - edited

    Yo Ah In wasn't nominated for best actor?

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      Fortuna Dec 17, 2016

      Yeah, waeyo?

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      thatseelyah Dec 17, 2016

      The way we decided who gets on the polls is, we count all the recommendations and mark the most mentioned and the top mentions get on the polls. I guess not enough people nominated him.

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      Eva Dec 18, 2016

      I also don't get it. His performance in Six Flying Dragons was soooo good!

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      yankumicho Dec 26, 2016

      When you only keep your nominations open for 3 days, this is what results.

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    Trouble-chan Dec 17, 2016 - edited

    You can seem to pick two - so be heartless and remember which ones you sobbed at (and how many boxes of tissues, bottles of water and blocks of chocolate were consumed), which ones you laughed until you cried at (and obviously ALL in the RIGHT places), remember which ones you've watched over and over and over........then....HAVE AT THOSE TICK BOXES!

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    locksters Dec 17, 2016

    Underrated and my faves of this year were Age of Youth and Drinking Solo. My sweethearts Onew and Key didn't disappointed AT ALL with their first time acting, they both did amazingly and I was glad they both got some praises for it <3

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    mera0 Dec 17, 2016 - edited

    what about the king in jackpot he did a great role as a villain and the drama was great too its sad that its not here

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      peacefulsoul Dec 19, 2016

      i wouldn't consider his character as the " villain " , the drama was mentioned in one of the polls as " the royal gambler "-i believe

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    sunah Dec 17, 2016

    Got stuck in the first poll. ㅠㅠ
    Half of those dramas were the best...how do I choose? (kai bai bo? XD)

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    Wifey Dec 17, 2016 - edited

    I can't believe how underrated Six Flying Dragons is. It's honestly one of the best dramas this year.

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