A Stalker's Guide to Ji Hyun Woo

                    Ji Hyun Woo

                                          Born: Nov. 29, 1984


He's a handsome man and yet he hardly has any pictures online :'( Someone do some amazing photo shoots of this guy please!!! I've been a fan of his since I watched Queen In Hyun's Man and will continue to be his fan. His best dramas: Queen In Hyun's Man, Wanted, Awl, Over the Rainbow, & Trot Lovers.

                    ~ Dramas ~

           Queen In Hyun's Man (2012)

My first drama with Ji Hyun Woo and my favorite one to date. No one could ever see a Red Public Phone Booth the same way again! He plays a scholar supporting Queen In Hyun's reinstatement when he is transported 300 years into the future. There, he meets Hee Jin ( Yoo In Na), an actress playing the role of Queen In Hyun in a drama. He begins to connect with her and they help each other out, in the process they fall in love. Can love transcend time? Can these love-birds remain together? If you enjoyed 'Rooftop Prince', you'll enjoy this drama. It's truly a beautiful drama. I, having never before seen Ji Hyun Woo, totally fell for him in this role ^_^



                        Wanted (2016)

I adored his character in this drama!!! I want to see him in more detective or action based roles because he excels in it! This drama is about a mother's quest to save her kidnapped son, though the kidnapper forces her to participate in a reality show with the ultimate goal of exposing an evil that was done elsewhere. Ji Hyun Woo plays the detective that helps her search for her missing son because it ties to a case he is closely connected with. He was my favorite character despite the many other great actors. If you liked ' God's Gift', then this is the drama for you.



                 Over the Rainbow (2006)

He plays a school delinquent involved in gang life until something happens which makes him pursue dancing instead. He then aims to be a great dancer along with his friends and fellow dancers. In his journey, he suffers betrayal and heartbreak, along with finding love and passion. I liked his character but I must admit there were a couple of times where I felt like leaving him to his own choices in love lol - I really liked him and Sangmi together - as well as his dance friend who always gave him sound advice (played by: Poppin' Hyun Joon). It's a very good drama - anyone who liked 'Dream High' or 'What's Up?' will enjoy this one greatly!



                            Awl (2015)

He plays a manager at a large retail market until his boss tells him to start laying off employees. He refuses and joins the labor union. He, along with other employees, fight the unfair treatment of the workers. Again, I really like his roles when he plays serious, good-hearted characters. In this drama, he is the type of person who refuses to do anything wrong and stands up to injustice, fighting even when it means that he has to suffer in the meantime. I really liked how this drama was shown, the dialogue, and the cinematography. It's not a drama to just sit back and enjoy, instead it's one to learn from.



                      Trot Lovers (2014)

He plays a popular musician who falls out of favor due to a scandal. He then starts working with Chun Hee (played by Eun Ji), an aspiring Trot singer, even though he hates the genre. Throughout this drama, he grows, matures, learns to love new things and changes into a completely different person. I loved the development of his character, the romance, the little girl and the music ^_^ I personally love trot music so this drama was right up my alley! ^^ Watcher beware: There is a very common, old drama trope/cliche that will be in this drama at one point so if you absolutely cannot stand that then ignore this drama. I personally don't mind if it's done right.



                      Angry Mom (2015)

He plays a naive, honest, sincere and idealistic school teacher in this drama. Throughout the drama, he grows as a person and teacher. His naïvety and idealism become his charm as the drama goes on and his fight to protect "his kids" was so worth watching. The drama is about a mother who goes to school, pretending to be a highschooler, in order to protect her daughter. I loved Hee Sun and Ji Soo in this one, as well as Baro and Yoo Jung. I was a huge shipper of the mother and Ji Soo's character in this ^_^



                  My Precious You (2008)

He plays one of the brothers to Lee Tae Ran, who is one of my favorite actresses, in this drama. When he was in the army, he deceives a naive country girl (who I really really disliked throughout the entire drama),, but falls in love with a girl he knew from his past who changed drastically because of him. The girl, Sera, called him her "Shrek" which I thought was SO cute ^^ He's a dentist and Sera is his assistant. Unfortunately this drama ended on a sour note for me - if they had done the drama right, everyone would have been happy - Shin Ho, Sera, Alex (Choi Jin Hyuk) and the horrible Bo Ri. But the writers messed things up for me in the end with all of them. Song Joong Ki is also in this drama and he falls for his best friend (and they are so cute together lol). My favorite couples were Lee In Ho and Jang In Ho, and Shin Ho and Sera.



Let's be honest, he didn't have the best of luck with many of his earlier dramas lol (the couple that I've seen MPY and OTR are the exceptions) :P I've only seen negative remarks on so many of the other ones that I have practically zero motivation to ever watch them. I just hope he continues to get good roles like the dramas I listed above - as they truly make him shine!

His other dramas not featured: A Thousand Kisses, The Birth of the Rich, Invincible Lee Pyung Kang (I actually wanted to watch this one but I can't find it), My Sweet Seoul, Merry Mary (heard both good and bad but don't know where to find it or if it's worth it). If you've seen any of these (particularly the ones I might want to watch) and you think they would be worth my time, then please let me know and where to watch them.




You can find more information on this actor here: Wikipedia

He dated Yoo In Na his co-star from Queen In Hyun's Man for a brief time and they broke up in 2014. He also got braces to fix his teeth while in the army. He was also the guitarist for the band 'The Nuts'.

                      ~ Songs ~

외눈박이 물고기 (One Eyed Fish) from Over the Rainbow OST {I LOVE this song}

애인을 구합니다 (I Want a Lover) - The Nuts duet with Ji Hyun Woo

눈물의 크리스마스 (Christmas Tears) - Old Miss Diary OST

One&One - Merry Mary OST

본능적으로 (Instinctively) - from tvN Show Show Show

하루종일 (All Day) - Trot Lovers OST

아기 코끼리 (A Baby Elephant) 좋은 중독 (Good Addiction) 아이야 (Kid)

                    ~ Musicals ~

Grease - [뮤지컬]그리스 (지현우, 윤공주 주연) 1부, [뮤지컬]그리스 (지현우, 윤공주 주연) 2부

              "Sandy" from the Grease Musical

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  • Reply
    mahgikkow23 Feb 8, 2017

    I first saw him in Over the Rainbow (dont even remember watching it anymore XD) but he was AMAZING in Queen In Hyun's Man :)

  • Reply
    kittyflumpin Dec 30, 2016 - edited

    I laughed reading the paragraph about Trot Lovers b/c I was wondering if you'd reference That Trope that happened. It was the straw that broke the camel's back for me and I dropped the drama right there. I also don't mind that trope if it's done in a non-tropey way (if that makes sense) but I didn't feel this drama was doing anything interesting with it.

  • Reply
    Dalephillip Cerveza Dec 30, 2016

    i hope and il pray that they will be together again they are perfect couple yoo in an and ji hyun woo imiss them both

  • Reply
    Dalephillip Cerveza Dec 30, 2016

    queen in hyuns is the best drama ever of ji hyun woo ilove them both

  • Reply
    Kdramerzzz Dec 28, 2016

    I love him in Queen In Hyun's Man...

  • Reply
    Kdramerzzz Dec 28, 2016

    I love him in Queen In Hyun's Man...

  • Reply
    Fortuna Dec 28, 2016 - edited

    I only watched him in Queen In Hyun's Man and a little in Angry Mom. His role in the former- he's charming~~. I hope he has a role in a historical someday.

  • Reply
    Malu Dec 28, 2016 - edited

    Love him in Angry Mom, also I have Queen in Hyun's Man in plan-to-watch

    • Reply
      Mimo Dec 29, 2016

      me too!! also i watched wanted

  • Reply
    howforwardsale Dec 28, 2016

    I first saw him in My Sweet Seoul (sooooo good!) and he was great in A Thousand Kisses. You can see the romantic potential that came before Queen In Hyun's Man. Check Gooddrama for those two.

  • Reply
    bmore Dec 28, 2016 - edited

    he should get at least a best actor nomination for Awl...but that entire drama was amazing! I've seen A Thousand Kisses and remember liking it well enough to drop everything else I was watching and marathon it. It had it's problems, but watching him was the #1 reason why I was glued to my screen (see my comment...my loooong comment). 8.5 My Sweet Seoul had good acting, BAD story. Did not like it at all 5.5. I watched Birth of the Rich years ago, don't remember much about it but remember I did like it and gave it a 7 with a note maybe 7.5. Don't remember Invincible much but remember being bored and thinking the acting was meh 6.5 LOVED In Hyun of course.

    p.s.-ran across a blog on Fever on Thousand Kisses where there was this sentence: "When Ji Hyun Woo first came onscreen, I admit all I could think is "how ugly!" WHAT???!!! I read it like 5 times trying to figure out if there was supposed to be sarcasm there. I guess different eyes and hearts see people differently?

    • Reply
      DreamingKoreanBallad Dec 28, 2016

      I agree, he should definitely get nominated for Best actor for that role!
      Thanks - I found a link for it (A thousand kisses) and will add it to my for sure plan to watch list ^^

      Lol, right - it's crazy how we see people differently! I know their are other actors people find attractive that I personally don't and some don't find the guys I find attractive attractive :P

  • Reply
    aimsat Dec 27, 2016

    I love this man soo much...He's perfection...I loved his role in the drama Wanted, Awl & Angry Mom...what I respect 'bout him is he experiments with his role and is a great actor...want to watch more of his projects in the future...it's a nice article and glad someone wrote 'bout him..good job...

  • Reply
    ARISTO Dec 27, 2016

    Awl is amazing.

  • Reply
    Dia Dec 27, 2016

    what a coincidence, I started watching Wanted this night

  • Reply
    zeamays Dec 27, 2016

    Invincible Lee Pyung Kang is on both dramafever and viki, and so it ought to be just about anywhere, I would think. As for if it's worth watching...I would categorize it as merely okay. I did make it through, but it was a bit of a struggle. Still, the setting was different from the norm, and I usually liked the episode opening bits, even if the rest of the ep was boring, haha.

    He was amazing in Awl, though. Everything else I've seen him in, I can take or leave both the drama and the performance, but I loved Awl and his character.

  • Reply
    HappySqueak Dec 27, 2016

    so cute in Angry Mom!

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