5 Things We Hate To See In A Drama!

            5 THINGS WE HATE TO SEE IN A DRAMA         



No one wants to see a weak-willed female lead in a drama. Aside from the fact that these type of female leads are shown to be incompetent, they also act as doormats taking all kind of craps from people, from the main lead's bitchy ex and family members to the jerk male lead himself. A female lead who's always crying is annoying.

At first, they try to show them as naive, shy introverts. This is all fine and dandy, because those traits are present in people in real-life. Unfortunately, with advancement of each episode she becomes stupider and stupider. Which makes us lose interest in her since we can't fathom someone actually acting that way.

competent+strong+kdrama+female+leads+kdr  fasrer.png?w=535


The evil mothers that we encounter in dramaland would give Disney's evil stepmothers a run for their money. We get that in some twisted way they want the best for their children (maybe?), but the things they do will just make you hate them. Though their presence sometimes is necessary for plot development, it still makes our blood boil the second she appears on screen.

Plus trying to separate our OTPs. That's pretty much a crime.

tumblr_m9pn1laYfa1qj7wgmo1_1280.jpg  Eomeoni+kdrama+family+terms+kdrama+fight


Oh, how we despise the statue/frozen kisses. As if waiting for our OTPs to kiss for almost SIX WHOLE EPISODES isn't enough, when they do finally kiss, it's... well, unsatisfactory to say the least. They might as well show two mannequins kissing for all the chemistry we get. And they keep showing the clip for almost a hole minute, making it look like our screen is paused.

Although in new-ish dramas we are starting to get some real kissing, there are still some dramas that haven't moved with the times.

ENPM6_zps0f11666c.jpg  O4Q3Ony.png

tumblr_o9liehjMKi1u7ppjwo1_1280.jpg   tumblr_o9zhf7CQBQ1u7ppjwo1_1280.jpg


There's not a single drama viewer who hasn't experienced SLS. We have all gone through it and know how extremely painful it can be. Knowing that ship is never going to sail... sometimes we drop the whole drama because of it. And even if we do complete it, we're never satisfied by it.

tumblr_m7jlu86AhZ1qj7wgmo1_500.jpg  tumblr_n9l6yri5xf1qj7wgmo1_500.png

 13686813_640264942789875_860877065_n.jpg          tumblr_nwp7zkapJy1u7ppjwo1_1280.jpg


One thing every drama-fan wishes for is to their OTP to live happily ever after. So of course one thing we most dread is the sad, tragic, or even bittersweet ending in our drama. Sure it occurs less frequently, but when it does, there's no stopping the tears.

Although it's true that some dramas warrant the sad ending they get, it doesn't make it any less painful to watch. No matter how illogical it seems, every fan wants to see their OTP end up together.

5cb8e256c6a28da6627e576adf6850b1.jpg         31726bc2-1c5b-4fdf-91f5-287bb6f181ec.jpg          CITT16.7.gif 

Which ones do you hate the most?

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    NesrineTao 5 days ago

    i thing the tragic ending is the least thing i can handle in kdramas, i mean it really frustrating to watch a drama for abt 16 to 25 ep than the end would be a complete tragidy it will feel as total waste for me tbh...ah and the second lead syndrome ughh i do have that a lot and u putting a boys over flowers scene just killed me cause i used to ship jiho and jandi a lot...but at the end i would like to say IF THESE KIND OF CHEESY SCENES OF THINGS WOULDN'T BE IN THE DRAMA IT WON'T FEEL AS A K DRAMA ANYMORE :p

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    lovefordrama 5 days ago

    Well, what I'm sick of seeing is the love triangle. Why is there a love triangle in almost every drama? Sometime's, the lead male character and the second fall in love with the heroine for the stupidest reason. I was hurt... she gave me a plaster, no one ever gave me a plaster before (even if I am the most gorgeous rich guy ever)... Such kindness, I've never seen it! I shall fight to death to have her!
    I can understand if the female lead is someone strong, someone who knows who she is and where, we can see a positive development in her character, even though....
    So yeah, this is me, just complaining XD

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    Saja 5 days ago - edited

    The most 2 things I hate are weak female leads & tragic endings...
    I can endure the evil mother in law if the female lead is strong and can clap back...

    statue kiss because I saw so many of them I came to try to accept them in my mind - still hate them tho, but I let it go - ...

    as of 2nd lead syndrome I never experienced a tough one as much as in She Was Pretty, for me it was a sad ending that she ended up with the the male lead TTuTT

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    KAPP70 6 days ago

    The reason why I don't like SOME Statue Kissing is because the female comes off looking like she really doesn't want to be kissed even though she may like the guy. She just stands there being polite while he is doing whatever he wants.Only thing I get from her is "when is this going to be over". Nothing cute about that. Two people can kiss without it being graphic. I've seen it before even in Korean dramas.
    What I hate more than a weak female lead is a strong female lead who becomes weak when a man enters her life. What is the meaning behind that?

  • Reply
    Sueperstar 6 days ago

    Evil Stepmother for ME! Grrrr~

  • Reply
    mia 6 days ago

    weak female lead is a total turn off like seriously. and also second lead syndrome like oh my god my heart is always not ready for that ((talk about reply88)) ((cry))

  • Reply
    Sudapop 6 days ago

    weak/ annoying female lead! i couldn't stand Oh Ha Ni from playful kiss :(

  • Reply
    Lorell 6 days ago

    "Statue Kissing" - omg, I don't like it... >.> Especially in Love O2O, main lead was kissing so passionately but girl was like a wood... zero emotions, zero reaction... are these Asian girls so innocent that they are terrified by a kiss? XD


    "2nd Lead Syndrome" starts to annoys me, coz so many times they are better people (sometimes they are worse jerks ofc) than main leads (who are cold stupid rich jerks but are loved by female leads) yet they are usually ignored and pushed away. I think I saw only once a drama, where female lead ended up with 2nd lead!
    Also in not-romantic dramas, 2nd lead (like in Beak Dong Soo or Hwarang) is imo more interested than main lead and shroud/is stealing the whole attention to the point I was hoping they rename drama for "Assassin Yeo Woon" instead...

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    carling5 6 days ago - edited

    I was OBSESSED with Playful Kiss because the female lead was so damn adorable. I honestly never thought of her character as weak. On the contrary, the girl was determined to get her man and she did. : ) Jan Di, the damsel constantly in distress in BOF? Now THAT'S a weak female character. My biggest pet peeve is amnesia. That drives me up the wall! Were it not for So Ji Sub, I would have dropped Master's Sun then and there. I was PISSED.

    I really don't have much of an issue with the chaste, statue kisses. In the US, even network television has become so overtly sexual, but K-drama love stories are about ROMANCE. They make us "work" for that moment and when the couple finally touches lips, it's everything. While this kiss may not be "modern", it is certainly refreshing. It's part of what makes K-dramas special and unique. Long live chaste kisses and piggyback rides...LOL!

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    emylan 7 days ago - edited

    Whenever i read or hear "second lead syndrome" I automatically think of Reply 88 T^T .. I believe I'll never get over it. But I don't hate tragic endings.. It should just be rational! I'd rather see a logical tragic ending than a cheesy happy ending; some dramas are unforgettable because of the tragic ending.

  • Reply
    Carmi 7 days ago

    Yesssss so true! Number 1 is the worst, and my first drama I ever watched Cheese in the Trap was beautiful in the beginning, but ended up so disastrously. Crazy! Still one of my favorite dramas though

  • Reply
    Hilda0001 7 days ago

    I can manage my feeling when I have second syndrome or the final is tragic.... but STATUE KISSES is the worse thing in a drama, and the most commun too... :(

  • Reply
    rationalbeings 7 days ago - edited

    No#5 irks me the most. I hated the kiss series because of that, they would have been so much more enjoyable if she had just a tiny amount of backbone or skill...in anything!! I loved Miss Korea because it was the opposite of that. Every single female character written in that show was strong and inspiring.
    Also all of PSH dramas....zero chemistry. Every.Single.Drama.

  • Reply
    TeenMom 7 days ago

    BTW I love the images!! especially the talked-faster-heroines , the one with PSH (i didn't like all of her drama before doctors) and the last one (there aren't enough curse words in the world to satisfy me right now) LOL

  • Reply
    TeenMom 7 days ago

    Weak Female Leads and Statue Kisses are the one who make me drop a drama.. i can still deal with the others cliches but I need a though heroine a real kiss to reeeeaaaally enjoy a drama

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