5 Things We Hate To See In A Drama!

            5 THINGS WE HATE TO SEE IN A DRAMA         



No one wants to see a weak-willed female lead in a drama. Aside from the fact that these type of female leads are shown to be incompetent, they also act as doormats taking all kind of craps from people, from the main lead's bitchy ex and family members to the jerk male lead himself. A female lead who's always crying is annoying.

At first, they try to show them as naive, shy introverts. This is all fine and dandy, because those traits are present in people in real-life. Unfortunately, with advancement of each episode she becomes stupider and stupider. Which makes us lose interest in her since we can't fathom someone actually acting that way.

competent+strong+kdrama+female+leads+kdr  fasrer.png?w=535


The evil mothers that we encounter in dramaland would give Disney's evil stepmothers a run for their money. We get that in some twisted way they want the best for their children (maybe?), but the things they do will just make you hate them. Though their presence sometimes is necessary for plot development, it still makes our blood boil the second she appears on screen.

Plus trying to separate our OTPs. That's pretty much a crime.

tumblr_m9pn1laYfa1qj7wgmo1_1280.jpg  Eomeoni+kdrama+family+terms+kdrama+fight


Oh, how we despise the statue/frozen kisses. As if waiting for our OTPs to kiss for almost SIX WHOLE EPISODES isn't enough, when they do finally kiss, it's... well, unsatisfactory to say the least. They might as well show two mannequins kissing for all the chemistry we get. And they keep showing the clip for almost a hole minute, making it look like our screen is paused.

Although in new-ish dramas we are starting to get some real kissing, there are still some dramas that haven't moved with the times.

ENPM6_zps0f11666c.jpg  O4Q3Ony.png

tumblr_o9liehjMKi1u7ppjwo1_1280.jpg   tumblr_o9zhf7CQBQ1u7ppjwo1_1280.jpg


There's not a single drama viewer who hasn't experienced SLS. We have all gone through it and know how extremely painful it can be. Knowing that ship is never going to sail... sometimes we drop the whole drama because of it. And even if we do complete it, we're never satisfied by it.

tumblr_m7jlu86AhZ1qj7wgmo1_500.jpg  tumblr_n9l6yri5xf1qj7wgmo1_500.png

 13686813_640264942789875_860877065_n.jpg          tumblr_nwp7zkapJy1u7ppjwo1_1280.jpg


One thing every drama-fan wishes for is to their OTP to live happily ever after. So of course one thing we most dread is the sad, tragic, or even bittersweet ending in our drama. Sure it occurs less frequently, but when it does, there's no stopping the tears.

Although it's true that some dramas warrant the sad ending they get, it doesn't make it any less painful to watch. No matter how illogical it seems, every fan wants to see their OTP end up together.

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Which ones do you hate the most?

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  • Reply
    Asianfireflies Jan 9, 2017

    I hate #5: WEAK FEMALE LEAD

  • Reply
    Aya Jan 9, 2017

    A weak female lead is the worst to me, also the rich guy/poor girl cliche starts to become really annoying + when the female lead is constantly followed by gangsters or debts creditors

  • Reply
    Meg1014 Jan 9, 2017 - edited

    I hate them all! Just add memory loss to the list. Most overused story line EVER

    • Reply
      Aya Jan 9, 2017

      So true haha when they add a memory loss part to a synopsis that didn't even need it, it makes me want to throw my computer through the window

  • Reply
    totallyclueless Jan 9, 2017

    I know Park Shin Hye is very talented but she looks awkward in all her kissing scenes so I can't really watch her in anything :(

  • Reply
    AndreParra Jan 9, 2017

    I hate when is tragic aaaaall the time like in every episo whe have to see everyone criying and criying and everyone dies of cancer ... is just so bad !

  • Reply
    displacedmoon Jan 9, 2017 - edited

    i don't mind tragic endings. and the evil stepmothers are sometimes so terrible, that its almost comical. i'll allow statue kisses if it's a school drama -- can't have high schoolers getting too racy. lol. but weak female leads are a definite no-no. and second lead syndrome always hits hard when you're on the sinking ship. rip chilbong -- three years later and i'm still feeling this one.

    also not a fan of the twisted ankle and the drunk piggy back ride.

  • Reply
    Rouzmary Jan 9, 2017

    I hate all of them!

    Well...maybe not the sad endings, sometimes they are warranted, thou obviously I don't like them

    And 2nd lead syndrome...most of the time...nah, don't hate it either, 'cuz pretty often if the guy couldn't work up his guts to confess before the male lead arrived, whatever, serves him right (but not always)

    but stupid - dumb -doormat - weak - annoying female leads? Oh yeah, that's my #1 hate forever and ever! Despise those!

  • Reply
    anythingAdrama Jan 9, 2017

    Sorry I have to add diseases. It seemed like 2016 drama cliché was Cancer and it annoyed me to no end.
    Plus I love me an evil mother to a limit

  • Reply
    Mio Jan 9, 2017

    #5 I hate weak female leads. I like to see stronger woman on my screen, they make drama even more fun. Of course, from time to time, I watch drama with weak female's, but really... I hate when they suffer all kinds of things and just go with it. I hate it!!
    #4 Evil mothers are the worst! They always make our leads suffer and they always think what they are doing is right and good for their child, but IT IS NOT. I can't even count how many times I was screaming and throwing things around while watching them do their thing. UGH
    #2 I HATE ESPECIALLY THIS. To fall in love with 2nd lead character and to even think that he's better with our main girl but at the end they don't end up together. I HATE THAT!
    #1 I stay clear from a drama if I know ending is tragic. But we all need from time to time sad dramas... so I watch melo's and cry too. But am not a fan of them. Again, some dramas are meant to end sad... I don't know... but I've seen two dramas that ended sad but didn't need to. I don't know what was writer thinking!!!

    Honorable mention: Bitchy Second Female Leads - I HATE THEM. Things are changing in dramaland regarding this lately, so I am happy. But, writer's need to make woman, especially second leads stand out more, in a good way, make them likable, like they do it with second male leads. I hope to see second female leads grow even more and stay away from those bitchy ones that we usually see in a drama!

  • Reply
    Ineta Jan 9, 2017

    I hate, hate, hate, hate the statue kisses. Oh, and also weak female leads.

  • Reply
    ricky Jan 9, 2017

    Korean dramas really do have to work on the endings.

  • Reply
    femmedesneiges Jan 9, 2017

    I like tragic endings. It's the best feeling ever when everyone dies in the end.

  • Reply
    hga2002 Jan 9, 2017 - edited

    Death by Truck!! In almost every Kdrama!!!!!!

    • Reply
      displacedmoon Jan 9, 2017

      YES!!! the white truck of death is truly horrible. it's gotten to point that i hold my breath and get super tense whenever any characters are crossing or standing in the street. or when someone is driving their car through an intersection. even though i've seen it hundreds of times, i still jump when someone gets run over.

  • Reply
    Kadiance Jan 9, 2017
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    Lili Jan 9, 2017 - edited

    Definitely #1 and #2.
    If there's a tragic end I might even not start a drama even thoughI'm really interested.
    I had already experienced #2 twice,with sassy go go and who are you school 2015, it's just so painful that I had to drop both dramas by the end and read the reviews of the last episodes online lol
    About the bitch mothers, they are so annoying that I would just fast forward their parts!! I'm currently watching king's daughter and whenever the bitchy slut sister is onscreen I just fast forward so I won't break my TV, 'cause I hate the guts of the slut! hahaha K-dramas can make us passional, can't they? hahaha
    Statue kisses suck, it's just like you wrote, it seems like we paused the video!! C'mon girl move your damn lips!! That's what I want to scream hahaha
    Great article btw!!

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