Maki Horikita Retires From The Entertainment Industry!

Maki Horikita Announces Her Retirement


Earlier this week, the ever popular Japanese actress, Maki Horikita (28) announced that she is retiring from the entertainment industry for good in order to focus on her family. 

This is yet another blow to J-dorama fans. Last year, the great actor Narimiya Hiroki announced his retirement, though for completely different reasons. 

The responses from netizens have been mixed. Many fans are happy for Maki, while others believe that she may have been forced to leave her career because her husband became too possessive and jealous. However, at the same time, it's fairly common for Japanese women to give up their careers in order to become full-time housewives, placing Japan very low in the gender equality rankings. 

I guess we can never be sure. Instead, we can simply hope that Maki is happy.

The following is her official statement:

I have decided to leave my career that I’ve had until now.
As a mother, and I am living a very blessed life with my beloved family. With this warmth, I plan to protect this happiness with all of my might.

After discussing with my husband, he has respected my feelings. The two of us will continue to work together to create a family that is full of love.

To all of my fans who have supported me, to everyone who has taken care of me, thank you for a wonderful 14 years.

February 28, 2017

Maki Horikita

- source

Maki is famous for her roles in Nobuta Wo Produce, Kurosagi, and Hana Kimi. Her main role debut was at the young age of 14 in a drama Mobile Detective Zenigata Mai. Her first main role in a school film was in Winning Pass, alongside the legendary Matsuyama Kenichi.

She married fellow actor Koji Yamamoto (who is 12 years older than her) in August 2015, and gave birth to their first child in December 2016. The baby's name and gender have not been revealed yet.


Traditional Roles and Discrimination

In Japan, 40 to 60% of women quit work after giving birth. According to WEF, in 2013, Japan placed 105 (out of 135 countries) in regard to women’s participation in the economy and politics. This places Japan below even Burkina Faso when it comes to gender equality. 

In 2016, Japan fell to the 111th place (out of 144 countries) in gender equality rankings.

As for other Asian countries, China was placed 99th, Thailand 71st, and South Korea 116th.


What are your thoughts on this?

Sources: Oricon, Arama, JapanTimes, Nippon

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  • Reply
    TokkiLily May 1, 2017

    She is one of my fav jdrama actresses! So sad...

  • Reply
    intimewithyou Apr 29, 2017

    my jaw dropped. idk why, i was just a little shocked. even though i barely watch jdramas with her in it these days, its quite shocking. i guess because shes been around for a while, so it will be weird to know she retired. hana kimi will always be my favourite by her.

  • Reply
    LadyG Apr 24, 2017 - edited

    Can't you just be happy for her and her family without bringing all these charts and politics about gender equality? Since when is it a negative thing that a woman chooses a family over her career? Babies need constant attention, love and support that only a mother can truly provide.

  • Reply
    Meli Apr 13, 2017

    when i try to search her movie and start to like her work ....... she retired *ok* *sad*

  • Reply
    ilovemassu Apr 11, 2017 - edited

    another gem leaving the stage. so sad. I love her in nobuta no produce but haven't been really following her after that.
    I don't understand what gender equality has anything to do with the news. before we jump to conclusions about anything, we should know how the community's (Japanese) culture & their way of thinking. I don't think it's fair to compare it to people from anywhere (west, south or north).
    You know why there's result like in the end of the article? Because people are curious & they want to know about a topic & how is it different from place to place. We shouldn't use it to condemn others. Differences are there to be embraced & accepted, not to be judged & hated.

    • Reply
      Ceki May 17, 2017

      Are you saying that gender inequality should be embraced and accepted?!

  • Reply
    Adam_from_England Apr 10, 2017

    Why do you need to add Gender equality to the post? It was a nice post until that point, If the women wants to retire after having a kid she is entitled to do so. If the man wants to retire after having a kid, he's entitled to do so. Get out of here with that gender equality crap.

  • Reply
    EtherSword Apr 10, 2017 - edited

    What is with all this political stuff at the end? Jeez. Can't she just be a mom without it being all MUH INEQUALITY? Good for Maki Horikita. Her child will forever have a parent to raise her kid without rarely ever needing a nanny to raise her kid. Get this "discrimination" stuff a rest already, I very much doubt Maki feels discriminated from the message she gave to her fans.

    • Reply
      Ceki May 17, 2017

      It's more socioeconomic, and it is tightly related to dramas as well because they reflect the current state of culture and society. The discrimination is there, whether you like it or not.

  • Reply
    Benedict Apr 2, 2017

    So much negativity surrounding a decision to focus on family. Has society really gone that far backwards? Full-time moms are the hardest workers in the world and deserve the utmost respect. Everyone call their moms and tell them you love them.

  • Reply
    jxsilicon9 Apr 1, 2017

    So he got together with her by being a stalker?Okay.Gender equality in Japan isn't that bad. Women usually control the household and finances.

  • Reply
    mavnio Apr 1, 2017

    wow i never thought much about the actors/actresses when i watch and only now did i know that i watch a lot of her movies/dramas

  • Reply
    surfaktan Mar 26, 2017

    And what feminist agenda we got at the end

  • Reply
    surfaktan Mar 26, 2017

    Wish happiness for her :) .

    Used to loved, but hardly she come challenging anyways in her role, beautiful but decent actress. so retirement not a big deal as it will put her off demand and there will be more space for others face as well.

  • Reply
    LollyLilly Mar 26, 2017

    I love her acting.. Idk weather to accept this news as a good or bad things..

  • Reply
    Eunha Mar 20, 2017 - edited

    There was that viral video where the man's two kids come in and then everyone started debating if the lady that took them out was the nanny or wife. I was just thinking isn't it better to give people the benefit of the doubt and support them with best wishes. Instead of being critical why not make excuses on why its better that way (unless of course there is a reason given why not to)

    Sad to see her gone :(

  • Reply
    Sutera116 Mar 17, 2017

    seriously... don't hate me but maki always seemed to love acting. I believe she'll either break up with koji in a couple of years and come back or she'll simply come back after they have a ''stable''; family..

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