4 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Currently Airing Dramas

Editor's note: This article was submitted a few days ago, so some of the currently airing dramas mentioned in this article may have already finished airing.


Many people prefer to marathon a drama when it’s completed instead of watching it while it's. While binge watching a drama is more preferable, watching an airing drama has its own pros. So, here are the four reasons why you should try watching a drama while it’s airing.


One of the problems one encounters while marathoning a drama, especially those with a bigger number of episodes, is that you seem to lose interest around the middle of the series. Of course, this is to be expected, if you’re watching something continuously for 10+ hours, you’re bound to get bored.

The pro of watching an airing drama is the chances that you’ll get bored with it is unlikely, unless the drama itself is a failure for you. Since the episodes are released per week, ranging from one (TW-dramas), two (K-drama) to even six (C-dramas), it limits the amount of time you spend on a drama. Since you can only watch the episodes released per week, it keeps you engrossed in the series and you look forward to the new episodes.


                     #3: BECAUSE GUESSING IS PART OF THE FUN

When you marathon a drama, there’s no point in guessing or making up theories for the events happening, since you could just watch the next episodes and find out the exact reason. And while that is less…torturous, it also takes away part of the fun.

However, if you watch an airing drama, because of the limited number of episodes released, you are bound to come up with some theories for all the things happening. This is not just true for thrillers or crime dramas, but even romantic-comedies and fantasy dramas. It doesn’t matter if your guesses are absurd or somewhat exact. Just challenging your imagination and coming up with your own answers is fun. Not to mention the feeling you get when your theory (by any chance) is proved right later in the drama.



Different people are bound to marathon different dramas. It’s all about one’s preferences. Of course, you could still fangirl over a drama/ person even if you’re watching different dramas at that time.

However, if you watch an airing drama, you are bound to find a lot of people who are watching the same drama as you. That makes fangirling over something, all the way more fun. It’s always exciting to talk to and discuss dramas with someone who’s watching the same thing with you.



Marathoning is mostly preferred because there is no waiting period in-between the episodes. You could just watch all the episodes in one go and not be exhibited to the ‘waiting torture’.

However, if you watch an airing drama, you have to wait for the episodes to be released, not to mention the dreaded wait for them to be subtitled. But isn’t waiting for them making them way more…well, valuable? It makes you appreciate each minute of the episode. Especially, if you find a drama that you love. That feeling when you find out that the new episodes of your drama has been up and subbed- that’s marvelous!

The added bonus of waiting is the fact that while waiting for the new episodes, you can always pick up other dramas to fill up your free time.


Here are some of the popular currently airing dramas.


                 Missing 9                             Voice                          Defendant           Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

W3ryVJ9L_86a1aa_c2x.jpg r1xEgzdL_cde05c_c2x.jpg e10zbyx3_e5941a_c2x.jpg Y4a5Qvm4_012325_c2x.jpg


                The Perfect Match                        Behind Your Smile                          The King Of Romance

V3WQRj21_d9a9e0_c2x.jpg  D3m8DKBL_c91cb7_c2x.jpg  81yWAr73_2ce74c_c2x.jpg


Because Of You                                                 The Starry Night, The Starry Sea

b3EzDa64_ad6e50_c2x.jpg              D3m8dmyL_08b400_c2x.jpg 


                      Kuzu No Honkai                               Totsuzen Desu Ga Ashita Kekkon Shimasu

                                  (Scum's Wish)                                               (Everyone's Getting Married)

E1VvEYw1_d7f036_c2x.jpg                   61GJPY74_45f64a_c2x.jpg

Of course, that's not to say that one should only watch airing dramas!

Are you watching any currently airing dramas?

Do you prefer to watch airing dramas or marathon them when they're finished? Do leave a comment!

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  • Reply
    Joowonholic Apr 6, 2017

    I am an avid kdrama watcher since i was in my teen. (11 years ago). And never did i, watches an on going drama. Well, Maybe i am an impatient person so i don't really like waiting for almost a week for just a one upcoming episode. But there's one thing that i like about this article. That is the Con's. :) I admit, there's some point where im really annoyed by accidentally reading spoilers. hahahaha. And you're right, when a drama has a lot of episodes, even if the plot is really interesting and the reviews are good, i usually end up getting it out on my PTW list. There some times that, when i really really like the drama, i would watch it but skipping a lot of scenes. huhu.

    So yeah, a big salute to those who patiently waiting fan watching on air dramas! i hope someday i could be like you. mehehehe

  • Reply
    AdamPorter Mar 26, 2017 - edited

    Not sure what's stupider, the post itself or the person who made it.

    • Reply
      sunah Apr 6, 2017

      Why wonder when all that matters is who takes the prize for stupidest comment? *mimosa*

  • Reply
    locksters Mar 26, 2017

    i think i prefer watching airing kdrama's too, i've been following airing kdrama's for the past 2 years and i'm often more bound to continue watching if it's only 2 episodes a week (I still watch some completed kdrama's but def not as often as back when i got into kdrama's) for all the reasons mentioned above!!

  • Reply
    kennetskyz Mar 25, 2017

    And you will not see the spoiler on the internet lol

  • Reply
    kirasora Mar 24, 2017

    I agree !!
    i prefer watching currently airing dramas!!
    if i marathon it I will forget all the story or the names of the characters in one 2 weeks XD
    Currently I'm waching Totsuzen desu ga ashita kekkon shimasu, Tokyo Tarareba Musume, Beppin-san and Quartet.

  • Reply
    BAEBunnij Mar 24, 2017 - edited

    Hello I am addticted to marathoning lol it's what i'm doing right now lol but I have started Strong Woman Do Bong Soon but I might end up marathoning it I am very lazy lol I think my mood week to week and daily life plays into it.

  • Reply
    SaraBuntyn Mar 23, 2017

    I have mostly marathoned in the past but I am watching a few currently airing dramas - Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Because of You. I also watched Behind Your Smile while it was airing. The wait is hard - my kids make fun of me for sighing about the waiting, but worth it. :)

  • Reply
    silent_whispers Mar 23, 2017

    I like to balance out with airing or marathoning. If there's a ton of airing ones then I'll do nothing but watch airing, planning by release dates. If none sound to good I'll wait for them to finish up for the final word and only marathon.

    But I also only marathon 4 episodes at time.

    Great points for watching currently airing though. My biggest reason for airing is so that you can chat with everyone else that's watching. Normally you'll never get too many people to chat with about the drama while marathoning.

  • Reply
    KalkaBike Mar 23, 2017

    I do watch airing dramas a lot but I tend to drop them more easily because I get bored waiting for the next episode and often end up starting another series. Then the other drama gets me hooked and I forget the first one.

    Also, I need a set of episodes to get me hooked so I guess the best option is be to watch drama that has half of its episodes realeased. It has enough episodes to get me hooked and while I watch the older episodes, new eps are airing.

  • Reply
    HAVA-RAVA Mar 23, 2017 - edited

    #4 BECAUSE IT KEEPS YOU ENGROSSED - Well actually it doesn't. It makes me distracted by other things and eventually I end up dropping the drama because I didn't watch it at one go.

    #3: BECAUSE GUESSING IS PART OF THE FUN - Why can't you just guess while watching the episode? Why wait for the next week? You can watch it at one go and guess what happens next and check if you were right. If you were to wait for another week you'd already forget your guesses :'Dd

    #2: FANGIRLING WITH YOUR CHINGUS - I personally dislike watching dramas with others. I prefer my headphones and my dark, quiet room so I can laugh and sob as much as I want.

    #1: BECAUSE IT’S WORTH THE WAIT - Kind of like the 1st one. You tend to forget what happened and end up dropping the whole thing. At least I know I do.

    --- So yeah I'm a marathoner when it comes to dramas for sure :'Ddd I might start watching a drama few days before it finishes airing if there are at least 15 episodes in the whole drama. That's purely because I can watch 4-10 episodes per day if I don't have work that day... In my drama beginner days I would watch one drama in 1-2 days :D

    Last time I watched a drama while airing... Maybe 7 years ago ?! *old fossil*

    • Reply
      Mary Mar 23, 2017

      i feel you! and also i get so much more into the drama when i marathon the show~ i just dive into that world for some hours and i can also decide where to pause it and then go on the next day~

    • Reply
      HAVA-RAVA Mar 23, 2017

      I'm glad I'm not the only one :'Ddd

  • Reply
    John Mar 23, 2017

    I wasn't a fan of watching airing dramas until I decided to watch The Heirs while it was still airing. Since then I've enjoyed watching dramas while they're still airing.

  • Reply
    Jessica Mar 22, 2017

    Yesss I think I have an obsession with only watching airing dramas. I feel like if I watch a drama that's already over than I just missed a lot of stuff, I missed the this-just-aired experience. Also yeah, talking to friends or people about it is a lot fun. Also it's new and who doesn't like new stuff?

  • Reply
    kristagg21 Mar 22, 2017

    Agree...I prefer watching currently airing shows, if at all possible

  • Reply
    NaijaLuv_88 Mar 22, 2017

    It has to be a really great drama (if a kdrama) for me to watch while airing. T-dramas and C-dramas i will wait until its finished as usual (because most sites don't have the show subbed as it airs so there is no choice but to wait for english subs) unless the show is really, really good. But with most C-dramas if subbed as it airs, then i will watch as it airs because they usually carry a large episode load (40, 50 plus) and i don't have that much time to marathon 40 or 50 hours straight. When it comes to lakorns, the same rule apply depending if subs are available will watch as it airs.

  • Reply
    Midnight Mar 22, 2017

    Actually, I only watch drama's that are already finished with filming. Unless the story attracts me so much I can't wait for it to be finished, haha.

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