3 Common Things In K-Dramas

Korean dramas nowadays have similarities that some of us might have noticed. In this article, I will introduce only three of these little common trends. I bet you've noticed them, too, and if you can think of anything else, please do share below in the comment section. I'd love to know.

#1 Yellow Umbrellas

Have you noticed this common trend dramas are having right now? Whenever someone needs an umbrella during the rainy season, they use a yellow one. Well, out of curiosity, I decided to search for the meaning behind the yellow umbrella and out of the many meanings, I liked this one:

"Somewhere out there, there is a yellow umbrella for everyone." (I guess this quote was inspired by How I Met Your Mother.)


#2 Dal Komm Cafe

One of the things on my "to-do list" when I went to Korea last year was to visit one of the branches of this coffee shop. Sadly, I didn't get to try their coffee but I got to see one cafe while touring Seoul.

This coffee shop became really famous after being featured in one of the top-rated dramas - Descendants of the Sun. I noticed it again in the drama Goblin thinking maybe they like to sponsor the screenwriter Kim Eun Sook (as she wrote both of these shows).d3kNmaaL_8033c7_f.jpg

#3 Subway Fast Food

Another thing I wanted to try in Korea was the famous Subway fast food. I had the chance once but I missed it since I told myself that these shops also exist in my country so I could try out other fast food chains. But I kind of regret it now because I want to know how delicious this famous sandwich is since it keeps appearing in popular dramas (lmao). Every time they eat there, I get so hungry!


BONUS: I didn't collect pictures for this but also Papa John's pizza. If you've watched Remember: War of the Son and the currently airing Chief Kim, then you probably noticed it as well. Oh, it also appears in Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim.

Thanks for reading!

Which common trend have YOU noticed?

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  • Reply
    Yohmatets 12 days ago

    I did notice the Subway Fast Food

  • Reply
    Thevilone 16 days ago

    The yellow umbrella was a icon in the show (American) How I met your mother. I thought it got inspired from there.
    PS. It's a great show. if you guys like comedy and romance and friendship, try How I met your mother.

  • Reply
    Bri 16 days ago

    Or the "I need a break and to get away" *Goes to America*
    Or when they studied abroad in America...

  • Reply
    Meli 16 days ago - edited

    how about the tteokbokki and fish cake .....

    • Reply
      Hana 14 days ago

      for tteokboki & ohmuk it's every korean snack tbh, i rarely find korean who doesnt like tteokbokki & ohmuk , so it wasn't strange at all to see it on every drama but dal com& subway... its like not all Koreans love that brand but it's keep appearing

  • Reply
    ShiraYuuKii 17 days ago

    i always got tht yellow umbrella thing.. evn thght of buying one after seeing it in so many dramas n mvs!! :V

  • Reply
    AhlaamSherriff 17 days ago - edited

    LOL. I did not notice the yellow umbrellas until now.

  • Reply
    AhlaamSherriff 17 days ago

    LOL. I did not notice the yellow umbrellas until now.

  • Reply
    abee 19 days ago - edited

    bruh Subway is scary, it's literally everywhere

    aside from Goblin, Prime Minister and I, Doctors, and the K2, the dramas that surprised me with their Subway ppls are Signal and Voice lmao how can they those scenes with all the intense stuff going on

    • Reply
      AIR 19 days ago

      And descendants of the sun!

    • Reply
      JuiceJuicidy 17 days ago

      I know right! The random subway PPL in Signal made me burst out laughing. It was made even funnier by the scene right after, where there was an uncomfortably long shot of him eating the sandwich. It was just so out of place, which was why I found it funny

  • Reply
    Sara 19 days ago

    Subway is in every drama
    I don't find it special actually it's just not so yummy healthy food

  • Reply
    Rangadeviii 19 days ago

    The last two are just ads

  • Reply
    SaraLourenco 19 days ago

    Buys girl clothes in order to show his interest - every k-drama ever.

  • Reply
    sunnyharriet 19 days ago

    There were couple of Subway scenes in Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim too xD I guess it's a trendy place nowadays.

  • Reply
    lattebean_ 19 days ago

    One of my korean friends was working at subway when descendant of the sun craze was going on and they showed subway in the drama alot.. she said it was crazy, customers at least doubled and they were very busy during that time. It's funny to see how k-dramas affect what's trendy

  • Reply
    HiragahamaKyouma 19 days ago

    They were eating Subway sandwiches in Voice and Defendant too.

  • Reply
    Jeana 19 days ago

    Jeju Island. :') Gateway for every romantic trip in Korea.

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