Dramaland's 5 Most Charismatic Villains

5) Qi Ji - Cruel Romance


Qi Ji is as handsome as they come and rotten to the core. He's manipulative, ruthless, vindictive and completely manic. He doesn't have one redeemable bone in his body and he does some unforgivably despicable things throughout. He murders people like it's an everyday matter and he's not above getting dirty and low to achieve his mutinous goals. And yet, what he does- he does with style. He's highly efficient and skilled and the crazy gleam in his eyes along with his psychotic smirk makes it all the more interesting to see him in action.

4) Lee Jin Pyo - City Hunter

Lee Jin Piyo

Lee Jin Pyo's murderous glares are probably one of the most interesting things about City Hunter. For an ahjussi, LJP is quite striking. With his gentlemanly looks and softly spoken voice, his inner maliciousness is often disguised. He's driven by a single-minded revenge and he's not above destroying his son's life to achieve it. He's often heartless, overly practical and lacking mercy. Though, at the same time, there's something about his relationship with his son that makes you wish for him to turn good. *Spoiler* His redemption scene towards the end is undeniably one of the best scenes of the entire drama.

3) Tanashili - Empress Ki

Empress Ki is a drama filled to the brim with exciting villains. One of them is our beloved Tanashili. She is - to put it simply - a spoiled brat. She's extremely selfish, petty and out of control. Her childlike tendencies, impulsive acts of evil and thirst for power make her a very dangerous character. She'll make you hate her to an extreme and yet, she'll charm you into laughing at her antics. 

2) Choi Yoo Jin - The K2

Ah- Choi Yoo Jin is absolutely the star of The K2. She's smart, fearless and a woman scorned. She kills people off on the daily and has no qualms about having the murder of innocents on her hands. She'd do anything and destroy anyone in order to get herself what she wants- a strong position of power. But for all her deadliness, she's quite pitiful. She's lonely, insecure and someone who's been terribly hurt. As the drama progresses, you get acquainted with her multiple layers and let her grow on you. Towards the end, she'll force you to pray for her redemption.

1) Mishil - Queen Seon Duk

Mishil is the essence of QSD. Without her, there is no Queen Seon Duk. She's as beautiful, as she's ferocious- a brilliant strategist, always five steps ahead of her enemy, a skilled politician and a master manipulator. Behind every great move, Mishil is the one pulling all the strings. She's the kind of character who'll make you root for the bad guy. It's impossible to truly hate her because, despite her wickedness, she's an excellent ruler and a stunning woman of power.

P.S: These are, but a few of DramaLand's charming devils. Don't hesitate from mentioning others in the comments section!


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    usagi Jun 21, 2017 - edited

    I love this list! Too often, the villain is either so one-dimensionally evil you merely want to kill them, or they're just boringly evil. But when they're either a pleasure to watch as characters, or are complex enough that you can't quite figure them out...it makes the story that much better, or can even save a mediocre plot. As for Kdramas, my top 5 would include:

    1) The most excellent evil Lady Mishil for sure! Even though I was so disappointed by the end of QSD, she made up half the awesome in that drama.
    2) Gil Tae Mi in Six Flying Dragons, was soooo uniquely riveting and weirdly lovable
    3) Cha Seung Won's character Son Hyuk, who actually made the trainwreck that was Athena: Goddess of War worth watching and who was 10x more interesting than the hero (Which reminds me that the first Iris drama had a great villain too, played by T.O.P)
    4) Choi Won Young of Hello Monster, who was just oh so fascinating and hard to hate.
    5) Kyun Mi Ri plays awesome lady villains in the two classic sageuk, Jumong (Queen Wan Hoo) and Dae Jang Geum (Lady Choi)...you hate her characters for sure, but you also can't help but feel for her at times and admire her cunning. She throws some of the best hissy fits too. The first time I saw her play a nice character I was gravely disappointed.

    I also remember getting tired of much of the repetition in the drama Punch, but never the villain Lee Tae Jun's witty metaphors. 38 Task Force had a bunch of villains, but I just loved Mr. Ma (played by the hilarious Oh Dae Hwan). Also, two other very recent dramas with fascinating bad guys: Defendant and Rebel.

    I can't help but mention a few [non-spoiler] Jdrama villains off the top of my head who were pretty great:

    ~ Watabe Asturo's fascinating villain Sawatari in the darkly comedic crime drama Kurokouchi
    ~ Both charming and wily villains in business drama Hanzawa Naoki
    ~ The enigmatic villain Ryuzaki Shinji in Orthros no Inu, played brilliantly by Takizawa Hideaki
    ~ Kichise Michiko's Orihara Maya in Bloody Monday is just so slick, she makes what could be a cliche role memorable (Kichise always pulls these roles off well)
    ~ I also loved the villain(s) in the recent black comedy Boku no Yabai Tsuma

    That said, there are also so many other wonderfully charismatic villains I would list, but they would be spoilerish when the character turns bad or is grey most of the way through...and definite spoilers for mysteries!

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    SUNNY Jun 19, 2017 - edited

    Choi Min Soo's piercing gaze, delivery of lines and body language in both The Royal Gambler as the king and in The Sword and the Flower made him my favorite asian actor!. The Sword and the Flower is useless without his performance.

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      usagi Jun 21, 2017

      I'll have to check those out...I loved him in Pride and Prejudice.

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    Herison Jun 18, 2017

    Tanashili is the best villain ever! I swear!

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    maychowsky Jun 18, 2017

    Where's kim jae wook

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    catemine Jun 16, 2017

    Qi Ji was the most disgusting pos I've seen, there's been no villain since that has topped him.

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    Hisham Tarek Jun 16, 2017 - edited

    Park Hyeok Kwon
    six flying dragons Gil Tae Mi

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      SUNNY Jun 19, 2017

      He is definitely in the top 5 list I had a love/hate relationship with him. I loved his style, confidence, makeup and accessories! I hated his ruthlessness. Mr. All-Eyes-On-Me!

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      usagi Jun 21, 2017

      Oh my goodness...Gil Tae Mi and how PHK played the role. I loved him!!!!!! Have never been more sad for a villain to meet his end. Def. in my top list too

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    Perdien Jun 16, 2017

    Admit it Mishil is the one!!!

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    GiKnoth Jun 16, 2017

    I would have to add Yeon Jung Hoon in Mask (2015). Awesome villain.Super intense character.

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    XIIVX Jun 14, 2017 - edited

    I have to insert here that Nam Goong Min's villainous character in GWSS was top notch. I hated and liked him at the same time. I honestly came for the OTP but stayed for the villian because he was that charming.. and 10/10 for those abs too.

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      Josefa Fuchs Jun 17, 2017

      Yes, Namgoong Min is the best villain for me. I also loved him in Remember!

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    JHope Jun 14, 2017 - edited

    i don't know about the other villains mentioned here but choi yoo jin is everything but never ever charismatic, not even nearly -.- she is pititful.. ok maybe but that can't be one of the reasons to like her, it's rather a reason to hate her more... i really hate characters like her.. they kill people shamelessly to gain power or whatever and justifiy it with being so terribly lonely and hurt.. just like the ex-boyfriend of ye eun in age of youth... (he didn't kill but he had the same attitude like choi yoo jin, the "I'm a heartless person, so please forgive me" attitude -.-) and i just hated it so much how everyone sympathized with her.. was glad it ended with her how it ended, like seriously... just my opinion though

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      Jeana Jun 14, 2017

      Hey there, JHope! I do agree with all that you said. She is definitely pitiful and totally deserving of all the hate. I was glad of how it ended with her too (because there was no other way for it to end) and nobody is making excuses for her actions.

      However the dictionary meaning of charismatic is:
      Exercising a compelling charm which inspires devotion in others.
      synonyms: fascinating, strong in character e.t.c

      And like her or hate her, she does match the description well. She's a three-dimensional character and the actress did a brilliant job in her portrayal. So, whether you like her or not you can't really say that she ain't charismatic, you feel me? :D

      Though, everybody is entitled to their own opinion and I thank you for leaving yours! :)

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      sweetpotatocat Jun 14, 2017

      Hi JHope! I hope you're doing well :)
      Good point. Indeed viewer gets to see the pitiful side of her. I would agree that she isn't the kind of person who would get a lot of applaud from me in real life. I also didn't feel for here. But despite not liking or sympathizing with her, I still feel that as a character she is a show-stopper. I never finished the drama but she indeed was the skeleton holding the drama together and is was interesting for me to follow this despicable yet pitiful character. Only when a main character can be understood and fancied but never accepted, can a concept of an anti-hero be fulfilled. I feel like this drama despite all it flaws did a great job delivering this type of character. Not an hero, not an villain, but an anti-hero.

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    AnicsiRoscoe Jun 14, 2017

    Totally agree with Lee Jin Pyo in City Hunter. I just couldn't hate him, no matter how ruthless and cruel he was, he was turned into such a being by his tragic past. Every fiber of his body screamed 'authority' and 'charisma'. The acting really was brilliant. City Hunter, despite it being an old drama, continues to be one of my favorites. It's a masterpiece, despite its flaws.

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    Anniee Jun 14, 2017

    Mishil is the best! :D
    Tanashili too ♥️

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    Anniee Jun 14, 2017

    Mishil is the best! :D
    Tanashili too ♥️

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    DreXam Jun 13, 2017


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    namopanik Jun 13, 2017

    I always preferred Bayan Khutugh over Tanashiri.

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