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We’re just past the halfway mark of SBS’s newest romcom starring Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun! Here’s why you need to be watching Suspicious Partner if you're not already gotten you addicted like I am!

The Plot


Don’t be fooled by the fluffy promotional pictures and teasers, Suspicious Partner is not just a typical romantic comedy. The whole reason our two leads meet is because of a series of murders Eun Bong Hee and Noh Ji Wook are dragged into. This brings them together and thus begins their possibly ill-fated relationship. The writer behind this drama also gave us I Remember You, so their ability to write crime/thriller is definitely trustworthy. They’ve done an incredible job mixing a light-hearted romance with a darker story of murder and false accusations. The antagonist will give you the creeps in the best possible way while Bong and Ji Wook’s sweet romance will warm your heart. It’s the best of both worlds.


The Characters

Nam Ji Hyun as Eun Bong Hee


Bong Hee is another lady who is continuing this recent K-drama trend of kick-ass female leads and I’m all for it. Not only is she physically strong from her past training in taekwondo, but she’s mentally strong as well despite all the different conflicts she experiences in the first episode alone. She is kind-hearted and soft, but she also demands respect and be treated as an equal by her male superiors. Nam Ji Hyun is only 21, but you would never guess it by the way she portrays this character and how well she matches with Ji Chang Wook as a couple!

Ji Chang Wook as Noh Ji Wook


Ji Wook is a tough and rigid prosecutor on the outside but kind-hearted and willing to do what is right even when it means disobeying his superiors and putting his career as a prosecutor on the line. After the first few episodes, I was worried about the type of character he would be, but he quickly proved that he’s definitely not a typical tough, stoic, and emotionless male lead. As the show has gone on, he has turned into a puppy as he falls hopelessly in love with Eun Bong Hee. This role has really allowed Ji Chang Wook to show off his acting ability beyond action roles. I have loved seeing him play someone so soft! (But don’t fear, we still get to see some kick-ass action moments from him)

The Law Firm Squad


Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon), Chief Bang (Jang Hyuk Jin), and Representative Byun Yeong Hee ( Lee Duk Hwa) make up the hilarious and lovable supporting cast who join Ji Wook, along with Bong Hee, when he decides to start his own law firm. The three really provide a lot of the comedic relief in this drama and you can’t help but love them, despite some of their past mistakes. The three of them, together with Ji Wook and Bong Hee, make up an amazing OT5 who we all want to love and protect.

The Romance


Of course, one of the main reasons that anyone chooses to watch a romantic comedy is to see a sweet and well-developed romance between the leads, and Ji Wook and Bong Hee have exactly that. I haven’t loved the chemistry between a pairing this much since watching Bok Joo and Joon Hyung’s sweet and innocent romance in Weightlifting Fairy. 

What I really appreciate about this couple is their mutual respect for each other’s thoughts and feelings. When one asks the other to respect their decisions or their feelings, they do so and it doesn’t create drama or conflict. I also love that they see each other as equals and value their partnership as lawyers. It’s nice to watch them rely on one another for work. I think it adds depth to their relationship. And of course, their chemistry is off the charts. 

Like I said before, you would never think there is a such a large age gap between Ji Hyun and Chang Wook because their chemistry with each other is EVERYTHING. It’s super obvious in the behind-the-scenes videos and it’s brought out on-screen so well. SBS even released a no-music, full clip of their steamy first kiss because it was such a hit with the viewers.


Trust me guys, this is a couple you do not want to miss!

If you needed that final push to check out this drama, I hope this article really helped you. It’s easily one of my favourites of 2017 so far and I can’t wait to see how they conclude the story in the coming weeks!

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  • Reply
    pamn 11 days ago

    "Trust me guys, this is a couple you do not want to miss!" RT RT RT

  • Reply
    Maggy 11 days ago - edited

    Yes, yes, yes, I agree with you. One of my favourite dramas so far. Especially your point about the similar romance between bok joo and joon hyung is just what I thought while watching SP!
    Really a great drama, got straight to my Top 10!

  • Reply
    Maham Tanveer 13 days ago

    Im sorry but this drama is one of the worst dramas of the year so far

  • Reply
    StarlitStorm 13 days ago - edited

    This drama wasn't my cup of tea. At first it was bearable but later on it became really draggy and predictable :/ I dropped it after ep. 28...I didn't feel the chemistry between JCW and NJH...JCW had much better chemistry with Park Min Young and Ha Ji Won...The interactions between Ji Wook and Bong Hee were cheesy and cliched for me. The cases put me to sleep...I wished they gave Dong Ha more depth :/ The law firm squad was nice to watch until it became too dramatic...It's a pity that this is JCWs last drama before enlistment because he deserves much better ><

    • Reply
      Pixiemage7 12 days ago

      same feels! but i'm going to force myself watching the drama because of JCW

  • Reply
    AsmaTawayi 13 days ago

    I'm a huge fan of Ji Chang Wook <3 I'm so sad to say so ... but this show is terrible :(
    Really :(
    The story had a good start but it just gets boring and slow .
    The female lead is an average actress , who is trying her best to look cute and to talk in a " cutely " way that makes me really annoyed . It is so absurd ... How can an attorney be like that !!!!
    The chemistry between the main couple is horrible :o
    The side charcters are poorly written that we don't get really interested or involved with them .
    The one and perhaps the only good thing is Dong Ha who portrayed the villain . Aww such a great actor!!! . He did an excellent job given the complexity of his character . This is the first time watching him and what a great discovery :D
    Finally, i considered dropping out the drama but i can't coz i want to profit of ji chang wook oppa 's cute smiles in his last drama :'(
    Such a waste :( I wanted my oppa to act in an excellent drama and be remembered as a legend before enlistament :'(

  • Reply
    hela 13 days ago - edited

    this show started off very good, but after some 20-ish episode it got kinda draggy. 16 episodes would suffice, 20 is too many imo. (counting 2 30 min eps as one).
    on the plus side, OST is awesome.
    anyways, i'm hoping that one day, kdrama gods will give me a remake of legal high with JCW.

    • Reply
      Eunha 13 days ago

      Lol but isn't that the problem with most dramas....except the new Circle one but that has a slow start..... can't win with dramas
      I think this one might have enough of the mystery/crime part to keep me interested so I 'll give it a try.

    • Reply
      Pixiemage7 12 days ago

      THAT WAS I WAS THINKING TOO ....hopefully when JCW goes back after military the drama gods would grant our wish!!!!

    • Reply
      hela 11 days ago

      well it depends on what you watch. if you like suspense + law, i highly recommend checking out "Solomon's Perjury" (korean) that has excellent pacing and only 12 1-hour episodes.
      from my experience, jpn dramas tend to have less eps and therefore pacing isn't a problem, so i wouldn't say that most dramas get draggy.

    • Reply
      hela 11 days ago

      i REALLY want to see him in a full blown comedy tbh. no romance, no action, just something completely ridiculous.

  • Reply
    Ceki 13 days ago

    Great review!

    As for the drama itself, I think I'm the only one who dropped it DURING the ep 1. I understand that many people are watching it because of Ji Chang Wook, but I've personally grown out of fangirling years ago and a hot face cannot save a drama for me anymore.

    Additionally, the romance depicted in this drama is for me the epitome of CRINGY and it is completely cheesy, unrealistic without any passion or normal skinship. I was annoyed by Ji Chang Wook's "cute" facial expressions because they were forced and utterly ridiculous. If I saw a man in real life doing such expressions and making dove eyes I'd find him hilarious (in a bad way).

  • Reply
    blackcatz9 14 days ago

    Wow. Well I'm enjoying it. Love the humor. Thanks for the article.

  • Reply
    ruby 14 days ago

    this show isn't god awful like some may claim it's just terribly average and at times slow

  • Reply
    CharlieBishop 14 days ago

    I never would have thought there was such a large age difference between the main leads!

  • Reply
    Linky 14 days ago

    Not that it's perfect, but I think it's entertaining and like the couple's chemistry. I enjoy Ji Chang Wook playing a softer character and look forward to it each week.

  • Reply
    Serin 14 days ago

    This show is a HUGE waste of time. No chemistry, no story improvement, nothing. I really don't understand why it's so overrated. I guess it's because of Ji Chang Wook but even if you're a big fan of him, believe me, it won't be any less boring.

  • Reply
    YanFaisal 14 days ago - edited
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    YanFaisal 14 days ago

    The vibes of this drama is the same of I remember you, which i liked.
    And you forgot to talk about the relationship between the second leads of this drama haha.

    But, these dramas is the light in the dark (Because this season we see a lot of thriller dramas). The interactions of the cast are wonderful. Investigator Bang and CEO Byeon are the best ones.

  • Reply
    Antonin 14 days ago - edited
    Reveal Spoiler »
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