A Stalker's Guide to Dong Ha

Dong Ha

Born: January 14, 1992

I first discovered Dong Ha in the drama Three Days, in which he plays a contract killer. I remember myself and others commenting on how the killer was hot, and I looked forward to his scenes just to catch a glimpse of his face. I next saw him in Glorious Day where he sealed my love for him. I look forward to seeing him in every drama he appears in, but it's high time this gorgeous man gets main lead roles - he's more than deserving of that already.




Glorious Day (2014)

Main Role

Dong Ha plays the adorable younger brother to Lee Sang Woo's character. I shipped our main lead with Sang Woo but couldn't help but love the younger brother, too. He was just too sweet and cute - sometimes a bit annoying but still totally lovable. ^_^ He plays a dentist in this drama.

{Also, here's a clip of Dong Ha singing: Clip}


Three Days (2014)

Supporting Role

The drama I first saw him in, and he plays a contract killer. For whatever crazy reason you'll love it when he appears, hehe. Unfortunately, his screen time is very limited in this one.


Last (2015)

Supporting Role

Dong Ha plays the right-hand man of an underground boss, and he is emotionless and heartless for the most part. He does what he is told and nothing more. His looks could kill - the gaze in his eyes will send shivers down your spine at times.


Beautiful Mind (2016)

Supporting Role

He plays an adorably dorky and sweet doctor in this drama. I personally loved his scenes, he will make you laugh, cry, and feel giddy.


Chief Kim (2017)

Supporting Role

Dong Ha plays an arrogant rich kid who is just desperate to learn, but no one has taught him until Nam Goong Min's character shows up and shows him the way. I wished he had a bit more screen time but I loved every scene he was in. In this drama, he grows from being a cocky kid to a mature adult who has to make hard choices, even when it comes to his own family.


Suspicious Partner (2017)

Supporting Role

The best thing in this drama was Dong Ha's character Hyun Soo. His character was the only one that I felt had any depth. I finished this drama solely for his character, and his story made me cry and wish he could get away with everything. It's okay if you skip over most of the rest of the drama just to enjoy his scenes.


Glamorous Temptation (2015)

Supporting Role

I started this when it was airing but stopped at episode 8, so I didn't get to see his character yet. I'm planning to start it up again soon, now that I know he is in it. I might however just skip through the drama simply to watch him.


My Love Eun Dong: The Beginning (2015)

Supporting Role

A drama I wasn't interested in because of the leads but I decided to skip-watch The Beginning to see Dong Ha. He's only in the first two parts, and at first, he appears as a bully or an enemy to the lead guy, but later it appears as if they are friends. His scenes are very limited, so it's not necessary to watch this drama unless you are actually interested in the main storyline, lol.


That Fool (2009)

Supporting Role

Once again, not much screen time but Dong Ha is the actresses bodyguard or assistant. :) It's also a really good drama in general.


My Heart Twinkle Twinkle (2015)

Supporting Role

I didn't even know he was in this, but I might skip-watch it in the future for him. Can anyone who has watched this let me know how big his supporting role is? Is he on a lot, or does he have very minimal screen time?


He also has a Guest Role in Golden Empire - I have not watched this drama yet, so I can't share a picture.



Hero (2010)

Main Role - MV

Hero is a vampire story (which is a genre I don't particularly enjoy.) Dong Ha's character gets bitten by a female vampire and now has to live the rest of his days cursed as that. He doesn't want to harm others, but this ends up isolating him from humans. Because he's different, he has to remain alone. He can't be with the girl he likes and others who get "bitten" usually turn bad. (Sorry that I don't enjoy "vampire" type movies and dramas, but they literally give me the heebie jeebies, I'm cringing all the way through them - I even get nauseous - yes, that's how much I dislike this genre.) This one was poorly made by what I assume was an amateur. I personally had to skip-watch it in order to bear it. You can tell Dong Ha was a novice actor in this.


Beautiful Legacy (2011)

Supporting Role - Can't find this online

Judging by the trailer, this also looks like an amateur project, but I wouldn't mind skipping through it just for Dong Ha. As of now, I haven't been able to find this online.




Isn't he gorgeous? ^_^






This concludes my article on Dong Ha, an actor who is more than deserving of main lead roles. Please start casting him as a lead!

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  • Reply
    SmileHoney 7 days ago

    He's an awesome actor! Before I knew who he was, he really grabbed my attention with his portrayal of different characters. I watched his interview on EW for Chief Kim & he's cute and humble. His character was quite memorable in Last (besides Snake Eyes' cameo). I was intrigued by what Mantis would do next. I liked his one-sided love for Lee Shi Hyun in Beautiful Mind. I watched Suspicious Partners for Ji Chang Wook & Nam Ji Hyun, but I have to admit I finished it for Dong Ha. I'd love to check out more of his work, and can't wait to see him play in lead roles!

  • Reply
    Nadia 19 days ago

    I fell in love with this guy! <3

  • Reply
    UntamedLioness 19 days ago - edited

    I had never seen him before 'Suspicious Partner' but yeah I totally agree with you, I wanted so hard to ditch this drama so it was boring but Dong Ha made me stick to the very end. He 'literally' stole the show as in he was the main lead and all the others were just supporting cast!

  • Reply
    Mikoto 20 days ago

    I started to follow him from Chief Kim, he was so funny! All those expressions, so dorky and adorable. And then I watched him in Suspicious Partner and all hell broke loose. My ovaries are currently all gone. Hwlp.

  • Reply
    Sanida 21 days ago

    Awesome actor. I really hope they give him normal main role soon. He portraits a perfect serial killer, but I wanna see him do something else apart from evil characters (or that annoying character from Chief...).

  • Reply
    rosyprincess 22 days ago

  • Reply
    TaemonRebel 23 days ago

    I fell for him in Chief Kim! :D

  • Reply
    Noey 24 days ago

    I saw this actor on Suspicious Partner and I fell in love with him! LOL thank you for this article!

  • Reply
    joannesmith 24 days ago - edited

    thx 4 this! just loved his expressions, eyes and the general evil way he carried himself in Suspicious Partners. It took me a couple eps before it occurred to me that he was in Chief Kim. I have him on my radar going fwd and am going to try to catch one or two other works he is in. I think we are going to very quickly see him as a 2nd lead...based on the comments during the show I sure wasn't the only one who's attention was captured by him!

  • Reply
    nikonim 25 days ago

    He was in chief kim and his character development was super beautiful to watch! he's was great in the drama! I'm looking forward to more of his works ~~~

  • Reply
    Laura_Roslin 25 days ago

    wow, I didn't realize that was him in Chief Kim! Great. Still I like him best in his roles as scary dudes. Oh and Chief Kim was GREAT! Agree with you on all aspects of your review.

  • Reply
    huh 25 days ago

    What? I thought he is Yoon Kyun Sang! They are really similar tho

  • Reply
    Sutera116 25 days ago - edited

    He's such a good actor but because he always plays villain roles, I feel like I hate him TT^TT

    • Reply
      supalove 25 days ago

      SAMEEE there's no way he's living down his role in Suspicious Partners

  • Reply
    irilight 25 days ago

    Thank you so much for the article.... Dong Ha is such a remarkable young actor. I do miss his sweet side that we have seen in Glorious Day....
    And yes - he is gorgeous...
    Will catch up on others...

  • Reply
    iamsarah 26 days ago - edited

    I fell for his awesome acting in Suspicious Partner

    • Reply
      YoongiBear 25 days ago

      I swear i fell in love with his role in Suspicious Partner ❤

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