Actress Song Seon Mi's Husband Was Found Murdered

At the young age of 45, the husband of actress Song Seon Mi (The GuardiansReturn of Bok Dan Ji) was found dead around 11:40 am on Monday, August 21st.

 According to OSEN, Go Woo Suk was rushed to The Catholic University of Korea Seoul St. Mary's Hospital with stab wounds. Unfortunately he did not survive.

Song Seon Mi's label JR Ent officially confirmed the death of her husband and stated, "Song Seon Mi is in deep shock and sorrow after hearing the news. Current

ly, the police are investigating the incident."

Seould Metropolition Police Agency soon announced that Mr. Go had been stabbed to death.

After 8 years of their marriage, they had their first baby in April 2015. Let's all pray for Song Seon Mi, and hope things improve for her and her family. 

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    Drasaur 9 days ago - edited

    That's horrible... Hope her and her family are okay

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    divalia 18 days ago
    Reveal Spoiler »
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    Maleeha 19 days ago

    Poor thing. I can't imagine what she is going through and with a little one to worry about on top of it. So heartbreaking.

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    EmpyreanConqueror 20 days ago

    No matter what your religion is, pray for her and her family.

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    ItIsAshViolet 21 days ago

    I wish the best for her and her kid, no one deserves something as horrible as that.

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    makeuptemple 21 days ago - edited

    what the hell is going on in this world, a lot of actors, actresses, models either being murdered or kill themselves just this August I heard 4, I blame the mercury retrograding. It's not an easy thing, hope they'll be OK and it'll be hard to get over this, she'll be carrying the scars life long. sorry for her loss

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    ayume 24 days ago

    i hope she and her kid will be okay

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    Yume 25 days ago

    oh.. on my birthday? :(

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    Chiara 25 days ago

    This is horrible..
    My prayers to her.

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    Simona 26 days ago

    Truly a horrible thing to happen to anyone- and truly a horrible thing that was done by the perpetrator .. I hope she's gonna be ok.

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    Hyuna 27 days ago

    this is so sad omg I hope she will be fine

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    AnanyaS 27 days ago

    That's so sad. Hope God gives her strength to get through this difficult time.

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    KatySarang_TGeyes 28 days ago

    Oh my gosh! That's terrible! And that poor child! I feel so bad for them!

  • Reply
    asheyy_red 28 days ago

    i hope she stays strong and moves passed this tragic occurrence...

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    tattylovestofly 28 days ago

    That's horrible! Poor woman :(

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