Find Out Who Won In Last Week's Bokksu Giveaway!

Here are the 3 lucky winners of the MDL Bokksu Giveaway! 

MDL Article Winner: MiraiArtx

Facebook Winner: KG10

Twitter Winner: tatsucchi

We'd like to thank Bokksu once again for sponsoring this giveaway! 

Hi MDL'ers,

We're having another giveaway this month!

Once again, our friends from Bokksu have decided to sponsor this month's giveaway. As many of you probably already know, Bokksu is a monthly subscription-box company that delivers the very best  of Japanese snacks, candies, and even tea straight to your doorsteps! Each month even has its very own theme that the snacks are centered around.


3 lucky users will each receive a Tasting Bokksu Box.


How to enter the Giveaway...

There are three different ways to enter our giveaway:

1) Write a comment in the comment section below on what snack, candy, or drink you love to munch on while watching your favorite dramas. 

2) Share our Facebook post about this contest: [Facebook Post Link Here

(Make sure the post you share is public otherwise we won't be able to see it). 

Also, make sure you've liked these two pages:


3) Retweet our posts about this contest. [Twitter Post Link Here]

 Make sure to also follow these two accounts:

One winner will be randomly picked from each of the platforms mentioned above. Users can apply through all three platforms. 

The contest will end on Sunday, September 10th at 11:59 pm PST time, and the winners will be announced on Tuesday, September 12th.

May the biggest drama fans win!

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  • Reply
    Bae 14 days ago

    I love to drink iced coffee or hot chocolate while watching dramas because it's perfect for relaxing ^^

  • Reply
    somya 14 days ago

    I love to drink coffee that time ( because it gives me energy to complete my drama day and night )
    Some time junk food , light snacks

  • Reply
    BriannaElizabeth 14 days ago

    I like to eat something crunchy like chips and I love to drink tea a lot. Sometimes I'll have some Pocky or even a whole meal if I'm into a show enough xD

  • Reply
    Spiral 14 days ago

    I like to splurge on chips and down it with a soda xD. Maybe sometimes open up a Shin Ramyun with Chinese sausages (Kamyenjan variety).

  • Reply
    BlueRose 14 days ago

    I like to eat Conchiglie pasta with spaghetti when I'm feeling creative

  • Reply
    SarangJongSuk 14 days ago

    I like to drink root beer and eat dried mango slices

  • Reply
    wenqing 14 days ago

    With Popcorn or junk food + soft drinks I can spend hours watching dramas :)

  • Reply
    Kyrinia6 14 days ago

    Something sweet with a tea is all that i need to watch dramas :3

  • Reply
    PabboStell 14 days ago

    Always junk food xD
    Chips with a Cola + my favorite drama = ultimate happiness

  • Reply
    Faza 14 days ago

    I've been loving watching dramas with a cup ramen, or sometimes I'd like to watch dramas with popcorn and also some coffee to booster my energy for the day <3

  • Reply
    Angelina 14 days ago - edited


  • Reply
    LLL 14 days ago

    I've been loving this matcha and waffle ice cream I bought recently and I love to just eat fresh blueberries out of the box once in a while!

  • Reply
    VictoriaAnne 15 days ago

    OMG one thing that I could eat forever is those jelly snacks that come in little cups or in straws. I would actually kill for those any day.

  • Reply
    Bl00drushnick 15 days ago

    Ice cream or chips always make watching better

  • Reply
    absinthe_feane 15 days ago

    I actually always eat yogurt while watching dramas XD

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