Interview with Sofia from K-Drama Addiction Therapy
AmandaMarta interviews the creator of They also go over the latest podcast: Goblin, Weightlifting Fairy, Romantic Doctor & Princess Wei Young...
The Reading Nook (Korean edition Part 1)
Enjoy your favorite dramas and movies beyond the screen. Lose yourself deeper into the lives of those characters who has touched your reality.
So Yi Hyun & Park Ha Sun join Yoochun in Three Days
So Yi Hyun and Park Ha Sun and many more join Yoochun in upcoming Kdrama "Three Days"...
New Posters and a New Trailer for Kim Woo Bin's Friends 2
Heirs' Kim woo Bin and more to star in upcoming Korean Movie, Friends 2. A new trailer and many pics have been added...
Interview with a Jdrama Fansubber!
Skye-N-Rain interviews the fansubber behind the quick subs for Rich Man Poor Woman, Great Teacher Onizuka 2012, and more!

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