10 Things That Make Me NOT Want To Watch a Drama/Movie
Let me introduce ten of the things I avoid when I'm looking for something new to watch.
Top 5 Chinese Historical Romance Dramas
My top 5 recommendations for Historical Chinese Romance dramas. Check out these classics and hidden gems!
Cubic: An Imperfectly Perfect Drama
Check this out: "Cubic" an example of a bad drama with a good powerful message
Kdrama Tropes We Love to Hate
What would our precious dramas be without them? Let's take a look at 10 Kdrama tropes that keep our eyes steadily rolling.
A Stalker's Guide to Yeo Jin Goo
The actor that has stolen our hearts over the years, from childhood and now into adulthood.
Could These Novel Comedies Be Adapted To Your Favourite Chinese Drama?
For anyone tired of overly dramatic and sappy love stories, try these refreshing, fall out of your chair funny novels that essentially parody your favourite genres! So funny, how could you not adapt them into live dramas?
A Stalker's Guide to Nam Goong Min
An actor who has started to gain popularity later in his career. I'm sure you've come across him at least once!
Even MORE KDramas That Would Make Awesome Video Games
Here's yet another entry in my KDramas-as-games series!
Up and Coming Korean Idol Actors and Actresses
Casting idols in dramas is a bit of a risk since their roles tend to be very hit-or-miss with the audience. Here are some Korean idols you should keep an eye on as they have been "hits" in their roles so far!
Bromances of 2017 Kdramas (Part 2)
A continued list of the best bromances in Kdramas from the first half of 2017!
Sung Hoon slays in new Photo Shoot for BNT
His latest water photo shoot set by BNT is worthy enough to rival the looks and power of Water God Habaek himself!
A Stalker's Guide to Kim Young Kwang
This tall sweet man will be sure to wiggle his way into your heart! He's been gaining a bigger piece of mine with each and every drama. ^^
Exploring Character Jobs and Workplace Positions in Dramas
While romance is not always the main occupational hazard at most jobs, conniving and plotting co-workers can be. Here are some interesting lines of work we see leading and supporting characters cast in.
A Stalker's Guide to Kim Tae Hoon
A phenomenal actor who deserves the chance to shine in bigger roles! You may recognize him from Angry Mom, Fantastic or The Guardians.
TOP 10 "So Bad, but So Good" Dramas
Ever come across a drama that made you wonder what your state of mind was like when you decided to actually give it a chance? Here is my Top 10 "What was I thinking? OMG, I can't stop watching this drama" dramas.

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