15 Recommendations That Will Put You Into The Winter Mood
These ~15 titles will put you into the Winter Mood like no other!
A Stalker's Guide to Ariel Lin
A short introduction to an exceptionally talented and captivating Taiwanese actress who has nothing to prove anymore, her dramas and movies can speak for her.
Winter 2017 Japanese Dramas Preview
Check out what's hot or not in this Winter 2017 Japanese Drama Preview!
[Polls] MyDramaList's Best of Korea 2016!
Vote for your favorite Korean Dramas/Movies/Actors and more inside in MDL's annual Drama Awards...
Interview with Sofia from K-Drama Addiction Therapy
AmandaMarta interviews the creator of KDramaPod.com. They also go over the latest podcast: Goblin, Weightlifting Fairy, Romantic Doctor & Princess Wei Young...
5 Korean Dramas To Be Excited About This Winter!
Let's see what we have in the first start of 2017!
MDL 2016 K-Dramas OST Song Countdown to New Years 2017!
15 OST song selections for your countdown to New Years! Simply hit play at 11pm and work your way down the list, enjoying through onto 2017!
5 Korean Dramas to Get Excited about in January!
New year, new dramas! 2017 has quite of a lineup for Korean dramas that we can't wait to see.
5 Mythical Creatures That You Can't Help But Fall In Love With!
These 5 mythical creatures will have you forgetting all about the hot human oppa/noona. Which one would you like to fall in love with?
A Stalker's Guide to Ji Hyun Woo
This actor has blown the minds of viewers in Queen In Hyun's Man, Wanted, and more!
Drama Recap Recommendation: Love For A Thousand More 2016
Dating expert and love counselor Mi Jo is actually an immortal young woman who is done with dating as she never found her true love! Enter her new neighbour, handsome hip hop artist Joon Woo (Junu)!
[Polls] MyDramaList's Best of Japan 2016!
Vote for your favorite Japanese Dramas/Movies/Actors and more inside!
Tis the Season for Some Major Ugly Kdrama Sweaters
This apparel staple seems to be in almost every kdrama character’s wardrobe. Even mainstream dramas aren’t safe from this fashion statement!
A Stalker's Guide to Seo Ji Hye
An introduction to one of Korea's most beautiful and charming actresses. If I was to say I had a girl crush - she'd be it.
Top 5 Korean Bromances of 2016!
These 5 Korean bromances blew us away this year! Are your favorites on the list?

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