Visual Kei in Dramaland
Take a look at these dramas and movies starring Japanese Visual Kei musicians turned actors.
10 Actresses Born In 1990 Who Are Taking The Kdrama World By Storm!
These 10 Korean actresses are turning 27 this year and seem to be only getting better every year!
Currently Watching: Defendant
How would you prove your innocence if you were implicated in the perfect murder? Find out more about this drama starring Ji Sung, Kwon Yu Ri, Uhm Ki Joon and more!
A Stalker's Guide To Kim Nam Gil
Here is everything you need to know about the great Kim Nam Gil...
Female Leads Who Defy Kdrama Stereotypes
A look at some female leads who defy typical Kdrama stereotypes and tropes.
6 Highly Rated Korean Dramas I Dropped
These 6 K-dramas have been given great reviews and most Kdrama fans are absolutely in love with them. Find out out why they simply did not appeal to this MDL'er...
17 Things You Didn't Know About Eternal Love (aka Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms!)
These 17 things about the most popular C-Drama of 2017 will blow your mind!
The Horrible Disease Known As Second-Lead Syndrome!
These dramas will give you Second-Lead Syndrome like no other!
Top 5 Melodramas Worth Watching!
Here are five shows that are worth your while. Make sure to have your tissues ready!
Currently Watching: Voice
Two detectives team up to catch a serial killer who murdered their loved ones...and the reasons why you should watch this amazing show.
Nam Joo Hyuk's LOVE LIFE
Learn everything about Nam Joo Hyuk's love life and more!
5 Reasons To Watch 'The Snow Queen'
A discussion of the 5 things that make "The Snow Queen" worth watching!
Top Five Cutest Male Leads of K-Dramaland
Tired of crushing over those same old boring, cold, prickly, self-loving chaebols who keep harassing our heroine? These 5 leads will make your days brighter and happier!
Shin Godzilla Wins Big At The 40th Japan Academy Awards!
See who else won big at the Japanese version of The Oscars...
Actor Spotlight: Lee Yong Nyeo
This grandmother takes creepy performances to a whole new level. In fact, she's well known as the infamous Ghost Matchmaker in Master's Sun!

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