5 More Kdramas That Would Make Awesome Video Games
Here are 5 more Kdramas that have the potential to be mindblowing video games!
Currently Watching: Jimi ni Sugoi! Koetsu Garu Kono Etsuko
Who would've thought that a drama about proofreading would be so fun!
The 90th Television Drama Academy Awards Winners
Check out the winners of the 90th Television Drama Academy Awards, held quarterly every year by the Japanese magazine 'The Television'!
5 reasons to watch: The Princess Wei Young
This sweeping Chinese Historical-Romance is a visually beautiful drama with a strong cast woven into a story of hidden identity and revenge.
Tokyo Drama Awards 2016 Winners
Take a look at the winners of the International Drama Festival held in TOKYO 2016!
Korean Drama Beauty Trends 2016 Wrap Up!
From brightened dewy face applications to gradient lips still going strong and those soft straight-across brows. Here is a look back on some of the makeup trends as shown in 2016 Dramas.
A Stalker's Guide to Takenouchi Yutaka
And now I will introduce you to one beautiful, gorgeous and talented Japanese guy who is very well known in the world of acting and who, despite all the glory, remained modest and cool. His name is mister Yutaka Takenouchi.
Top 5 Best Korean Romance Dramas with Ghosts
In the mood for some romance Kdrama with a bit of mystery and fantasy? Check out my Top 5 Korean dramas with ghosts.
Currently Watching: Suna no Tou (Tower of Sand)
Suna no Tou is the new Japanese drama about an ordinary family that slowly but surely gets terrorized by a mysterious neighbor. Check out the article if you're into suspense dramas!
Scarlet Heart Ryeo: How It Should Have Ended
What would Scarlet Heart Ryeo be like if the So-Soo OTP met in present day Korea...
The ever talented Singer and Actor Seo Kang Joon has stirred up some major 2nd lead syndrome in some of his roles. Catch him in his newest role: 2016 Entourage!
Drama Recap Recommendation: Joseon Gunman
Missing your 4th Prince! And still craving historical? Why not catch Lee Joon Gi in Joseon Gunman which has a little bit of everything: Action, Romance and Revenge!
2016: Asian Drama Trends Year of......
Every once in a while, there seems to be a new trend going on. AmandaMarta has you covered by listing the hottest 2016 Asian Drama Trends along with notable historical trends.
Review: Kdrama Doctors aka Doctor Crush
Park Shin Hye is back with a new kick-butt summer drama about turning her life around, finding love and success, all while overcoming a painful past...
Introducing the newest documentary film starring the ever famous K-pop 'Boyband', Big Bang!

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