Skip Beat: Anime vs. Drama
pigy152 compares Skip Beat! Anime versus Drama
A Hypothesis on "Drama Craze"
A hypothetical analysis of the Asian drama addiction.
Remake: Hana Kimi
CheerfulSoul goes through the different remakes of "Hana Kimi"
Have Dramas and Movies Been Glamorizing Iljins?
xlovelight asks the question: Have more dramas and movies been glamorizing iljins? What are iljins and what have they to do with drama? Read more inside!
Recap: Flower Boy Next Door
Cityhunter83's drama recap of Flower Boy Next Door, episodes 5 & 6
Horrible Ways To End The Drama You Love
MDL's Cuzie on the 3 most Typical Kdrama endings.
Gooheajung's Weekend Movie Picks
Gooheajung's weekend movie picks - for all the comedy lovers out there!
Excellence of Experience
Information on a few Korean Veteran Actresses
Revenge: A Dish Best Served Cold
NewKDramaAddict's Top 10 Revenge Dramas - for those who are a glutton for punishment.
Currently Watching: 7th Grade Civil Servant
nat-chii is currently watching 7th Grade Civil Servant. Read more inside if you need any more persuasion to start watching this drama now! *No Spoilers*
A Stalker's Guide to Nakama Yukie
A Stalker's Guide to one of the most versatile Japanese actresses I know ~ Nakama Yukie.
NEWS: Casting Updates for Upcoming Dramas
Snow_white brings you the latest news from K-Dramaland: Casting additions for Iris 2, Gu Family Book, and You're the Best Lee Soon Shin
Second Male Leads Who'll Make You Cry
This article is about the top 5 second male leads who should have gotten the girl.
JustBruck's Weekend Movies: Historical Action
JustBruck's historical action weekend movie picks
In the Know with Purplenette
The latest on airing and upcoming dramas.

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