NEWS: Casting Updates for Upcoming Dramas
Snow_white brings you the latest news from K-Dramaland: Casting additions for Iris 2, Gu Family Book, and You're the Best Lee Soon Shin
Second Male Leads Who'll Make You Cry
This article is about the top 5 second male leads who should have gotten the girl.
JustBruck's Weekend Movies: Historical Action
JustBruck's historical action weekend movie picks
In the Know with Purplenette
The latest on airing and upcoming dramas.
Get Scared Korean Style
Catnip discusses some Korean horror productions: movies AND dramas.
My Favorite Worst Nightmares
Shaz22 discusses some moments in dramas that are simply haunting. **Spoilers**
A Stalker's Guide to Ohno Satoshi
Oneterrorist brings you yet another Stalker's Guide to Ohno Satoshi. Be sure to check out his dramas and movies!!
Recap: Flower Boy Next Door
Cityhunter83's drama recap for episodes 3 & 4 of Flower Boy Next Door *Spoilers*
Currently Watching: Queen of Ambition
Hvnlyslayerangel is currently watching Queen of Ambition. Here's why you should stop what you're doing and watch it too!
A Beginner's Guide To: GANTZ
Oneterrorist brings you another "Beginner's Guide To..." This time it's GANTZ, so be sure to take a look and have a good laugh!
How To Survive a Drama Dry Spell
Sky241's advice on how to survive a "Drama dry spell."
Twinklelie's Weekend Movie Picks
MDL user twinklelie picks her 3 favorite Chinese/Hong Kong movies for you to discover...
The latest in Korean drama news; Han Hye Jin joins All About My Romance, Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek to star 4 main leads instead of the usual two, and much more!
Drama Food I Crave: The Japanese Edition
Kakigōri? Pocky? Don't know what are these...
Well, it's time for you to discover them, along with other Japanese dishes, snacks and desserts.
It Only Takes Three
Karaleen was hooked with only 3 dramas. Which 3 did it take for you to become a drama addict?

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