AdeNike's Featured Korean Movies
MDL'er AdeNike recommends three of her favorite Korean films for you to watch this weekend.
The Bridal Mask Hangover
MDL Writers Fuyushita_risou and Dapinaymrs talk about their lingering appreciation of top hit drama The Bridal Mask and its unforgettable characters.
To The Beautiful You [Video Review]
MDL Vlogger HallyuBack reviews To The Beautiful You (Korean remake of Hana Kimi).
Dangerous Drama Tropes
Writer Jeaniessi looks at the darker side of Korean drama cliches.
Hana Yori Dango: Who Did It Better?
Writer dramaqueen4life goes over and compares the live action drama adaptations of the hit Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango....
The Bad Girl Syndrome
Writer addicted2dramas goes over the qualities of a stereotypical bad girl (in Dramaland).
Why You Should Watch Akumu Chan [Video]
MDL Vlogger HallyuBack goes through why you should watch the new top hit Jdrama Akumu Chan! *Hint: Gackt is one of them!*
Yoon Si Yoon & Park Shin Hye To Costar In tvN’s Third Flower Boy Installment
The latest news about Park Shin Hye and Yoon Shi Yoon's upcoming winter drama "Flower Boy Next Door".
Recovering From Drama Slumps
Writer Aya recommends five dramas which can help you get through a drama slump...
Uee & Chae Tae Hyun To Co-star In JeonWooChi Drama
Chae Tae Hyun & Uee are going to co-star in the drama remake of Jeonwoochi.
Ghosts, Vampires and Psycopaths, Oh My!
Herein Lie Some Scary Treats To Keep Your Halloween Frightful! Enter If You Dare!
The Great Asian Dramathon
Writer SeRose discusses the perks of a good old-fashioned drama marathon.
HallyuBack's Chilling Romance Video Review
MDL Vlogger HallyuBack goes over the chillingly hilarious Korean Movie Chilling Romance (aka Spellbound)
Kim Bum Cast For That Winter, The Wind Blows
The latest updates on KBS' new Melodrama That Winter, The Wind Blows coming this winter.
The Good Boy vs. Bad Boy Debate
A close look at who deserves to win in the world of dramas - the good boy or the bad boy?

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