Drama Recap Recommendation: Joseon Gunman
Missing your 4th Prince! And still craving historical? Why not catch Lee Joon Gi in Joseon Gunman which has a little bit of everything: Action, Romance and Revenge!
2016: Asian Drama Trends Year of......
Every once in a while, there seems to be a new trend going on. AmandaMarta has you covered by listing the hottest 2016 Asian Drama Trends along with notable historical trends.
Review: Kdrama Doctors aka Doctor Crush
Park Shin Hye is back with a new kick-butt summer drama about turning her life around, finding love and success, all while overcoming a painful past...
Introducing the newest documentary film starring the ever famous K-pop 'Boyband', Big Bang!
Korean Heroes and Heroines of the Year 1990: Final Segment
Let's say our farewells to this amazing year with some talented actors.
Who Was Hotter: Original Art VS Live Action Adaptation
5 Who Was Hotter comparisons: Original Manga/Manhwa/Webtoon characterizations or their live action counterparts...
Actor Spotlight: Lee Do Yeon
This quirky actress with great comedic timing has made us smile many times through her eccentric and outrageous characters.
Ask An Ahjumma Season 2: Tired of Bad Jerk Leads? Best Korean Rom-Coms?
A special episode of Ask An Ahjumma, featuring the questions sent in while the Ahjummas were on hiatus.
Ajin - Demi Human Receives a Live-Action Movie
The famous 'Ajin - Demi Human' manga will receive a live-action film adaptation starring Sato Takeru by next year.
5 Reasons to Watch: Sweet Stranger and Me
Here are 5 reasons to start on KBS2's delightful new drama: Sweet Stranger and Me...
Now Available: Thumping Spike 2
Wow! Season 2 of the smash hit drama Thumping Spike is out! It has an all new cast following the continued pursuit of romance and volleyball!
A Stalker's Guide to Song Seung Heon
Find out everything there is to know about the man who has won many fangirls over the years with his immaculate acting...
Introduction to 'The K2'
This political drama is a complete package full of action, thrills, and romance. Starring Ji Chang Wook and Girl's Generation Yoona.
​Shine or Go Crazy vs. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
Which drama did it better? Was it Shine or Go Crazy with Jang Hyuk, or Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo with Lee Joon Gi?
6 Reverse Harem Dramas You Don't Want to Miss!
These 6 reverse harem dramas will have you on the edge of your seat in excitement!

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