5 Classic Romance Jdramas That You Need To Watch!
Here are 5 Classic JDramas that romance fans will absolutely love!
Throwback Thursday K-Movie Recommendation: Unstoppable Marriage
Also known as the Ridiculous Marriage, which indeed it is. This campy 2007 rom-com movie has everything from the wealthy male lead fated with the sweet, modest female lead. And some really crazy family members!
2016 K-Drama in Review according to the Big 3
See which dramas won big according to the big 3 Korean Broadcasters...
The Times, They Are A-Changing!
Asian Dramas are catching up with the times! Check out the changes in dramaland!
Best Jdorama Songs of 2016
Check out Ceki's favorite theme songs from 2016 Jdoramas!
5 Reasons to Watch High-end Crush!
Here are 5 reasons that you should throw everything you're doing to the side, and start watching High-End Crush!
Coffee Prince 10 Years on
See what the cast of Coffee Prince has been up to 10 years later!
Actor Spotlight: Ahn Kil Kang
This versatile Ajusshi, has a wide range of supporting roles under his belt. With many memorable roles, he always surprises us with his strong, personality infused characters. Also find out about his latest role in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo...
Top 7 Kdrama OSTs of 2016 - Pt. 2
A look back at some of my favorite Kdrama OSTs from the second half of the year!
MyDramaList Best of Korea 2016 Winners!
Find out which dramas, films, and actors won awards in 2016's Best of Korea MDL Polls!
MyDramaList Best of Japan 2016 Winners!
Find out which dramas, films, and actors won awards in 2016's Best of Japan MDL Polls!
5 Things We Hate To See In A Drama!
Here's a list of 5 things that we don't want to see in a drama. Which one do you hate the most?
A Stalker's Guide to Lee Je Hoon
Starring in one of the most popular dramas of 2016, Signal, Lee Je Hoon is a multi-talented actor who is known for his diverse roles.
A Year in Dramaworld: The 2016 Wrap Up
What are the most surprising, exciting and shocking moments of the past year in the world of Asian dramas? Happy Holidays & 2016 Wrap Up!
15 Recommendations That Will Put You Into The Winter Mood
These ~15 titles will put you into the Winter Mood like no other!

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