4 Bite-Sized Back To School K-Dramas
With the scholastic season right around the corner, here are some funny School Drama recommendations!
Currently Watching: Cinderella and Four Knights
Come read why you should be watching the Korean Drama: Cinderella and Four Knights. It's not the stereotypical drama that people think it is!
Bromance: An Evolution of Cross-Dressing Dramas
Introducing the fresh Taiwanese drama, Bromance!
Currently Watching JDrama - A Girl & Three Sweethearts
When Misaki gets offered a new job and a place to live, she arrives to discover that she has to live with the handsome Chiaki and his other good looking brothers!!!
[Apply] Social Media Managers
MDL is currently in need of 3 Social Media Managers. Find out how to apply inside...
How To Woo A Girl: Kdrama Style
Here is a easy step-by-step guide on how to win the girl of your dreams (in Kdramaland)...
5 Original Dramas vs Their Remakes
The age old question - which Asian drama is better? The remake or the original?
Top 10 Types of Characters in Kdramas
There are plenty of unique drama characters out there, but many can be sorted into certain archetypes by their characteristics. Here are the types of characters that I can't get enough of!
biniBningPunkista's Weekend Movie Recommendations 1.3
Let's get into the world of the supernatural while enjoying some snacks. Fill up your weekend with the creepy and the funny, mixed in with romance and seriousness.
A Stalker's Guide to Kim Mi Kyung
You can see her everywhere, she's like a chameleon.
Top 10: Dramas with Contracted Relationships
Check out these 10 dramas revolving around fake relationships, engagements, and marriages.
Bleach Live Action Film Confirmed!
Famed Manga & Anime will be adapted into a live action film starring this top hit Japanese Actor...
3 New Kdramas That Are Worthy Of Being Remade
Here are 3 new-age Korean Dramas that are so good, they should be remade...
A Stalker's Guide to Kim Rae Won
One of my first Kdrama loves ♥ Maybe he is yours too?
Find out about this handsome man's filmography in this article ^^
10 Underrated Films That Are Gems
These 10 films are usually overlooked, though they are much better than they seem...

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