Genre: Action

Korean Movie - 2014

An action-themed omnibus film featuring three short stories by Choe Won-kyung, Jung Jae-woong, and Kim Do-kyoung. 1. Extreme (Min-ho is unbeatable) Min-ho is lost and searching for his way back to Seoul in an isolated village when he gets beat up by a bunch of gangs and a couple. He fights back nicely.…

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Japanese Movie - 2008

Four segments shot as if they're the climax of four action Movies by four different Directors. Set in the near future in Japan, depicts the fierce conflict between refugees from the rest of Asia--who have flooded into Japan when their economies have collapsed--and the Japanese armed police.

  • 3.3
Hong Kong Movie - 2000

Gen-Y cops centers around a weapons expo-taking place in Hong Kong. The FBI has brought a Robot titled as RS-1 to represent America, however, Kurt (the creator of RS-1), angered that his design was stolen, uses his friend Edison through hypnosis to steal RS-1. The two remaining Gen-X cops are now also…

  • 6.7
Korean Movie - 2011

Taekwondo medalist, Master Moon (Jo Jae-Hyeon) has a family filled with talented individuals. His wife Yoon is a master in the kitchen. Their eldest child Tae-Yang (Na Tae-Joo) is a master of dance action. Their second child Tae-Mi (Tae-Mi) is a master of the high kick and their youngest child Tae-Poong…

  • 7.7
Japanese Drama - 1999

Vanny Knights is a live action magical girl type story.

20 Episodes
  • 10.0
Korean Movie - 2014

Directed by martial arts director Kim Myeong An, the action movie Pit Bull Terrier traces the hard knock life of a martial arts champion trying to make ends meets and catch his big break. Starring Yeom Woo Sang and Lee Tae Hoon.

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Korean Movie - 1996

Eun is an eighteen year old and the head of a eight-man crime organization. He moves his business to central district of Seoul. But when his senior and ally loses face because of a rival gang, Eun takes action.

  • 6.0
Korean Movie - 2012

An action movie about a female detective who does everything she can to mop up the drug mess that was brought into Korea by Hong Kong drugs lords, that accidentally ends up in the hands of two men and a killer.

  • 7.3
Japanese Drama - 2009

Daichi Kitajima has become a firefighter as a consequence of his childhood experience of being rescued by a fire rescue team. Despite his trauma, he strives to be promoted to become a member of the Special Rescue Team. Beginning with Daichi, this story follows him and his fellow rescue team trainees…

9 Episodes
  • 7.5
Japanese Drama - 2005

" If you are with me you can get it. This is Shibuya but it is not Shibuya. This is where Shibuya 109 is next to 108 (Tokyo), and the highways signs write Shibuya. The people who live in this virtual world are "Shibuya 15". The only thing real is the pain. " --DramaWiki

12 Episodes
  • 6.5
Korean Drama - 2008

The drama about men who engage in fights and the deep bond that develops between them.

8 Episodes
  • 7.1
Japanese Movie - 2009

The story starts in the devastated rogue city of Yokohama, surrounded by rubble. After Milly killed Jack, the main villain from the first movie, and finally satisfied her thirst for revenge for the deaths of her husband and child, she seems to be on safe ground for the moment. But just as she starts…

  • 6.4
Japanese Movie - 2007

In the near future of a fictionalized Japan under wartime, the ancient 'Act of Vengeance' is revived and professional executioners are permitted to kill criminals by the requests from their victims. People who are to be executed are notified of the execution time and date in advance and they are allowed…

  • 6.3
Korean Drama - 2008

A drama about a group of trio who discover a lottery scam and set out to uncover the conspiracy.

3 Episodes
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