Genre: Historical

Japanese Drama - 2007

The 46th Historical Drama is a life story of Yamamoto Kansuke, a lonely genius of strategy at the Age of the Civil War in the 16th century. Kansuke works under Takeda Shingen and pursues his dream of unifying the whole country through aiding the warlord of Kai. At the same time, Kansuke supports Shingen's…

50 Episodes
  • 7.8
Korean Drama - 1999

This great historical drama about the stormy life story of Hur Jun, a legendary doctor of the Chosun Dynasty. Huh Joon was an illegitimate child of the governor of Pyong Ahn Do (a region in Northern Korea) and spent his days acting as the leader of a smuggling ring. When caught, his father arranged…

64 Episodes
  • 7.6
Korean Drama - 2012

Story about Kim Choon Choo, who led the unification of three ancient kingdoms - Goguryeo, Baekjae and Shilla - and achieved the restoration of Shilla Kingdom. This drama has interpreted the historical records of United Shilla founders, King Taejong Mooyeol and King Moon Moo, with dramatic imaginations.…

70 Episodes
  • 7.8
Japanese Drama - 1994

The 33rd NHK Taiga Drama is Hana no Ran. This is part three of a three-part renzoku drama series (Ryukyu no Kaze, the 31st Taiga Drama (1992) is part one, and Homura Tatsu, the 32nd Taiga Drama (1993) is part two.) The story takes place during the Muromachi period of Ancient Japan, in the midst of the…

37 Episodes
  • 8.0
Korean Drama - 2007

The drama is based on the historical background of King Sejo (1455-68) and the six loyal subjects, known as “sayuksin.” The story tells the tale of six royal officals of the court who try to help restore Danjong of Joseon to power and fight against the coup led by Sejo of Joseon. It is a story of…

24 Episodes
  • --
Korean Drama - 1996

This historical drama talk about the life of Im Kkeok Jung who was from the low class and he was the leader of a group of gang, people from the same class that wish to live a decent life.

44 Episodes
  • 8.0
Japanese Movie - 2016

Residents in a town have a hard time due to the land tax and forced labor. 9 people worry about the future of their town and they set up a plan to save it. The plan is to lend large amounts of money to han (historical term for the estate of a warrior) and distribute the interest annually to the residents.

  • 8.1
Japanese Drama - 2018

Drama series follows the life of historical figure Saigo Takamori. He was born the first son of a lower-class samurai. He was exiled two times and went through three marriages. Takamori became the central figure of the Meiji Restoration, but he fights against the government's army. ~~ Based on the novel…

50 Episodes
  • --
Korean Drama - 2004

Jang Gil San was a legendary hero, born to a runaway slave and raised by entertainers, who dreamt of a nation for the common people. This is a historic drama that energetically and realistically depicts the achievements of Gil-San, who was widely known to have saved poor commoners by stealing from wealthy…

50 Episodes
  • 6.5
Korean Drama - 2007

This drama details the life of King Jeongjo, Joseon's 22nd monarch, who is remembered in Korean history as one of Korea's greatest kings, one who loved the people and reigned for the commoner.

77 Episodes
  • 8.1
Japanese Drama - 2009

The 48th NHK Taiga drama is Tenchijin, based on Hisaka Masashi's novel of the same name. The story centers on Naoe Kanetsugu, a loyal and devoted samurai in Echigo Province in the 16th century. Kanetsugu was trained in his early childhood by Uesugi Kenshin and after his death, served Kenshin's adopted…

47 Episodes
  • 8.1
Korean Drama - 2010

The story of King Geunchogo, warrior king of Baekje. Under his reign, the kingdom experienced its glory days, with military conquests that saw him controlling most of the Korean peninsula and a subsequent enhancement of political power that reached its greatest height in Baekje's history.

60 Episodes
  • 7.8
Japanese Drama - 2008

The 47th NHK Taiga Drama is a life story of Atsuhime who was born in Kagoshima Prefecture, then called Satsuma, and became the wife of Tokugawa Iesada, the 13th shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate. She accedes to the highest rank in Ooku, the inner palace of the Edo castle where women related to the reigning…

50 Episodes
  • 8.2
Japanese Drama - 2011

9 Episodes
  • --

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