Genre: Mystery

Japanese Drama - 2012

11 mysteries, 11 actors. Japan's favorite mystery author, the world of Higashino Keigo comes to life on screen through an assortment of short stories. For every episode, there will be a different lead actor and story, it's themes varying from mystery to comedy to horror to human drama. Nakai Kiichi…

11 Episodes
  • 7.5
Japanese Special - 2006

What better way to spend a summer vacation than to go to an onsen for part-time work? However, Abe Tomonari and Kurimoto Yousuke find that they get a lot more than they were hoping for, when they're asked to help unravel the mystery that's surrounding the tension between the two families who own the…

1 Episodes
  • 6.3
Japanese Movie - 2011

Based on an award-winning mystery novel by Mizuki Hiromi, 4 high school girls, who are part of the legendary theatrical group known as "Rashinban"(compass) stops performing due to the sudden death of one member. 4 years later the explanation of the girl's death is revealed and the other girl's start…

  • 7.0
Japanese Movie - 1998

In the streets of ultra-modern Shinjuku, Sosuke,a young would-be detective, all of a sudden attacked by a monster robot and falls unconscious. Determined to unravel the mystery, Sosuke joins forces with four members to fight against the robot. Will they be successful?

  • 5.9
Japanese Drama - 2010

Kohei Taguchi (Atsushi Ito), hospital therapist at Tojo University Hospital & eccentric Health Ministry offical Keisuke Shiratori (Toru Nakamura), face off against genius emergency doctor Koichi Hayami (Hidetoshi Nishijima) and investigate a medical mystery.

12 Episodes
  • 8.2
Japanese Movie - 2012

A mystery occurs when bodies are found on a cruiser in the ocean. Toma Saya and Sebumi Takeru of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department are brought in to solve the case.

  • 8.1
Japanese Special - 2014

A collection of five short stories by Hoshi Shinichi.

1 Episodes
  • 8.5
Chinese Drama - 2005


20 Episodes
  • --
Japanese Special - 2016

Kasahara Sachiko’s (Kitagawa Keiko) parents died young and she lives in a Tokyo apartment with her only sister Nobuko (Koike Eiko), a journalist for a newspaper’s cultural department. She has not found a job and has been interviewing at a number of companies. On this day, Sachiko bids farewell to…

1 Episodes
  • 7.5
Japanese Drama - 2009

Asami Mitsuhiko is a reportage writer and detective who solves difficult cases related to local legends across Japan. In each weekly episode the sleuth will visit a different part of the country to tackle these mysteries. --Tokyograph

9 Episodes
  • 8.0
Korean Drama - 2006

A community is driven into a state of tension and paranoia as more and more children mysteriously go missing. In the midst of this, Ji Soo and Hyun Soo's daughter, Soo Ah, is also kidnapped. A special kidnapping rescue squad is dispatched to investigate the case, attempting to find out where the children…

4 Episodes
  • 7.0
Japanese Drama - 2011

Kageyama is a butler working for a rich heiress, Reiko Hosho. Needed by detectives, Reiko is a novice detective that lacks a few deductive skills. Because of this, Kageyama is relied on by Reiko to help solve cases. Kageyama isn't afraid to use sharp words against Reiko either. This drama not only focuses…

10 Episodes
  • 7.5
Japanese Drama - 2006

Animal Trail, a natural path made by traffic of wild animals, can sometimes be helpful for people who are totally lost in the wilderness. One day, a woman who is exhausted with her hopeless life unexpectedly meets a gentleman by chance. Out of genuine hope to escape from her misery, she allows her destiny…

9 Episodes
  • 7.3
Japanese Movie - 2011

A celebrity’s secretary is murdered and a discrepancy in the testimonies of the people involved leads to utter confusion about what actually occurred. Meanwhile a female college student and amateur sleuth, Hiromi, discovers a mysterious cypher written on a piece of paper. She attempts to track down…

  • --

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