Genre: Youth

Korean Drama - 2015

Drama tells the story of youths in their 20's.

16 Episodes
  • 8.6
Japanese Movie - 2008

Through practing Akido, four high school students try to find truth of love. The cast includes some of Japan's most beautiful talent. All the scenes are taken in Fukui prefecture with Adatara mountain and Abukuma river, showcasing beautiful and magnificent nature scenes. A pure and innocent film.

  • 6.5
Japanese Movie - 2009


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Japanese Movie - 1988

Summer vacation has emptied a Japanese boys' school of all but three boys: the junior Norio & the seniors Kazuhiko & Naoto. They have no families to return to for the summer, so they spend their days in the empty school. A darkness hangs over the three however: the suicide, three months earlier, of…

  • 6.8
Japanese Movie - 2010

Based on a delinquent battle-themed video game series - a high school senior named Takashi the toughest fighter at Rashin High School. When he travels to Tokyo during a class field trip, he’s almost immediately attacked by a local thug. Takashi dispatches his opponent with ease, but he soon discovers…

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Japanese Movie - 2014

In the summer of their final year of high school, four teens deal with anxiety brought on by the transition from childhood to adulthood. Yu attempts to set up a date with his long-time crush Anne through his best friend Hajime, but ends up offending Anne and driving her away. Meanwhile, he seeks love…

  • 6.7
Japanese Movie - 2010

Kii is a photographer who finds her soulful light in taking pictures since she couldn’t accomplish anything either with studying or with sport , she met the singer Yu and together they are ahead towards the light (Accomplishing their dreams)

  • 7.1
Chinese Movie - 1994

The film is set in Beijing during the Cultural Revolution. It is told from the perspective of Ma Xiaojun nicknamed Monkey, who is a teenage boy at the time. Monkey and his friends are free to roam the streets of Beijing day and night because the Cultural Revolution has caused their parents and most…

  • 8.3
Japanese Special - 2014

It’s the end of the world. As a lethal flu-like infection breakouts killing all those around, a bunch of individuals survive inside an isolated hospital. However what awaits them is a living hell.

4 Episodes
  • 7.5
Korean Drama - 2010

A scientific drama for children about Mil, a child genius who can see 12 hours ahead into the future. With his friends, he solves cases to help people facing a dangerous future.

24 Episodes
  • 8.0
Chinese Drama - 2013


28 Episodes
  • 8.7
Korean Movie - 2009

Losing a friend in delirious Seoul. ~~ Short film made at the Korea National University of Arts Department of Film Graduation Workshop.

  • 5.8
Korean Movie - 1990

The story of Ji-su who life was torn by two women in his life. One of them is his step-sister and the other is a barroom dancer named Kyung-ja. "A Sketch of a Rainy Day" marks the directorial debut of Jae-young Kwak - who would go on later to direct My Sassy Girl and other popular Korean films.

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Korean Drama - 1993


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