Genre: Drama

Japanese Drama - 1983

Training center for the cabin attendant of JAL is the stage for this drama. The heroine of this drama, Matsumoto Chiaki (Chiemi Hori) is one of the trainees in 478th class. She lives in the company dormitory by the name of [KURENAI-RYOU] with her classmates and aims to be a flight attendant and struggles…

23 Episodes
  • 8.2
Japanese Special - 2006

"Ewing's sarcoma is different from cancers of the same kind. It occurs in the bones and flesh, and spreads through the blood. It is a malignant tumor common in children below 10, and in teenagers. It is rarer than cancer..." Kitahara Kazunori was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma in the fall of his second…

1 Episodes
  • 8.0
Korean Drama - 2008

This drama is made up of 3 different kinds of love the heroine goes through. Each love story is a one-act drama. In-ha, the Heroine, is a 34-year-old married woman, who is hoping to escape her dull marriage. She goes through a fairytale first love in her 20s and goes on to experience different kinds…

4 Episodes
  • 6.8
Japanese Special - 2012

The drama is set on the Twilight Express, Japan’s longest overnight train service, which runs approximately 22 hours between Osaka and Sapporo. Nakayama and Sato play Chie and Keisuke, two lovers who have decided to part ways at the end of the journey. Chie already has a family but has been carrying…

1 Episodes
  • 6.1
Korean Special - 2011

Nam Soo (Son Hyeon Ju) is a powerful high ranking gangster. One day, Nam Soo is diagnosed with cancer and learns he is dying. Nam Soo is shocked, but then starts to look for a nursing home where he can die peacefully. Meanwhile, Nam Soo looks for Young Chae (Jo Mi Lyeong), the girlfriend of his friend…

1 Episodes
  • 7.5
Japanese Drama - 2009

The story takes place in 1955, 10 years after losing in WWII. It tells the story of the government officials at the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (now the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), who are carrying out their mission to make Japan as affluent and wealthy as the western…

10 Episodes
  • 6.0
Korean Drama - 2002

Jae-kyung, Yeol-mae, and Yeon-hee are three inseparable friends. Yeon-hee is married to Taek-su. In-ku is Jae-kyung’s boyfriend, and Bong-chul is Yeol-mae’s boyfriend. Taek-su (Kim Byung Se) is having an affair with a fellow co-worker, which his wife finds out about. Yeon-hee (Kim Hye Ri) decides…

16 Episodes
  • 4.6
Japanese Special - 2007

The drama revolves around Okinawa's Churaumi Aquarium, which opened in 2002 and was the largest in the world until 2005. Tokito Saburo stars in the drama as the aquarium's director. The story begins when he announces the plans for the aquarium's 7500-ton main tank, inspired by a boy fighting an incurable…

1 Episodes
  • 8.0
Taiwanese Drama - 2013

The follow up drama to 'Flavour of Life', this is a Hokkien drama, that tells the story of a woman who suffers many tribulations, through her poverty and ill fate as she loses her family.

25 Episodes
  • --
Taiwanese Drama - 2014

This is a Taiwanese Hokkien drama set during the 1970's, it tells the tale of a man who sets off from his home town to Beitou, and discovers the love of his life in the well known Hot Springs Village. The drama is a celebratory production for SETTV's 20th anniversary.

21 Episodes
  • 8.0
Korean Special - 2014

Suddenly Pan Shik is entrusted with a new burden. Meeting his life goals becomes that much harder, because of this new burden. He then runs a business selling home-made.

1 Episodes
  • --
Japanese Drama - 2015

Kitamura Kazuki and Hamada Gaku will be co-leads in the upcoming BS Sky Perfect! drama series “Hamon” which will be shown from 9 January at 9pm on Fridays. The drama which is based on the 51st Naoki Award winning novel by Kurokawa Hiroyuki, features Kitamura as a smart and well-built gangster who…

8 Episodes
  • 9.0
Korean Special - 2015

The Independence Day Special Drama is about the friendship between Jong Bun, who is sick and tired of being poor, and Yeong Ae, an admirable, pretty and intelligent girl. They lived different lives before the 15th century but one day Jong Bun is snatched by a stranger and her father is taken to a police…

2 Episodes
  • 8.2
Japanese Special - 1999

" Dear Friend , "is, in 1999 TBS was broadcast in series television drama . And the old man to reject the world stubbornly, probation drew a strange friendship of 17-year-old boy in. 1999 fiscal year the Agency for Cultural Affairs Arts Festival Excellence Award winning. After being broadcast on November…

1 Episodes
  • 9.0

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