Genre: Drama

Korean Drama - 2008

This drama is made up of 3 different kinds of love the heroine goes through. Each love story is a one-act drama. In-ha, the Heroine, is a 34-year-old married woman, who is hoping to escape her dull marriage. She goes through a fairytale first love in her 20s and goes on to experience different kinds…

4 Episodes
  • 6.7
Japanese Drama - 2015

Kitamura Kazuki and Hamada Gaku will be co-leads in the upcoming BS Sky Perfect! drama series “Hamon” which will be shown from 9 January at 9pm on Fridays. The drama which is based on the 51st Naoki Award winning novel by Kurokawa Hiroyuki, features Kitamura as a smart and well-built gangster who…

8 Episodes
  • 9.0
Korean Special - 2016

The youth drama is a coming-of-age story of Eun Soo, who is losing her eyesight due to her retinal degenerative disease, and also a story about a blind female teacher, who is a skater, and her guide dog, Sol Yi.

1 Episodes
  • 8.1
Korean Drama - 2011

This drama tells the success story of Han Jung Won, a workaholic careerwoman who is determined to make her own way in life without the help of her family, which has garnered considerable wealth from their publishing company. Her life is turned upside down due to someone's mistake, and she faces numerous…

54 Episodes
  • 7.0
Korean Drama - 2004

This drama shows how devastating and hurtful it can be for a woman to live with a boyfriend before marriage and not end up tying a knot with him. Korea has the second highest divorce rate in the world as more and more families become ruined -- mainly because one of the spouses cheats. To make things…

70 Episodes
  • 7.3
Japanese Drama - 2005

Sanada Kohei is in his third year of junior high school, and is constantly bullied by three classmates, one of which happens to like the same girl that he does. Along with a troubled school life, Kohei doesn't get very good grades and his family life isn't too great either. The only company he keeps…

4 Episodes
  • 6.0
Japanese Drama - 2011

Nagatsuka Kyozo plays Onodera Tatsuhiko, an experienced and hard-working judge. For his entire 40-year marriage he has always focused on work, leaving all domestic issues for his wife to settle. As she passes, he now has to play at home the role he has always played in court. The drama depicts the way…

  • --
Japanese Movie - 2006

Departing Osaka Station at 0:00 is a journey of discovery and consolation. This sensitive drama portrays the dreams, insecurities, and hardships experienced by people of different ages and walks of life, effectively tuning into the realities of modern society.

  • 7.2
Korean Drama - 2004

With the second highest divorce rate in the world, it is time for Korean society to take a moment to unearth the reasons why the material abundance and well-being have resulted in more ruined families and wandering souls that cannot find their spiritual refuge. My Lovely Family tells from various perspectives…

179 Episodes
  • 7.0
Korean Special - 2010

Ji Wan is a child prodigy who was admitted to a science high school when she was 12 years old, and under her mother's strict tutelage, her days were filled only with her studies. The mature and reticent Ji Wan meets Hyun Chu one day, an untalented but warm and pure-hearted man in his 40's who had recently…

1 Episodes
  • 6.6
Taiwanese Movie - 2000

Through 3 traditonal rituals; a wedding, a baby shower, and a funeral, this human drama of warmth and understanding takes us through the lives of the members of a middle-class urban family in a typical cosmopolitan city of Taipei to preview the prospects of the next Century's arrival.

  • 7.6
Japanese Drama - 1983

Training center for the cabin attendant of JAL is the stage for this drama. The heroine of this drama, Matsumoto Chiaki (Chiemi Hori) is one of the trainees in 478th class. She lives in the company dormitory by the name of [KURENAI-RYOU] with her classmates and aims to be a flight attendant and struggles…

23 Episodes
  • 8.2
Japanese Drama - 1983

The 31st NHK Asadora Drama is Oshin. Oshin tells the story of a girl born in a very poor rural family in Japan, who through hard work and perseverance eventually triumphs over pain and adversity to achieve fame and success. Broadcast in the early 1980s when Japan had finally cast off the legacy of the…

297 Episodes
  • 8.6
Japanese Special - 2006

"Ewing's sarcoma is different from cancers of the same kind. It occurs in the bones and flesh, and spreads through the blood. It is a malignant tumor common in children below 10, and in teenagers. It is rarer than cancer..." Kitahara Kazunori was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma in the fall of his second…

1 Episodes
  • 8.1

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