Genre: Sci-Fi

Japanese Movie - 1962

Early in the year 1979, Japan's famed rocketship, the JX-1 Hawk is launched from the Mt Fuji Interstellar Exploration Agency site into space It was discovered that a small, runaway "planet," named "Gorath"and giant walrus monster name Maguma The Earth's scientists then come up with a desperate plan…

  • 7.4
Hong Kong Movie - 2010

Kidd (Andy Lau) a police officer from the year 2080 and his wife Millie (Bingbing Fan) are summoned to protect Dr. Masterson (Jingwu Ma), who is known as the "Father of Solar Energy" due to creating a cheap method to replace fossil fuel with solar energy. Because of Dr. Masterson's creation, oil tycoons…

  • 6.4
Japanese Movie - 1997

The second live-action film adaptation of novel of the same name. The film was released in Japan on November 8, 1997, directed by Haruki Kadokawa, with a screenplay by Ryōji Itō, Chiho Katsura and Haruki Kadokawa, starring beginner Nana Nakamoto in the main role. The film is narrated by the previous…

  • 7.9
Japanese Movie - 2008

The story of Aquarian Age revolves around the war between secret organizations who have been fighting each other since the beginning of human society. One quiet night, in one town, an injured boy falls down in front of Kaname and Issin. He goes away from them right away and takes to LiveHouse Aero.…

  • 5.4
Japanese Movie - 1962

When several TV satellites launched by the Electric Wave Laboratory go missing above Japan in Earth's orbit, it is found out that they have inadvertently collided with unidentified protoplasmic "space cells" of unknown origin Meanwhile, Inspector Komai's investigation of these strange events led him…

  • 6.3
Japanese Drama - 2010

In the alternate reality of "MM9", monster attacks are a common occurrence in Japan. A special division of the Japan Meteorological Agency has been established to predict such attacks, as well as support the Japan Self-Defense Forces and minimize the damage from the attacks. The drama depicts the everyday…

13 Episodes
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Japanese Movie - 2014

In the year of 2013 in Tokyo, Japan. Due to a long running depression, Labors, which are robots used in construction, are fired. The Division 1 of "Patlabor" is also dispersed. Patlabors are used by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police to combat crime. Division 2 of the next generation survives under a pretext…

  • 6.4
Japanese Movie - 1956

UFO's are seen around Tokyo. Because they look like giant starfish the aliens cannot approach us without creating panic. Hence one of them sacrifices itself and takes the form of a popular female singer. It/she warns mankind that a meteor will crash on Earth. While the approaching meteor causes hotter…

  • 5.3
Japanese Movie - 1987

In this second film compiled from two episodes of a Japanese TV serial, Captain Joe, reformed interstellar marauder Ken and the rest of the crew of the Backus-3 set off to destroy an alien race's super-weapon, face off with Ken's vengeful ex-lover Rita and confront the sinister leader of the marauding…

  • 4.0
Korean Movie - 2001

In the year 846, an ancient civilization is lost beneath the sea taking its treasure with it. Legends spring up that claim in the centuries to come, one will be born with a map to the treasure on his shoulder. We then jump ahead to the year 2025. East Asia is now one immense city called MegaCity. A…

  • 6.0
Taiwanese Drama - 2004

Heaven, in this city, there appeared. People in the underground dance group knows, "Heaven" is a mysterious place where people show off their Hip Hop dance skills. When it appears, that is when the ultimate best dancer is born. Heaven's dancer, there is only one in this universe. Being Heaven's dancer…

48 Episodes
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Japanese Drama - 2002

Near future story about an underground secret medical group who use technology to cure the incurable.

12 Episodes
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Japanese Movie - 1998

Midori is a normal high school student until one day, the new girl, Mayumi, arrives and befriends Midori, telling her that she can travel between worlds and is a kind of refugee—that she indeed arrived on Midori’s world after her own and several other realities were destroyed. Odd things start to…

  • 6.0
Japanese Movie - 2003

'Cosmic Rescue' is the space crew working for troubleshooting of customers contracted to insurance companies. While CR's most important job is rescue of people, there are also lots of minor jobs. The movie focuses on a group of 3 CR crew who work for such jobs. One day, they catch an emergency signal…

  • 6.4

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