Genre: Mature

Korean Movie - 2004

Weon Yeong, who works as a motorcycle delivery girl, and Suhh, a barber, live a quiet existence in a seaside house near Busan. He's impotent, but she seems happy to be sexually serviced by him in other ways. Enter macho drifter Byeong Ho++, Su's childhood friend, who soon starts getting it on more conventionally…

  • 4.9
Hong Kong Movie - 2004

Set in Hong Kong in the present, the film’s main character is a good-looking young estate agent named Meili who one day meets two people that will have a strong influence on her life. One of these people is Madame Umeki, a mysterious upper-class Japanese lady who asks Meili to find a tenant for her…

  • 7.0
Korean Movie - 1986

During the Japanese occupation, there lived a woman named An-hyub in Yong-dam Village. Her husband was a gambler who comes by every few months to change his clothes and pick up money. Still, she waits for her husband. She sells her body to the men of the village in exchange for rice and goods which…

  • 6.4
Japanese Movie - 2010

"Wouldn’t it be fun if you could become someone else?! Her hobbies are reading and taking a walk in the park. Junko, a 22-year-old office clerk who lives a dull life under her mother’s thumb, gets recruited by a scout on the streets of Shibuya. “Are you enjoying life? Wouldn’t it be fun if you…

  • 5.4
Japanese Movie - 1976

"A traffic accident brings together the widow Michiyo and her step daughter Takako with Hideo, the young man who caused the accident. Hideo and Takako start a relationship but Michiyo finds out that Hideo is the son of the man who raped her many years earlier. After this discovery, Michiyo's feelings…

  • 7.0
Hong Kong Movie - 2011

"Love Actually... Sucks! was inspired by real-life events, and opens with a dramatic wedding feast. It tells a variety of stories about love that has gone wrong: a brother and sister in an illicit relationship, a married painter who falls in love with his young male life model, a dance school teacher…

  • 5.0
Japanese Movie - 2014

Kokone Sasaki stars as a girl named Masao who has ESP. She can detect when a person will die when she touches their skin. She disappears and takes up work as a prostitute but men who go with her wind up dying. A man name Tachibana tracks her down and revenge may be involved

  • --
Korean Movie - 2014

University students Gu-pil and Byeong-soo were recruiting a female member for an erotic film contest. They meet Tae-hee, a shy and ugly girl. She wasn't what they expected but they take her in anyway. They watch erotic movies with her and go to adult top shops for inspiration but nothing pops up. Tae-hee…

  • --
Korean Movie - 1998

Koo Yi Do is one of the few people who has a sincere outlook on the world. He denounces the reality portrayed by films and works on a script for a "sincere" movie. Unfortunately, there are too many obstacles that keep him from finishing the job. His plan to shoot a film by peeping through a hole in…

  • --
Hong Kong Movie - 1992


  • --
Hong Kong Movie - 1992

HK businessman Kiu doesn't have time to woo a girl. On a trip to Saigon, he offers financial help to poor girl Shun's (very troubled !) family if she'll come and live with him. With a sense of duty but no love, she agrees, too timid to even tell boyfriend Lik just after losing her virginity to him.…

  • 5.0
Japanese Movie - 2004


  • 6.0
Japanese Movie - 2010


  • 7.5
Hong Kong Movie - 1997


  • 6.0

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