Genre: Romance

Thai Drama - 2015

Song is brought from Nakonpratom to Bangkok by his brother Neung, so he can receive his inheritance. Song is currently running away from debt so he decides to leave. He brings along his best friend Ord. When they get to Bangkok, Neung tells Song about their family secret, that they have the ability…

30 Episodes
  • 5.3
Thai Drama - 2015

Burapa and Tawan are brothers and the sons of a well-known cop. They are very close as brothers. Burapa is into boxing, while Tawan wants to follow in their father’s footsteps to become a cop. One day, they hear a gun shot and go to see what is going on. This way, they witness a murder and when the…

17 Episodes
  • 8.6
Thai Drama - 2005

Mai is a newly hired police officer with a tomboy attitude and personality. She takes after her father, who was also a well-known cop that passed away on the line of duty. Against her mother's wishes, Mai pursues her dream as a cop anyway and her life begin to change. Her first assignment is linked…

19 Episodes
  • --
Thai Drama - 2011

Parit, a corny and religious guy who graduated from the doctoral degree, works as the manager of a consulting company. He is an intelligent and hard working consultant. One day, he gets a job to be the consultant for Thai Lingery Co. Ltd. This way, he meets and falls in love at first sight with Pantaree,…

14 Episodes
  • --
Thai Drama - 2005

Man runs away from an engagement to travel to Vietnam. While traveling, he meets Huang Mai and gets into an accident which causes him to lose his memory. He spends his time in Vietnam with Huang Mai and she gives him the name Yuelei. Both of them start developing feelings for each other. Soon, his fiance…

16 Episodes
  • 9.0
Thai Drama - 2008

While Artee is on a date with one of his women, he sees Mui. He is so captivated by her beauty that he pretends to bump into her so that he can get her number. He goes back to his table, while Mui realizes that he has her phone number. So she interrupts his date to expose him for the player that he…

15 Episodes
  • 7.8
Chinese Drama - 2015

He Yufeng (nicknamed 13th Sister) is the daughter of He Ji. Ji Xiantang's son fell in love with He Yufeng's beauty. After his marriage proposal was rejected, Ji Xiantang came up with ways he could frame He Ji. He managed to have He Ji imprisoned and ultimately killed, due to depression inside the prison.…

42 Episodes
  • 6.4
Chinese Drama - 2017

EMT's president tries to force his daughter, Ai Mi Er, to marry Long Ke Company's He Yi Kun, the eldest of the president's sons for a business alliance. Ai Mi Er runs away to receive help from her boyfriend, Peter, and coincidentally ends up as the housemaid for He Kai Xin, the younger brother of He…

36 Episodes
  • 7.3
Thai Drama - 2015

A girl gets possessed by somebody else.

15 Episodes
  • 9.0
Thai Drama - 2008

Mawin and Baeng are two men who look identical to each other but come from different backgrounds and have different personalities. Baeng grew up as a street kid in the slums of Thailand selling flower garlands for a living, while Mawin comes from a wealthy family and lived aboard for most of his life.…

13 Episodes
  • 1.0
Thai Drama - 2009

Tawan and Fah are two twin girls separated at an early age by their father Vipoo and mother KaeKai. Tawan was taken by KaeKai to live in Chiangmai and she is the outspoken one. Fah stayed in Bangkok with Vipoo and she is the docile one. Twenty years later, Tawan moves to Bangkok to find work and she…

15 Episodes
  • 5.8
Japanese Movie - 1983

1933. 20 years before, Katsuzo was in love with a geisha who gave him a daughter. They tried to run away together but they were caught and the woman was killed under his eyes. Now he is a zegen aka a pimp who sells girls to the Yokiro, the biggest geisha house in Southern Japan, run by Osode who used…

  • 10.0
Thai Drama - 2015

Remake of the 2000 film Bang Rajan. Plot will be changed.

17 Episodes
  • 8.5
Thai Drama - 2014

The story follows a warm and loving family - albeit with a strict father. There is nothing more in life that he loves more than to freeze the moments with his daughters and keep them where he wants them. Perhaps due to his possessive and interfering parental ways, his three daughters are anything but…

16 Episodes
  • 6.9

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