Genre: Romance

Chinese Drama - 2012

A place built on the premise of love has become a trap for the wasted youth and broken dreams of the women who live there. The “Dream Lock Building” was originally built for lovers, but over the years, the place has become a trap for women who aspire to get married. As the years have passed, the…

34 Episodes
  • 7.3
Korean Movie - 1981

Seo Yeong Joo, a nurse, is in love with Kang Se Joon. But their wedding is cancelled when it's revealed that her mother was a prostitute in a G.I town. Yeong Joo's mother dies from the shock. Devastated by her loss, Yeong Joo gives birth to Se Joon's son. Meanwhile, Se Joon is troubled by his wife Oh…

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Korean Movie - 1981

The widower Choi is impotent. He adopts the infants Mun and Su Ryun and raises them. Mun graduates from college in Seoul but he can't adjust to Seoul life so he returns to Choi's home. Mun learns that Su Ryun is not his sister in blood and he falls in love with her. When Choi discovers Mun and Su Ryun…

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Thai Drama - 2012

Napdao, a regular lady with a hard time hearing, living with her grandma after her parent decease. Ayuki, a Japanese famous star singer and an asian hit’s best model/singer, come to the Thailand for a concert and got kidnapped by Yamada, a guy who like her and also is an order from Cici, another Japanese…

14 Episodes
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Thai Drama - 1994

Khun Ying Umalungsi is a princess from an old noble family. However, since her father's death, the family's fortune is in ruin and her mother decides to marry a wealthy Chinese businessman to alleviate the family's financial burden. Umalungsi is against the marriage because she doesn't understand about…

  • 7.0
Thai Drama - 1998

Oulit is the son of Outai, the owner of the Sukupun Co. Outlit’s mother died when he was little. His aunt, Pen was the person who took care of him. She arranges a meeting with Jantani for him. Jantani is the daughter of two cheapskates, Polron and Neuon. When Oulit finds out, he drives his car and…

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Thai Drama - 2000

Nit's father passed away, so she ended up dropping out of school and looking for a job. She was referred to a job by an old friend. The job just happened to be working for Phu's farmland. His sister believes that every girl around Phu only wants him because he is rich...

17 Episodes
  • 5.0
Japanese Movie - 2014

Yumi Yoshiyuki brings yaoi vampires to the Meguro Cinema to celebrate its 60th anniversary. It’s about a man named Saeki who frequents the cinema and meets a beautiful college student known only as the midnight companion. When everybody had left the cinema, the two would stay behind but this suddenly…

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Korean Movie - 1979

Dong Won is a down-and-out artist who suffers from despair and dissatisfaction and suicidal tendencies. During a trip to Sorak mountain, he tries to kill himself. He falls in love with Sun Hee, the cabin owner's daughter. For a short time, he experiences true love. But they break up because of Sun Hee's…

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Thai Movie - 2011


  • 5.0
Japanese Movie - 2016

Sixth grader Ayase Chihaya, a tomboy with no ambitions or goals of her own, gets to know Wataya Arata, a transfer student at Chihaya's elementary school and an outcast. Through Arata, Chihaya picks up karuta and they form a team with their other friend and classmate Mashima Taichi. After graduating…

  • 8.4
Korean Movie - 1979

Seung Hye suffers from her husband's inhuman behavior towards her. After another sleepless night, she takes a walk in the early morning and meets an architect named Hyun Guk. Hyun Guk has been estranged for 6 years from his wife who is in a nursing home for the mental disease. They try to find answers…

  • 9.8
Korean Movie - 1979

Yun Go Na is torn between bliss and unhappiness, between her husband and lover. But as her torment deepens, she reaches a conclusion that is only possible for a woman.

  • --
Korean Movie - 1979

Innocent and naive country girl Eun Ha works at a cafe in Seoul. After the harassment Nam Jun puts her through, she starts living with a wrestler Sung Gu. However, it does not take long before she is degraded into a girl in a red light district, Kotsuni. She meets an old man Yun who takes care of her…

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