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Hong Kong Movie - 1997

Man Ling conned two million dollars from Big Brother Lui in a dirty deal. Lui then ordered to have Ling killed. Ling escaped from the fight. Meanwhile, Philag was a kind and righteous student studying law in the States. He was expected to help his father to do illegal business. His father was killed…

  • 7.0
Korean Movie - 2017

Set within Seoul, movie follows the filmmaking process by a movie director born in 1958, the year of the dog.

  • 10.0
Chinese Drama - 2015

This will be based on the first novel of the series of Lu Xiao Feng called ‘The Kingdom of the Golden Bird’.

43 Episodes
  • 7.1
Japanese Drama - 2002

Kaede is good at heart and finds it difficult to refuse favors asked of her. And then she's got no sense of direction. On her travels, due to the whims of the gods, she gets involved in one calamity after another, but is able to give happiness to people who call on her for aid. For the people she meets…

11 Episodes
  • 8.2
Japanese Drama - 2013

A professor of bionomics, Totori Hiroshi decided to switch career and sat for the MPD mid-career recruitment examinations. After passing the exams, he was very happy to learn that he had been assigned to Division 1. A year has since passed, but his partner, Yasunaga Teppei, still finds it hard to reconcile…

6 Episodes
  • 7.0
Korean Movie - 1961

Ok Hee, a 6-year-old girl, lives with her mother, grandmother and housekeeper in what the rural village refers to as the “widow house.” Their proper, feminine life is disrupted when Mr. Han, a relative’s friend, comes to live with them as a boarder. Ok Hee immediately takes to the man, and they…

  • 8.1
Taiwanese Movie - 1981

An old granny missed her beloved grand-daughter who was away in America for many years. Little did she know that her grand-daughter had met a mishap and died long ago. In view not to hurt the old granny, her grandson found a girl who was his sister look-a-like to feign her...

  • 10.0
Japanese Drama - 2013

Kota gets transferred to Fukuoka from Tokyo by his company. In Fukuoka, he doesn't get along with people there and feels lonely. One weekend, Kota participates as a volunteer for a disaster in Hoshino Village. Among all the volunteers there, Koka is the only that doesn't seem to have much interest in…

1 Episodes
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Hong Kong Movie - 2013

A decades-old bar ‘Love Sky’ now goes unpopular. Boss Hao’s business model is less and less welcomed by young people. His bar is even about to get purchased by Boss Qiu’s night entertainment chain. Only a singer chooses to stay with Love Sky, she’s Han Xiuli. Since upcoming Xiamen Music Festival…

  • 5.3
Chinese Movie - 2002

Two unemployed slackers, neither with job prospects nor motivation, hang out in sheltered town in China trying to make sense of their aimless and uncertain futures. As youths, they struggle for individual freedom and the social responsibility that comes along with it.

  • 8.0
Japanese Movie - 2013

Katsuhisa has an introspective personality. He wants to spend as little time as possible at his junior high school and go home as soon as possible. One day, a mysterious rabbit appears in front of Katsuhisa and leads him to the school's wind band club. He is captivated by their performance. Even though…

  • 7.0
Korean Movie - 1996

Jin Hee has been forced out of her wealthy, pampered world and into a life of prostitution at the infamous Yellow House Brothel. She is rescued from her suicide attempt by Eun Kyeong, a young woman who works at a nightclub. While she sets Jin Hee up with a job, she finds that she may be powerless to…

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Taiwanese Movie - 2014

A normal country girl Bai Huihua heads to Taitung to study music at university. She enrolls in the charismatic Professor Li’s class and almost immediately she finds herself out for lunch with him instead of taking tutorials in his office. That leads to a lecture about her lack of passion for music…

  • 4.5
Japanese Movie - 2017

Anri (Anri Sugihara) becomes successful as a gravure idol and she catches the attention of men across the world, but she realizes that she forgot her wish of “I want to be an idol like the blue sea.” She wants to take back what she lost, but ...

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