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Taiwanese Drama - 2017

Story 7 in the Q Series.

7 Episodes
  • 8.0
Taiwanese Drama - 2017

While most ghosts go about their day as if they live on a parallel world divided from the living by a thousand walls, some are bend on avenging past transgression by haunting the living. When one ghost determines to cross the divide, it ends up affecting every aspect of Xu Xiao Qing's stressed out life.…

6 Episodes
  • --
Taiwanese Drama - 2017

Some men never grow up. Zheng Hua Jia is one of them, a 28 year-old college junior who still lives at home. As the oldest grandson, he is endlessly doted by his large, extended family. Then his illness and his cousins' misfortunes force him to reexamine his life and take on the responsibility of being…

6 Episodes
  • 9.0
Taiwanese Drama - 2016

A surprise invite brought together 8 friends to a mountain retreat to dig up a time capsule from their high school days. They unexpectedly unearthed an old scandal that threatened their sanity with grudges and hatred. The first dead body shattered their tenuous friendship. The second body signaled the…

7 Episodes
  • 7.7
Taiwanese Drama - 2017

Things are looking up for Wu Yi Juan. After her parents died and her sister admitted to a mental hospital, she had been alone for too long. Now, she has a husband and is expecting their first child. And, her sister is finally coming home. But her happiness crumbles like a house of toy bricks after she…

7 Episodes
  • --
Taiwanese Drama - 2016

New teacher Jiang Shu Zhen is in an impossible spot. She may have witnessed school dean Chen Wei Lin sexually harassing a female student and is called to testify by a prosecutor. The situation turn even more complicated when the Chen proposes love to her. At the same time, school is taking actions to…

6 Episodes
  • 4.0
Taiwanese Drama - 2016

Ru Wei and You Yan have a simple relationship. But in every simple relationship there are many difficulties. They are not rich, but they try very hard to enjoy life, even if it means for their 3 meals a day they only eat instant noodles, they can still make hundreds of flavours. They are very serious…

6 Episodes
  • 8.1
Taiwanese Drama - 2016

The three Lin siblings have never been concerned about their parents as they are used to them always arguing. However after 27 years of marriage, their parents announced they want to divorce. Furthermore, their father has also started dating a 22 year old women. On the other hand, their mother is crushing…

7 Episodes
  • 8.8
Japanese Drama - 2009

A detective story that evolves around two high school students, Mizuhara Kana, a curious girl who can't help looking after others, and her new classmate, Toma So, who graduated from an elite U.S. college at the age of 15. The two try to solve mysteries with a help of Kana's father who is an investigator.…

10 Episodes
  • 7.1
Japanese Drama - 2010

"Heita is an ordinary high school boy with a kind heart but no real interest in romance. His class is joined by a transfer student named Q10 (pronounced "kyu-to," the same as "cute"), who looks like a girl but is actually a robot. Together, the two end up causing trouble at school, and Heita even begins…

9 Episodes
  • 7.6
Chinese Drama - 2014

Chinese version of City Hunter.

40 Episodes
  • 10.0
Thai Drama - 2012

“The traces of love and the power of revenge are buried in the beautiful Qi Pao. No matter how much time has passed, the thin petal botan flower (orchid cactus) is still waiting to return...” Paeka or Pink is a Thai curator who works at the Asian Institute of Textile & Apparel in Thailand. She is…

13 Episodes
  • 7.4
Chinese Drama - 2011

Qian Duo Duo had no time for love because she was dedicated to her job. So when she found out Xu Fei, a suitor who she had rejected for being younger than her, got the promotion she wanted, she was in an awkward position of having to work under him.

22 Episodes
  • 9.0
Chinese Drama - 2011

Closing in on 30 years of age, Qian Duo Duo is a workaholic and the youngest marketing director at her company. Just as she was about to be promoted to an even higher position, the job was taken by Xu Fei, a wealthy trainee from overseas. Having hit a bottleneck in her career and with her mother continuing…

35 Episodes
  • 6.7

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