Li Xing and He Qiao Qiao are childhood lovers, upon reaching graduation from university Li Xing proposes to Qiao Qiao. She refuses to marry him on the grounds that he is not marriage material. They come to the conclusion to make a contract that, if after 5 years they are still single they'll get together again. Qiao Qiao fully expected Li Xing to wait for her but she receives a phone call inviting her to Li Xing's wedding. Will she be able to get him back?

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    • Overall  9
    • Story  9
    • Acting/Cast  10
    • Music  7
    • Rewatch Value  7
    Story: A classic storyline that starts off with a frown, then a smile, then sadness and ending with a sigh. For all of you romantics out there, this is a movie to watch. My only warning is:- keep a box of tissue next to you. You'll need it -guaranteed!

    Acting/Cast: Full marks for acting. All veteran actors and actresses; so you can expect mature and professional acting.

    Music: Sombre, sweet but most times, reminiscence of love won and lost. The music reflects nicely the feel of this movie.

    Rewatch value: Personally, I am the sort of romatic who would go for comedy romance as I love to de-stress while watching a movie or drama. This movie is a wonderful movie; the re-watch value simply reflects my
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    • Overall  10
    • Story  9
    • Acting/Cast  10
    • Music  9
    • Rewatch Value  10
    I love, love, loved it! Some parts, like the music, I would put a 9.5, but they don't have that, so meh. The story was typical but it was really good at foreshadowing and suprising you at the very last second. The actors where really good and they portrayed their characters perfectly. Especially Mao Mao. Especially. The Music was awesome, but not perfect. I would watch this 100 times over if I could. I laughed and I cried so very much when watching this. This movie was just wonderful over all. Although some parts SEEMED to be a little bit behind the other movies out there, this one was still really good and I can't express how much I loved it. I RECOMMENED SO YOU BETTER read more
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  • Peace25 Feb 15, 2014
    It's available on Viki in six different languages.
  • Sali_bali Jan 24, 2014
    my reaction after watching: "damn boring!!! what the hell was it? " and this kind of plot is so overrated and banal... acting was terrible , nothing new and bla bla .... maybe for someone who just starts to watch Asian movies and dramas it was "wow" but for me it was just boring ... and I come here on mydramalist and rates are : 10 , 9 ,8 ... whaaaat?
    O_o only 4 point from me ...
  • ScarletPromise Dec 22, 2013
    Here are some things I think will work for all y'all who want to watch this awesome movie.
    For these you need to download something:
    And that's pretty much all I found! You can always learn Chinese then watch it. After maybe 5 years it would work.
    1 ❤
  • laly4 Dec 21, 2013
    where can I watch this movie with subtitles???!!! In viooz.com you can but doesn't have the subtitles :(
  • may-cross Oct 30, 2013
    neeeeed SUB PLZZZ frensh or english
  • rialenleexx Aug 8, 2013
    where to watch thiss?
  • blueaoichan Jun 12, 2013
  • Goku1994 Apr 28, 2013
  • shineeshawol711 Apr 13, 2013
    have to watch this
    1 ❤
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A Wedding Invitation

A Wedding Invitation


  • Main Title: A Wedding Invitation
  • Native title: 分手合约
  • Also Known as: Gift ; 礼物 ; Fen Shou He Yue

General Details

  • CountryChina
  • Released Date: April 12, 2013
  • Average Duration 1 hr. 43 min.
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance


  • Score: 7.88 (scored by 56 users)
  • Ranked: #185
  • Popularity: #318
  • Members: 224
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