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I was thinking about doing an article on Up & Coming Idol Actors to Look Out For if this hasn't been done lately!
That's a great idea! As far as I know, it hasn't been done recently. ^^
Hope more users will join us and write articles :D
hi! i'm interested in writing. i actually have a lot to write in my mind like "dramas similar to each other" "rising actors" "top bromances in kdramas" "thai, chinese and taiwanese dramas kdrama lovers will love" "top 20 osts" etc
@nativeofsaturn if you want to write, just submit your article title here, follow the rules and claimed it. Then write it and when you are done, contact one of the editors via PM to provide you with the link for submitting an article. 

Also, if anyone needs guidance during the writing or anything else, just let us know here, via PM or you can come on MDL discord chat and contact me. Whatever is easier for you. ^~^
Hi guys,

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