May 13, 2017 01:05 PM
IzzyDramaLover - 802 Posts
Everybody has great profiles!! :) :)
May 13, 2017 02:05 PM
Chiara - 92 Posts
I guess mine's alright. Still finding a way to make it better though, it's a bit messy and unorganized.
May 16, 2017 05:05 AM
RoyalMajesty - 312 Posts
Mine is all about me being a royal :)
20 days ago
PriRiRin - 122 Posts
I need some inspiration to redo my profile page. I have lot of time today. Any websites from where I can download those animated gifs or anything to make my page better? 
19 days ago
KoriNeko18 - 213 Posts
I dunno about gif websites but if you just got to Google Images and search -"what you want" gif- you can click to see if they're a gif and get them from there lol.

in regards to this thread, I just updated my profile with some new fonts and gifs! :D *spent way too much time html coding*
19 days ago
Panda - 1019 Posts
18 days ago
pastelpuella - 20 Posts
I just kept it pretty simple. Maybe I'll change it sometime and add some stuff ^^
18 days ago
Senpai - 51 Posts
So bad yet so good. 
So simple yet so complete.
15 days ago
YuanWei - 174 Posts
Under construction =))
11 days ago
Panda - 1019 Posts
10 days ago
God - 56 Posts
my profile is so simple it has nothing on it.
1 day ago
WednesHwang - 177 Posts
I have Yeon Woojin's (o_o) face on my profile (sigh)