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Fandom: Inborn Pair

Characters/Pairings: Song Yi Jie, Luo Yun

Rating: K

Genre: Drama

Word Count: 1301

Summary: Luo Yun attempts to find out why Yi Jie has asked her for help while suspecting her husband of having other reasons for the two former romantic rivals to meet for lunch.

Luo Yun takes a small sip from her glass letting the whiskey quietly warm and soothe her. "Fine. But you have to be totally honest with me, Yi Jie. There's no need to play games. We're no longer rivals."  
     Yi Jie nods in agreement, eager to hear Luo Yun's answer.  

     "Wei Xiang called me about an hour or so before noon asking if I would come to his office to discuss an urgent matter of a personal nature. I was already done with all my morning meetings so I headed straight over to Weihai, no questions asked, wondering why Wei Xiang sounded so stressed on the phone. When I walked into his office the blinds were already drawn to avoid prying eyes of the Jennifer kind and then he literally pleads with me to invite you to lunch. I warned him that we really don't have that kind of relationship. He thought that having lunch with you would be the perfect opportunity to develop a friendship because he said you've been feeling down with no friends to have lunch with. Oh, and by the way, he made no mention of you wanting a divorce." 

     "Of course he wouldn't!" Yi Jie snarls, angry at herself, surprising Luo Yun followed by an uneasy silence, as Yi Jie attempts to make sense of what she has just told her. "I'm sorry, Luo Yun. I didn't mean to freak you out. Actually, I don't know why I thought he would tell you when he won't even tell his own family." 

     Luo Yun tries to reason with her, "Aren't you overthinking this, Yi Jie? I believe Wei Xiang is genuinely concerned about you and nothing you've told me so far suggests otherwise. If you could've only seen the way he stared at that picture. You know the one. The fake kiss, though I'm pretty sure it wasn't fake, not that there's anything wrong with that." 

     "C'mon, Luo Yun. Haven't you ever watched one of those Taiwanese television idol dramas or whatever they're called? It's only real if the people watching thinks it's real. Besides, what Wei Xiang probably didn't tell you was that we had to make that kiss look convincing in order for the pervo owners of the hostel to let us stay there." 

     "Actually, he did and, so far, I'm starting to see why he's so concerned about you. Taiwanese television? You're such a drama queen. Don't get me wrong. I'd still like for us to be friends, but truthfully, I think you may need professional help." 

     Yi Jie snatches Luo Yun's glass, brings it to her lips, tilts her head back and downs the rest of the whiskey in frustration. She surprisingly sets the glass down gently as the ice cubes settle, leans forward with her eyes narrowed in a piercing gaze, "I don't want to be your friend and I don't need that kind of help," she hisses at Luo Yun who sits unfazed by Yi Jie's theatrics. 

     "Yes, well I need your friendship about as much as I need an extra period every month. So stop playing games little girl and at least try to make an effort to convince me that you're not just a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum because she doesn't want to grow up and accept the responsibilities of being a daughter-in-law to the Ke family," Luo Yun says sternly like a parent scolding a child, a mischievous grin curls the corners of her mouth, as she also leans forward meeting Yi Jie face to face. "Though you have no problem with the wealth and privilege that comes with it." 

     "Don't you dare talk down to me!" Yi Jie fires back, a light buzz taking effect. She squints, her eyes instinctively searching out the window, at a familiar SUV in the distance fast approaching, then returns her hostility towards the smirking woman who she always believed should've been the wife of Ke Wei Xiang. "I know you don't believe me and you don't have to, but you have no right to talk down to me. As a matter of fact, you can have him. You can have him and his so-called care and concern as part of the life sentence that comes with this prison of a marriage. It's not what I signed up for." 

     "Honestly, I don't want him anymore, Yi Jie. Wei Xiang and I are just friends and that's all we'll ever be." Luo Yun eases back into her chair. 

     "Really?" Yi Jie says still feeling a little tense. 

     "One hundred percent positive." 

     "Well, that's too bad. I guess this lunch was a waste of time." However, feeling as though she's running out of time Yi Jie is compelled to ask, "Then what do you want, Luo Yun?" 

     "The truth, Yi Jie." 

     "Good because the truth will be here at any moment now, which is my cue to leave." Again, Yi Jie's face is colorless, as the paranoia returns rounding her eyes with the dreadful thought of Wei Xiang's smothering presence. Without another word, she swiftly gets up, grabs her handbag and quickly walks in the direction of the women's restroom with the sunlight streaming through the large windows shadowing her thin figure against the marble tiles on the floor, a distressed runway model of numerous fashion no-no's. 

     Luo Yun ignores Yi Jie, realizing that Ke Wei Xiang will soon be making an appearance. Her mind scavenges through their "conversation", finding very little value in anything that was said other than Yi Jie's plea for help, which she still believes to be genuine. But it's not enough to side with Yi Jie, though she wants to. She knows she has to remain neutral for the time being since she's been unexpectedly dragged into whatever is going on.  

     What did Wei Xiang expect? Did he actually think we'd somehow become besties in one afternoon? Luo Yun begins to wonder to herself. I guess not or why else would he be coming here.  

     Her eyes pan curiously around the restaurant, examining its high-end luxury and dark elegance, catering to the extremely wealthy while employing the less fortunate to serve, pamper, stroke egos, and go above and beyond the call of duty (if need be) in order to make a living. A living that does not include being able to dine at the very establishments that they work for. It's a dirty little business secret that Luo Yun's father taught her early on in life. A brutal truth, a harsh reality, that helps the rich become more wealthy and the poor become hopeful, ambitious, and dreaming of opportunities to better themselves, while their debts pile up until the only opportunity they can look forward to is retirement if they stay healthy enough. 

     But the Yi Jies' of the world are the exception, not the rule. They are the shining examples of the wealthy elite's generosity and kindness put on display for all to see. A fairytale of humble beginnings and happy endings. 

     Bingo! A sly grin slowly appears on Luo Yun's face resembling something of a cat and the fate of a canary.