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Not me, if I have read the book beforehand it's usually just a coincidence (like I read it before the movie was announced).

I'm the type to be picky with choosing which historical dramas to watch

Not me

i'm the type that rarely start an airing drama even if i like it . i will wait till all ep are out


I'm the type to still give a drama a chance (like watch a few more episodes) to see if it somehow progresses

Not me, but mostly because I don't read much generally. (@earlier post due to glitch)

Edit: @kae - me too, that's why I take a long time to decide to drop a drama orz

I'm the type who doesn't mind some spoilers for a drama/show I haven't caught up with yet.

Not me. I hate spoilers the most, haha, and don't want them anywhere near me, even if I'm better off with them.

I'm the type who loves bittersweet dramas!

me too

I'm the type that likes watching slap/kiss lakorns

Not me

I'm the type that's had a drama ruined for me by someone giving away a huge spoiler.

Not me spoilers don't stop me in the least

I'm the type to get hooked on one actor and find everything I can about them.

Me too (at least in the case of JCW)

I'm the type to get bored easily if a drama is slow-moving in terms of plot.

Me Too

I'm the type that hates noble idiocy