Remember how to play? One person will give hints to a drama and you try to figure out what drama it is. If you guess correctly then it's your turn to play.


Hint: It's a movie
Hint 2: It revolves around a piano
Hint 3: There's an unexpected twist

If someone answered with "The Taiwanese movie Secret" they'd be correct.

Understand? The number of hints you give is up to you. Other participants may ask for more hints if needed. Feel free to make them difficult, but not so difficult it's impossible!

Enjoy! (:

I'll start:

Hint: It's a drama
Hint 2: the main characters are celebrities
You're Beautiful?
Not You're Beautiful. It's more recent (:
The Greatest Love?
I second Lis's answer.
AnimeStar wrote: The Greatest Love?

Aw, that was my second guess xP
It's The Greatest Love (: AnimeStar your turn!
HINT1: Kdrama
HINT2: the main character finds out at the end of the drama that she's pregnant
another hint please....
ok so one of the lead actors is also a singer
Crazy4You wrote: Goong?

yes, you're right :)
AnimeStar wrote: yes, you're right :)

It's the only drama I know that ends like that haha (:

Hint 1: It's a Jdrama
Hint 2: It revolves around a school, specifically a teacher and students
AnimeStar wrote: Gokusen?

Yepp :D You're turn (: